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August 27, 2010 - 15

2010 - 2011 Bus Schedule letter- continued from page 14

responsible for calling the school by 8:30 a.m. If we do not hear from you, we will try to make calls to your home and/or work to verify the absence. We know that you will agree with us that this procedure is in the best interest and safety of your child. Please call the school at 881-3930 to report your daughter/son’s absence.

5. Snack Time: Every class sets aside a snack time during the day. This is a very important part of your child’s day. It is a time to replenish their energy by eating/drinking the things you have packed.

6. Summer Reading (Grades 1-5): Hopefully, everyone has been enjoying the required summer reading. There is no more important activity to support learning than through reading fun and interesting stories. Summer Reading has been shown to do the following for

the student: • Encourage a love and enjoyment of books • Provide exposure to a variety of genres • Increase vocabulary knowledge • Increase reading fluency • Develop background concepts and general knowledge

• Provide models of good writing • Provide maintenance of reading skills learned during the school year

• Provide a sense of participation in the community of readers

The required book was given to your child with their report card in June. At the start of the school year, classroom teachers will be doing special activities related to the book read. 7. Medications: The school nurse can only administer medications when a prescription from a doctor directs her to do so. Please

keep this is mind when you bring a prescription item to school. All medicine must be brought in by an adult and logged in by the nurse or other school official. No medicine may be transported by a student.

8. No Smoking/Tobacco Use: The use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited in all school facilities, and on school grounds and vehicles on school grounds, throughout the Hudson School District.

9. Kindergarten: On Monday, August 30, from 1-3 p.m., kindergarten students and parents should plan time to visit the classrooms, followed by a bus ride and review of safe riding habits and rules for children riding the bus to school.

10. First Graders (New to the school): On Monday, August 30, from 1-3 p.m. If you would like to take a bus ride before school

starts, please meet the bus by the soccer field/playground to the left of Hills Garrison School. You can do this before or after you meet your teacher. On the first day of school, each child will bring home a “School to Home Communication” folder of information and important forms to be filled out. This folder will be used to go between school and home, so please send it back each day with your child. Your help and cooperation with these items will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at any time at 881-3930. See you on August 30 for the “Meet and Greet

Your Teacher” time if you can make it, and definitely on August 31!

Marilyn Martellini, Principal, and Lois Connors, Assistant Principal, Hills Garrison School - Hudson


Bus 5457 Route 1-First Stop @ 8:00 a.m. Stop: 153 Lowell Rd. Stop: Bruce & Linda Stop: Blueberry & Leonard Stop: Leonard & Sandhill Stop: Chalifoux & Muldoon Stop: Muldoon & Eagle Stop: 10 Eagle (K) Stop: 7 Fairway Stop: 29 Fairway Stop: 6 Par Lane (K) Stop: 9 Chalifoux Stop: 16 River Rd. Stop: 8 Rena St. (K) Stop: 13 Rena St. (K) Stop: 23 Rena St. (K) Stop: Rena & Rega Stop: 3 Rega Stop: Rena & Rose Stop: Ridgecrest & Rega Stop: 22 Ridgecrest (K) Stop: Rega & Rita Stop: 14 Rita Stop: 1 Rita (K) Stop: 160 Lowell Rd.

Bus 5446 Route 2-First Stop @ 8:10 a.m. Stop: 159 Belknap Rd. (K) Stop: 152 Belknap Rd. Stop: 146 Belknap Rd. Stop: Belknap & Gordon St. Stop: 131 Belknap Rd. Stop: Belknap & Hillindale Dr. Stop: 116 Belknap (K) Stop: 24 Roosevelt Ave. Stop: 18 Roosevelt Ave. Stop: D St; & A St. corner Stop: Corner of A & B Sts. Stop: 16 B St. (K) Stop: 24 B St. (K) Stop: B & Alpha Stop: B & Belknap Stop: Belknap & Regina Stop: 11 Regina St. (K) Stop: Belknap & Paula Circle (K) Stop: Belknap & Tessier Stop: Belknap & Lorraine Stop: 17 Lorraine St. (K) Stop: Belknap & Belknap Terrace Stop: 6 1/2 Belknap Terrace Stop: 11-1/2 Belknap Terrace (K) Stop: Belknap Terrace & Charboneau Stop: Lorraine & Wayne Stop: 8 Tate (K)

