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Salem Community Patriot 6 - September 3, 2010

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people, especially New Hampshire citizens, are looking at the failures of that system and end up paying for those failures, saying “That is not for us.” We have tasted Liberty and we do not want to give it up. The Keynsian economic/political model that brought us the Great Depression that lasted from 1929 to 1943 should not be repeated, and yet, here it is. John Maynard Keynes may be dead, but his legacy is steering our ship of state onto a reef that is threatening to sink us for good. We need Legislators who understand the difference between Keynsian-style economics, the economics of “the government is in charge of your life and your property,” and Austrian economics that put the individual in charge of that life and property. The differences are critical. God has given us our rights of Life, Liberty, and Property, and government was instituted to protect those rights—not to control them or take them away. Too many of the issues that should be dealt with at the state or local level are being addressed at the Federal level. If you “follow the money,” most of our tax money and resources are being funneled into and through the Federal Government, and we end up with a small percentage of what was ours to begin with. That has to stop. The States that are responsible and staying within


their budgets should not be ‘donors’ to states that act irresponsibly.

I am pro-life, I support the Second Amendment, and I do not believe that the federal government should be in charge of the education of our children. I will not vote for any increase in state taxes, and I will work to reduce spending. We have critical issues here in our state and towns that should be addressed by the citizens of our State and Towns. I will advocate for transparency and accountability in Concord so that critical information about the goings-on in Concord is easily available and understandable. I don’t expect the job to be easy. The time to start down the right path is now, and I need your vote to start down that path.

Donna Mauro - Windham

DiFruscia for State Representative

On September 14, please join me in voting for

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Anthony DiFruscia as one of our state representatives. Anthony DiFruscia has proven himself to be a hard- working, effective representative— one who is guided by fiscal prudence and social responsibility. In these challenging economic and political times, we need Anthony DiFruscia as one of our State Representatives. With 400 representatives in our House of Representatives in Concord, the effectiveness of an individual State Representative depends not just on what he says he wants to do, but on his ability to work with others who have differing opinions. Real results are only achieved from an ability to take initiative, research the issues, work with others, work across party lines, and to be personally accountable to us. That’s Anthony DiFruscia. For example (one of many), even though we are the wealthiest town in the State on a per-person basis, Anthony has consistently been able to bring school aid dollars to us. Thanks to Anthony’s effective work as one of our State representatives, we are a receiver town and that has saved us millions of dollars; for fiscal year 2011, Windham is projected to receive over seven million dollars in State aid. Anthony DiFruscia has what it takes to get the job done in Concord. He has repeatedly proven time and time again that he can work effectively with the largest state legislative body in the United States, making his voice heard and steadfastly representing the citizens of Windham and Salem. When

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Anthony gets involved, he gets involved to make things happen—not to merely participate. Anthony is more than just one of our many State Representatives – he is our advocate – a strong voice in Concord who is working for us. With your vote, you can help Anthony DiFruscia to continue to be an effective State Representative for us.

Ross McLeod - Windham

Rick Okerman – Candidate for State Representative

My wife Jessica and I are the proud parents of three

children residing in Windham. I believe in giving back to the community we are grateful to be a part of. In order to meet this objective, I currently serve on my Town’s Planning Board, Local Energy Committee, and Safe Routes to School Committee. In the past, I have also served on the Capital Improvements Program Committee and Trails Committee. It is my three children, along with your children

and grandchildren, who are the inspiration for my decision to run for State Representative. The children of New Hampshire are the eventual benefactors of all decisions we make in our government today. I believe a conservative approach will ensure that the next generation will not be forced to pay for today’s mistakes or short-term band-aids to chronic, long-term shortfalls. So many aspects of the “New Hampshire Advantage” are at risk, and this is especially true when it comes to state spending and taxes. Over the past four years, we have witnessed our state budget increase by approximately 23 percent. This out-of-control spending has burdened us with an increase of over 60 taxes and fees. This cash grab was not enough to satisfy the spending frenzy, and now we are facing a deficit of historic proportion. I believe the best ways to protect the economic stability and well-being of New Hampshire residents are by controlling spending, minimizing taxes and fees, and reducing the deficit. The federal government is forcing burdensome mandates and unfunded liabilities on our state, with little to no resistance from Concord. I support legislation to protect New Hampshire’s sovereignty from the overreach of the federal government.

Especially in this climate of economic uncertainty, all too often, the government representatives get bogged down with waste, inefficiency, and bureaucracy, and forget that they work for us—the people of New Hampshire. We do not work for the government. Please consider me, Rick Okerman, on September 14. I will work hard to return the government back to the people— both to the people of today’s New Hampshire, and to the children who will inherit our great State in the near future.

Rick Okerman - Windham Supporting Anthony DiFruscia

For more than three decades, my wife and I have dedicated our lives to public service. During that time, we have had the opportunity to observe and participate in both the state and local governments. Representative Anthony DiFruscia has almost 20 years of public service, both in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He has

an outstanding record in protecting civil rights and being fiscally conservative. Tony DiFruscia is not afraid to stand up for what he believes, without concern for political ramifications. His voting record is exemplary, and has addressed the House on many occasions defending the rights of small business, public employees, and citizens of Windham and Salem. Tony DiFruscia is the kind of representative we must retain in order to ensure that our principles of democracy and our way of life are kept intact. I hope on September 14, Republicans and Independents will vote for Representative Anthony R. DiFruscia, because he certainly makes the difference.

