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Salem Community Patriot September 3, 2010 - 5

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America is bleeding (deficit spending), suffocating (over-regulation), and in shock (rising unemployment, business failures, and real estate foreclosures). Here’s what I believe we must do to recover.

Doctors use transfusions to keep patients alive as they work to stop bleeding. We need a “fiscal transfusion” for the federal treasury, and that means a prompt, significant reduction of taxes. This action delivered tax revenue increases every time it was ever done—by JFK, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush. What we do not need is federal “stimulus” spending that adds trillions to our national debt by throwing money we don’t have at programs that do not work. Doctors use CPR to get patients breathing

again. We need “fiscal CPR” in the form of an immediate moratorium on regulations inhibiting business startups and expansions. What we do not need is ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, and Financial Reform that strangles banks, doesn’t touch Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, and hides the FED and SEC transactions from public scrutiny. Doctors treat for “shock” to stabilize patients after major injuries. We must stabilize this economy before we begin the life-saving “major surgery” to reduce government and government spending. What we do not need are sweeping changes (e.g., “Across the Board Spending Cuts”) that would immediately dump the costs of federally funded programs onto the backs of local property taxpayers. It took 100 years to get into this fiscal mess,

and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to get out of it. “Across the Board Cuts” in federal spending would wreak havoc in our communities because federal funds flow to roads, police and fire departments, schools, and local projects. Downshifting those costs will drive property taxes through the roof, and New Hampshire families and businesses simply can’t afford this. Our most critical priority as a state and nation is creating jobs. Government can’t do this, no matter how many trillions it spends. To stop our economic bleeding and get our businesses breathing again, we should make the Bush tax cuts permanent, eliminate the capital gains tax, reduce the federal corporate income tax to 15 percent or less, align IRS depreciation schedules with the true service life of capital equipment, and enact a moratorium on regulations that have stopped our businesses and industries from creating the jobs we desperately need. Once our economy is on the mend, we must perform the major surgery needed to bring government and its spending under control and realign its functions to conform to Constitutional limits.

As a Marine, airline Captain, and former Deputy Majority Leader of the New Hampshire House, I understand the critical importance of leadership in crisis situations. As a three- time small business owner, I know the impact of taxes on free enterprise. As a member of the New Hampshire House Ways and Means Committee, we defeated the Shaheen sales tax, Fernald income tax, and repealed the jobs-killing Legacy and Succession Tax, and sponsored a state Constitutional Amendment that today protects our property from Eminent Domain abuses by government. As a Selectman and State Representative, I dealt every day with the complexities of federal, state, and local funding issues. This experience is valuable, and it is very

relevant to our nation’s current economic crisis. You can learn more about my candidacy by visiting I need your vote on September 14. With your support, I will fight to restore limited Constitutional government, responsible spending, and economic vitality to America.

Robert J. Giuda, Candidate for Congress Beck and Palin

Draw Controversy Glenn Beck, TV and radio provocateur, and

Sarah Palin, controversial darling of the right, drew a massive crowd last Saturday to listen to what could be labeled inspirational, political, and religious speeches. They may have been all of those things to many, but a fair evaluation reveals both hypocrisy and contradiction if one detects the nuances of incompatible comments. Ms. Palin, who would bring Alaskan values to the rest of America, doesn’t realize that Alaska has quite a homogenous population, while the rest of America is a unique sampling of people from all over the world. Moreover, Alaska, rich in minerals, has no sales or income tax; and Palin’s “share the wealth” program as governor provides a check of four figures for every man, woman, and child with money derived from oil revenues. But she is against government spreading the wealth in America. It should be noted that the population of the whole state of Alaska is about half of that of Boston, and her concept of American complexities is of about the same proportion. Furthermore, her advice, given to Dr. Laura

Schlessinger not to retreat, but to reload after her execrable use of the “N word” forced her resignation, reveals innate racist feelings. Palin’s knowledge beyond Alaskan borders is gravely limited, and despite a permanent smile and her enthusiastic tone, she is an empty dress.

Beck went on and on, more like a TV

evangelist, but his message was convoluted. On one hand, he extolled the virtues and beliefs of M. L. King. Is there any doubt as to what they are? Then, on the other hand, Beck labored against liberation theology, which he does ad nauseum on his radio and TV shows as though it is the work of the devil. Progressivism is also a naughty word, but Beck hugs King and his beliefs. The King message, progressivism, and liberation theology are mutually inclusive, but Beck does not see the irony.

It is difficult to decide what Beck is: A

preacher, reporter, political pundit, or analyst? But whatever he is, he delivers his messages with histrionics, tears, gesticulation, and smiles. The bottom line is that he is an entertainer who, like Limbaugh, is making millions by appealing to the darker side of humanity at the same time that he is trying to return America to God.

