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Hudson - Litchfield News 6 - August 27, 2010

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Endorsing Terry Dakin for Hillsborough County Commissioner

I am writing this letter to endorse Terry Dakin in the Republican Primary Hillsborough County Commissioner, District 2, and that includes Nashua, Hollis, Hudson, and Pelham. As a current City of Nashua Fire Commissioner and former Police Commissioner, I understand and appreciate how local government works and, unfortunately, sometimes does not work. I have known Terry for over 15 years and, like Terry, I also own a small local business. Terry has years of experience in the private sector managing personnel and multi- million dollar budgets. Terry knows the value of a dollar and how to get the best value for our county tax dollar. He will be that strong and fiscally conservative advocate on the County Commission. Please support common sense in our government, and please vote for Terry Dakin for County Commissioner on September 14.

Dave Lavoie - Nashua Living Without $2 Million

Last week’s Hudson~Litchfield News front-page article left out a few details. In the first paragraph, it was written as if there were only two choices for Litchfield. Cut spending and keep the tax rate nearly the same, or ignore the loss and just raise taxes. Reality is, if we were to cut spending dollar for dollar that we are going to lose, we will still have to have an increase in our taxes. We passed the teachers’ contract this past year. It included the controversial “evergreen clause,” which will allow for perpetual teacher raises without further authorizations from the voters. Each and every year, there will be step increases that must raise taxes or even further cuts in spending will have to occur to offset the increased salaries. The writer’s only other expressed option was to do nothing and raise taxes. Again, there are other ways. The one I suggested and will continue to suggest is one that allows the voters to express what it is they can afford. Each year, we see a Warrant Article asking if we support the default budget or the proposed budget. Why can we not offer that this year in the following way? 1. The default budget will be this past year’s budget, including legally obligated contracts and the like. 2. A proposed budget that has every penny of lost revenue cut from it. 3. A series of warrant articles listing those programs or items that were cut so the voter can decide for

themselves what they are willing or able to afford. Why must it be an all-or-nothing choice? Default or Proposed? We must put faith in the citizens and voters to decide what they are willing to sacrifice in this economy. We must give as many choices as is possible to the voters! The SAU has provided what I believe to be a great template of cost reductions to start from. I believe it represents the most intelligent course as whom better to assess our needs than the superintendent and her staff. Another detail that was left unclear in the article

was that I suggested we cut the required credits to graduate to the state minimum of 20 from the current requirement of 24. Not quite. I stated that for budgeting purposes, we should start at the bottom – the state minimum – and work up to the desire and ability of the folks in town’s ability to pay for it. We should not budget from the top with every single desire and work our way down to a level that we can get away with. We should start at the state requirement and scale upwards to a level that this town’s citizens desire to. That puts the maximum choice on the voter. It allows for a strong and clear direction straight from those that actually have to pay the bill. I urge each and every one of you reading this letter to please talk to your friends, neighbors, and family members. Please encourage them to participate in this process so that we can understand via the ballot box the direction you want our town and schools to proceed. I will continue to push to give the voters as many possible choices as they can have on voting day. Some fear no means no; I embrace it as the will of the people. Please come and express yourselves; otherwise, three of five elected members of the School Board can take away all of your options.

Jason Guerrette - Litchfield Hudson Pack 252

Invites You to Join Cub Scouts Parents of young boys face a lot of choices in

after-school activities. Boys want to have fun, while parents want them to learn positive values and skills that will last a lifetime. If your boy is about to enter first through fifth grade, Cub Scouting may be exactly what you are both looking for. If you have fond memories of Scouting from your youth, share them with your son. As a parent, you can be assured that Cub Scouting involves a variety of family activities, encourages good behavior, teaches life-long values,

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and strengthens the bonds of family. Pack 252 meets in Hudson once a month starting September 14 at 6:30 p.m. at Saint Kathryn’s Hall, and then on the third Tuesday of every month thereafter. Tell your parents and bring your friends! If you would like to know more about adventures in Cub Scouting, check out our Website at www. or contact one of the Pack 252 core leaders, and they will explain about the many wonderful ways that Scouting will contribute in building your son’s character while having a lot of fun in the process: Nicholas Leary, Cub Master Nick (, 886-0140); David Wilder, Assistant Cub Master (dwilder@juniper. net, 881-8310); or Stephanie Izzo, Pack Committee Chair (, 886-7176).

Dave Wilder - Hudson ‘Game Day’

Hudson-Litchfield Bears Have you ever wondered how everything

is ready for a game day or regular practice on Mondays through Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays and Sundays? The field in perfect condition, with the field marked, yard lines measured and printed, benches cleaned, equipment moved off the field, tents set up, and a concession stand, game trailer, and store all set up and in place—spotless and ready for you to enjoy. How many volunteers and how many hours per week, every week, until football season is over? Can you guess how many volunteers and

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coaches for football and cheerleaders you see on the field Monday through Thursday and some Saturdays and Sundays? There are too many to count—all giving their time. How many people do you see wearing a blue shirt with white stripes on the field and walking the field there? With committee members, how many hours do they put in with meetings, and how many complaints do they have to listen to, from field mice to “it’s too hot to practice?” All are handled with a smile. Not to

mention the concession stand, with one manager and volunteer, each expected to perform 10 hours of service, except the

manager from Chief of Police on down. Everyone contributes. Have you ever tried cooking in a sauna at 110 degrees? That’s our concession cook who volunteers four nights and game days while working for the town and Debbie. How does all the food, etc., get to the stand? By magic? No, it is ordered, picked up, and brought to the stand by the concession manager, from straws to coke and everything in between—over 61 individual items. So, next time you visit the concession stand, recognize that “they’re all volunteers” and just say “thanks.” And don’t forget can days, calendar sales, and picture sales—it’s all for the kids. Last and most important, don’t forget the Zach

Fund. We need the money, so purchase a T-shirt or bracelet. See you at practice and Game Day.

A Volunteer - Hudson

Supporting Ovide Lamontagne for U.S. Senate

It is so refreshing to see a candidate that put

everything on the table in the form of an oath. I am writing about Ovide Lamontagne for U.S. Senate. He has published the oath as a 15-point platform.

Ovide has taken a stand on every national public issue and Congressional vote held or to be held. Not only is he a strict constitutional conservative, he is also courageous. I think we finally have a candidate whose word we can trust. I encourage everyone to view his Website: We need this man in Washington if we are to

have any hope of stemming the Socialist agenda of the present administration.

Don Overman - Hudson

Protecting our Kids from Online Danger

The Hudson School District and Hudson

Police Department, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, will be hosting a presentation titled “Connect with Your Kids – How to protect your family from online threats” on Wednesday September 22, at 6 p.m. This presentation will be held in the Steckevich gymnasium on the campus of Alvirne High School. The presenter for the evening will be Alison Vachon, Internet Crimes Unit Investigator for the State of New Hampshire. Administrators, counselors, and School Resource Officers will also be in attendance to answer any questions regarding their specific roles and responsibilities within the community.

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