Robert Skinner - Windham

Kevin Waterhouse for State Representative

I would like to announce my candidacy for the State House of Representatives and I hope you will consider voting for me on September 14. I am Kevin Waterhouse and I run Waterhouse’s Country Store in Windham. Waterhouse’s has been in my family for 88 years now, and New Hampshire has been a great place to grow and raise a family. I want to return to the Legislature where I served on the Public Works and Highways Committee for six years. During the last term while I was seeing the store through a rough economy, I saw the State become a lot less friendly to small business and to the taxpayer. I saw the DOT try to put a toll on I-93 and the DOC try to put adult prisoners in a beautiful neighborhood of Manchester in a facility designed to rehabilitate youthful offenders. I want to return to Concord as your Representative

because Windham and Salem need a strong, conservative voice in the House, that along with John Stephen as Governor and Jim Rausch and Chuck Morse as State Senators will bring spending under control, reform our business taxes to encourage growth and jobs, and widen I-93 to eight lanes from Salem all the way to Manchester. As a small business owner, I have had to tighten my belt to make payroll during this economic downturn, but the State of New Hampshire balanced its budget by using money that only comes once and borrowing—an unsustainable situation. I served in the Army as a Military Policeman from ‘74 to ‘80 and graduated from Central Connecticut State University in ‘84 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a minor in Economics. While in the Legislature, I served on the Executive Committee of the Rockingham County Delegation for a term. I am a celebrant of St. Mark Catholic Church in Londonderry, where I serve as a lecture, and I am a Past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus. I am a founding member of the Windham Endowment for Community Advancement and have served five years on its Board of Directors. I am a member of the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce and I enjoy performing in community theatre. I have been honored by your trust in the past to serve

as your representative. Please allow me the privilege of serving you again. Please vote for Kevin Waterhouse, Representative, on Tuesday, September 14.

Kevin Waterhouse - Windham

Ken Blevens – Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate

or email

Ken Blevens, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, is looking for the support of voters who also support the constitution as the controlling law of the United States. If elected, he will “not” be going to Washington to balance or support neither the Republicans nor the Democrats, but instead to check them. He will stand up for the constitutional rights of New Hampshire citizens in Washington, the same way he stood up for the 276 voters in the town of Dunbarton who were being denied their constitutional right to participate in the 2010 elections. After over six months, Secretary of State Bill Gardner concluded that Blevens was right and allowed the 276 voters to be able to participate by allowing their nominations as part of the official count for the U.S. Senate election. Ken has taken on many local property rights

issues. On his Website (, there is a great story about Blevens’ fight written

by Hank Amsden in the surveyor’s magazine Bench Mark. He has also realized that the two-party control of our three branches of government has been the destruction of the forefather’s intent for checks on government. Today, Independent

voters outnumber both Republicans and Democrats. Thus, when a Republican says you can’t win, you now know he or she is wrong. Hopefully, with more and more voters becoming Independents every day, they can, and now will, elect a third-party candidate. It would be an honor to be that candidate. Thank you for your consideration.

by S. Aaron Shamshoyan

Budget season has begun in Salem, and as usual, the selectmen are pinching pennies to keep taxes low. The biggest issue of the night was a $7,000 allocation for the town’s Website in the IT budget. This is the same amount of money that had been budgeted in the past, but there were worries that the money isn’t being spent responsibly. The concern from the selectmen was about the Website being out of date. “What are we paying $7,000 for when the Website does not get updated?” asked Selectman Pat Hargreaves. Director of IT Cynthia Crescenzi

IT Department Battles for Budget PTO

Community Members

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responded by saying that the money covers the hosting, modifications, and design of the Website. Selectman Elizabeth Roth shared her thoughts on the importance of the Website: “Our Website is so important to the economic development of our community, and it’s a disaster,” she said, later saying that “I’m tending not to give any money to IT because of the Website.” Crescenzi explained that an in-house hosting solution would be unattainable because of the low-bandwidth connection to the town hall and the lack of a dedicated Website administrator. Roth felt that the Website should be a high priority for the IT director.

Community Parents

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NECC Announces Scholarships submitted by Northern Essex Community College

drawn by Sarah Pacheco drawn by Sarah Pacheco

More than 200 Northern Essex Community College (NECC) students will receive over $169,000 in scholarships for the 2010-2011 academic year. “Our students are deeply appreciative of the many generous individuals and organizations that make these scholarships possible,” said Jean Poth, vice president of institutional advancement. “For many of our students, a scholarship is what allows them to stay in school.” Scholarships range from $500 to $1,500 and come from a variety of sources, including


Members PTO

private donors, memorial donations, local businesses, and private foundations. The 2010-2011 Scholarship recipients Include: Hudson: Christen Fecteau and Rukaiya Mohammed, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarships Litchfield: Daphne Valentino, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Salem: Paul Boudreau, Jennifer Cabral, and Lorena Chajchic, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarships; Denise LeBoeuf, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Squatrito Scholarship Windham: Shannon Hardiman, Raney Family Memorial Scholarship

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