Bus 5455 Route 6-First Stop @ 8:00 a.m. Stop: Wason & Colson Stop: Holly & Quail Stop: 6 Holly Stop: Wason & Hunter (K) Stop: Wason & Empire Rd. Stop: 28-29 Wason Rd. (K) Stop: 6A Musquash Rd. Stop: 31 Musquash Rd. Stop: 35 Musquash Rd. (K) Stop: Musquash & Old Coach Stop: Musquash & Cathedral

Stop: 2 Little Hale Stop: Musquash & Nathaniel (K) Stop: 22 Sanders Stop: Sanders & Elaine (K) Stop: 1 Sanders Stop: 120 Musquash (K) Stop: 136 Musquash Stop: 134 Musquash Stop: 132 Musquash Stop: 130 Musquash Stop: Musquash & Crestwood Stop: 121-120 Musquash Stop: 106 Musquash Stop: 98 Musquash Rd. Stop: 6 James Way (K) Stop: 29 James Way (K)

Bus 5447 Route 7-First Stop 8:00 a.m. Stop: 27 River Rd. Stop: 45 River Rd. Stop: Eayers Pond Rd. & Elder St. Stop: Eayers Pond Rd. & Walnut St. Stop: 7 Walnut St. (K) Stop: 21 Philbrick St. Stop: Philbrick & Ireland Stop: Philbrick & Cherry Lane Stop: River Rd. & Winslow @ Pizza Man 97 (K) Stop: 11 Winslow Farm Rd. Stop: 22 Winslow Farm Rd. Stop: Winslow Farm Rd. & McKinney Stop: 12 Joan Ave Stop: 6 Joan Ave Stop: Pine & Winslow (stop sign) Stop: 34 Pine Rd. (K) Stop: 48 Pine Rd. (K) Stop: Pine & Wisahicken Stop: Pine & Williams Stop: Units 811-838 (K) Stop: Units 911-958 (K) Stop: Units 211-238 (K) Stop: Corner of Fox Hollow & Lowell Rd. for 117 Lowell Rd.

Bus 5448 Route 8-First Stop @ 8:00 a.m. Stop: Wason & Harwood Stop: Harwood @ Tri-Gate (K) Stop: 76 Wason Rd. Stop: 89-91 Wason Rd. (K) Stop: 98A Wason Rd. Stop: 100 B Wason Rd. Stop: 149/150 Wason Rd. Stop: Mountain View & Pasture Stop: 161 Wason Rd. Stop: 164 Wason Rd. Stop: 78 Bush Hill Rd. Stop: 81 Bush Hill Rd. Stop: 135 Bush Hill Rd. Stop: 161 Bush Hill Rd. PM Stop: 3 Woodland Dr. Stop: 152 Bush Hill Rd.

Bus 5453 Route 11-First Stop @ 8:05 a.m. Stop: 88 Lowell Rd. Stop: Lowell Rd. & Roosevelt Stop: 7 Winnhaven Dr. Stop: 18 Winnhaven Dr.

Stop: 27 Winnhaven Dr. Stop: 38 Winnhaven Dr. Stop: 3 Sunrise Dr. Stop: 5 Hemlock Stop: 17 Hemlock Stop: 13 Spruce (K) Stop: Fir/Cottonwood/Linden (K) Stop: Aspen & Hickory Stop: 39 Cottonwood Stop: 22 Sycamore Stop: 34 Willow Stop: Sycamore & Willow Stop: 34 Cedar Stop: 24 Cedar Stop: 15 Cedar Stop: 10 Cedar Stop: Lowell Rd. & Dana (K) Stop: Lowell Rd. & Atwood @ Stonewood (K)

Bus 5461 Route 12-First Stop @ 8:00 a.m. Stop: 12 Melendy Rd. (K) Stop: 21 Melendy Rd. Stop: Melendy & Coll Stop: 55 Melendy Rd. Stop: Merrill & Nevins Stop: 1 Merrill St. (K) Stop: 7 Greentrees (K) Stop: Greentrees & Thorning Stop: 1 Greentrees (K) Stop: 71 Melendy Rd. Stop: Melendy & Overlook Dr. Stop: 6 Virginia Dr. Stop: 17 Burns Hill Rd. Stop: Burns Hill & Shelley Stop: 38 Burns Hill Rd. (K) Stop: Burns Hill & Wildwood Terrace (K) Stop: St. Anthony/St. Mary & St. Francis (K) Stop: 12 St. Francis Stop: 8 Mark Stop: 2 Mark Stop: 83 Burns Hill Rd. Stop: 11 Glen Dr. Stop: 22-23 Glen Dr. (K) Stop: 31 Glen Dr. Stop: 18 Parkhurst Stop: 7 Parkhurst Stop: Prince & Woodridge Stop: 8 Woodridge (K) Stop: 11 Woodridge (K) Stop: 16 Woodridge (K)