Dante Ippolito - Norwell, MA Phase 1 of Facility

Renovation Project is Not Millions over Budget

There have been some headlines in the papers recently about the budget of Phase 1 of the Facility Renovation Project. The Building Project Committee for the renovations has been meeting bi-weekly since March to oversee all aspects of the project, including hiring the construction manager, the Gilbane Building Company, managing the budget process, and many other construction details. Finalizing the budget in a construction project is a process, and it is customary to analyze each line item to ensure that the most value possible for the dollar is achieved. At this point in time, the budget is still a work in progress and will only be finalized after final sub- contractor and material costs that are included in the Final Guaranteed Maximum Price (the FGMP) are known. The budget under review at this time is based on the initial guaranteed maximum price, the “IGMP,” which is composed of best estimates in each trade category. The preliminary IGMP budget costs came in higher than expected, and the committee has worked to eliminate redundant items and expenses while adding value to the project wherever possible. The scope of the project is not being scaled back in any way. Decorative and redundant items that aren’t necessary are being removed, and functional items that add value continue to be included. This was the plan from the beginning. Currently, the IGMP budget is approximately $1.2 million higher than projected, and this difference reflects the projected increase in labor costs as a result of prevailing wages. As stated in the papers, the prevailing wage requirement of the qualified school construction bond will cause labor rates to be higher than the going market rates. However, this projected increase of $1.2 million in labor costs, if realized, would be more than offset by a minimum of $5.7 million in interest savings that Salem taxpayers will realize over the bond payback period. By applying for the zero-interest bond, the Salem School District acted in the best interest of taxpayers, to help maximize total savings for the Salem community. The Building Project Committee is working to maximize the value of this project for the Salem community, while staying as close to initial projections as possible. The budget process in any large project is always complicated. The number-one priority is to deliver a good plan to completion; to create the adequate schools that this community deserves. The project is on track to do this. To stay informed of progress on the Facility

Renovation Project, the community can visit

Sherry Kilgus-Kramer - Salem

Ovide Lamontagne for Senate

While Kelly Ayotte and Bill Binnie continue to sling mud at each other, there is a better choice for Republicans in the upcoming primary— conservative Ovide Lamontagne. Ovide has

consistently run a positive, message- driven campaign. This is no surprise for anyone who knows Ovide. Ovide is a man you would be proud to have representing us in Washington. He is a man of integrity, principle, and conviction.

Ovide Lamontagne

is a proven and tested conservative. He will fight to stop the out- of-control spending in Washington. He’s an advocate of less government and lower taxes, and supports


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term limits. Ovide’s a social conservative who supports traditional family values. He’s the only conservative with a track record we can trust. That’s why we need Ovide Lamontagne to be our next U.S. Senator!

Dan Linehan, High Sheriff, Rockingham County (Ret.) - Danville

Support for Marilinda Garcia

I am writing to encourage people to vote for Marilinda Garcia on September 14. The primary is fast approaching. Marilinda has been doing a great job in Concord as our state representative from Salem and Windham. She has been a fiscal conservative and defends free enterprise while the Democrats passed regulation after needless regulation, making it even more difficult to open or run a small business. Marilinda filed legislation to increase our choices for health insurance (because of the ‘choice killing’ Obama Care!). It would allow New Hampshire citizens to purchase insurance across state lines. And while the Democrat-controlled legislature redefined marriage and stripped parents of their parental rights, Marilinda stood for traditional values. For the past four years, Marilinda has proven herself as an advocate for Salem and Windham, and we need her strong presence and conservative values in Concord. Remember to vote for Marilinda Garcia on September 14!

Anita Low - Salem

John J. Manning, Jr. for District 4 Seat for State Representative

My name is John J. Manning, Jr. I am 58 years old and a 35-year resident of Salem. I am the proud parent of five girls and two boys. My girls are Katie, Kim, Christine, Marianne, and Gabriel. My boys are Shane and Steven. I am a professional racehorse trainer. I also

am a graduate of Topsfield Police Academy, as an intermittent officer. I have been a business owner in Salem for many years. I love Salem for its aboveboard, hard-working community of people. I believe our district deserves a leader who is for our common values, with a shared desire for a steady growth of prosperity. I believe we need representation that wants and will fight to help sustain our local industries. Increasing the travel and tourism population to our state keeps the money in the pockets of our local business owners—where it belongs. We must have better utilization of our current tax base, rather than raising taxes. The untapped gem is our own historic icon

Rockingham Park, a revenue builder, which people of all ages have enjoyed in this area for over 35 years. The park is just sitting there weathering the test of time. It would be a shame to forfeit this sporting event. The greatness of these fine animals has been carrying us through time for thousands of years. They deserve our respect and adoration. Focusing on this would increase farming and agricultural pursuits, and produce jobs for a wide variety of people. We need to take declarative action, without hesitation, to reduce our growing deficit. Besides, there are hundreds of people that care for and are dedicated to the preservation of this fine breed of animal. Please join me in building a stronger foundation for our great state.

John J. Manning, Jr. - Salem

Donna Mauro for State Representative

My name is Donna Mauro and I am running for State Representative from District 4 Salem/ Windham. I believe that I have the skills necessary to deal with the challenges we face. The government is going one way and “We the people …” have been trying to make it go in the opposite direction. The government is leading us down a path to European-style Socialism while the American

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Outdoors Ban on Lead


You may have heard rumors that lead was going to be banned in ammunition and fishing tackle. Here is the truth; facing strong opposition from U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe and others, a key federal agency denied a petition Friday, August 27, seeking a ban on lead ammunition used by hunters. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), however, said it would continue to review another section of the petition on the use of lead in fishing tackle. In denying the request on banning lead ammunition, EPA said the Toxic Substances Control Act does not give the agency the authority needed to address that issue. “EPA is taking action on many fronts to address major sources of lead in our society, such as eliminating childhood exposures to lead,’’ EPA Assistant Administrator Steve Owens said in a statement. “However, EPA was not and is not considering taking action on whether the lead content in hunting ammunition poses an undue threat to wildlife.’’

While lead is certainly a toxic substance, there is no real science to back claims that shots or bullets possess any undue hazards to humans. Lead shot bans for waterfowl hunting has been in place for years, but limited research has been done to prove significant improvement to wildlife.

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