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freelance jobs for 17 photographers and became a regular assistant for five of those. “I was getting phone calls every

day, asking me to work,” Seth says. “Working this way, scheduling is a nightmare. I had to stay really orga- nized and developed a pretty good system.” “You have to have your phone with you at all times. I even had my phone in the shower. The phone is never turned off.”

He found that freelance assisting depended on his ability to stand out. “When they ask for you, you have to be on top of your game, be ready for anything the photographer wants,” Seth says.

From the beginning, Seth identi- fied Roy as one of his primary tar- gets. He got the name and number of one of Roy’s top assistants and began “bugging” him with repeated phone calls. Those calls lead to a day shoot of Maria Sharapova (tennis player) for Vogue. Following the shoot, Seth immediately sent a thank you note to the studio to let them know he’d like to work with them again. After several more shoots with Roy, Seth received an offer of fulltime employment with

After watching the models blow fake snow all day during a Fera Clothing ad campaign shoot, Seth decided he should give it a try.

Photo by Mark Leibowitz

the famous photographer. It was a dream come true for Seth. He decided to give up the freelance photography assistant work for the fulltime commitment to Roy. When he’s not on a set, Seth works in the office doing production, ordering equipment for the next shoot, send- ing invoices, making plans for future shoots, and cleaning the cameras. He’s also always ready for whatever pho- tography shoot comes up and remains ready to travel on a moment’s notice. Seth began his university career at BHSU with a strong interest in graphic design. He later added a pho- tography major and took a variety of communication arts and mass com- munications courses.

Although Seth has reached one of his goals with his current job as assis- tant to one of the top fashion photog- raphers in the world, he’s set his sights high and would like to be shooting his own work in three years.

Seth says his BHSU classes pre- pared him to make the transformation from student to professional photogra- pher. He credits his overall knowledge and understanding of photography and lighting, along with an under-

standing of business which he gar- nered from business classes he took even though they were not required for his major.

While a BHSU student, Seth

served as editor of the student news- paper and says that experience gave him valuable skills that were vital as he began working.

“My experience doing interviews with the newspaper clearly helped a lot. Juggling fulltime classes, being editor, along with a list of other things taught me how to manage my time, and organization skills are essential,” Seth says.

Seth encourages BHSU students to seek their dreams and remember not to hold back. “If you want to go somewhere and do something – you should just do it. If you don’t, you’re going to be disappointed,” Seth says. “There are tons of opportunities in the world in all fields – arts, education, business, whatever. There are opportunities if you have the desire, the ambition, and drive to go and do it.”

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