Bus 5459 Route 14-First Stop @ 8:00 a.m. Stop: 5 Gowing Rd. Stop: 38-39 Gowing Rd. (K) Stop: Gowing & Crestwood Stop: Gowing & Richmond (K) Stop: Gowing & Demery Stop: Gowing & Winding Hollow Stop: First driveway on Brook Stop: 13 Brook Stop: 93 Gowing Rd. Stop: 92 Gowing Rd. Stop: Gowing Rd. & Beaver Path Stop: Gowing & Dumont (K) Stop: 40 Gowing Rd. Stop: 25 Gowing Rd. Stop: 8 Glenview

Welcome Back

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On August 31, 4,000 students will enter Hudson classrooms for the 2010-2011 school

year. Each student will carry with them the hopes and dreams of their parents, as well as their own ideas of what is important and relevant to their lives. It is our responsibility to provide Hudson students with the knowledge, skills, and values to make that possible for those hopes and dreams to be attained. It is an awesome responsibility and we take it seriously. Of course, we can’t do it

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alone. It takes great community support. It takes a dedicated faculty and staff. It takes collaboration and communication with parents and the community. This year, we will place additional focus and efforts on strengthening communication between all the groups needed to provide a first-rate education for our students. By this, we mean communication in the best sense of the word. Quality communication must work two ways. It includes listening as well as talking; it requires seeking information as well as providing information. It requires mutual trust, respect, and integrity, and it values a variety of points of view. In a society where we are constantly bombarded with information, we often lose the opportunity to actually communicate with each other in a personal and meaningful way. It is just this personal and meaningful communication that is needed to ensure that our students have the best possible educational opportunities we can make available. This sense of communication doesn’t take funding—it takes time. We must make the effort – we must make the time – to talk with each other, to listen to each other, to share our hopes, our dreams, our concerns, and our ideas. I welcome you back to the beginning of a new school year, and I welcome you to a

school district that values each and every one of your children. Let’s talk with each other. Randy Bell, Superintendent of Schools - Hudson

Stop: 3 Glenview Bus 5464 Route 20-First Stop @ 7:55 a.m. Stop: Nathaniel & Pulpit Stop: 87 Dracut Stop: 103 Dracut Rd. Stop: 107 Dracut Rd. Stop: 2-5 Schaeffer (K) Stop: 16 Schaeffer Stop: 27 Schaeffer (K) Stop: Schaeffer & 2nd Anna Louise Stop: Schaeffer & Potter (K) Stop: Schaeffer & Williams Stop: 123 Dracut Rd. Stop: 129 Dracut Rd. Stop: 133 Dracut Rd. Stop: 143 Dracut Rd. Stop: 5 Sherburne Rd. (K) Stop: Plamondon & Sherburne Stop: 8 Ponderosa Stop: 124 Dracut Rd. Stop: 106 Dracut Rd. Stop: 7 Deerfield Stop: 10 Brookfield

Bus 5439 Route 23-First Stop @ 8:05 a.m. Stop: 2 Bush Hill Rd. (K) Stop: Bush Hill & Thurston Rd. Stop: 5 Bear Path Lane Stop: 20 Bear Path Lane (K) Stop: 39 Bear Path Lane Stop: 44 Bear Path Lane (K) Stop: 56-58 Bear Path Lane (K) Stop: 62 Bear Path Lane (K) Stop: 5 Jump Lane Stop: Bush Hill & Flying Rock Rd. Stop: Corner of Flying Rock Rd. Stop: 34 Bush Hill Rd. (K) Stop: 39 Bush Hill Rd. Stop: 41 Bush Hill Rd. Stop: 46 Bush Hill Rd. Stop: 56 Bush Hill Rd. (K) Stop: 109 Pelham Rd. Stop: 100 Pelham Rd. Stop: 75-77 Pelham Rd. Stop: Granite Hill & Pelham Rd. (K) Stop: 48-51 Pelham Rd. (K) Stop: 41/39 Pelham Rd. Stop: 33 Pelham Rd.

Bus 5450 Route 24-First Stop @ 8:00 a.m. Stop: 3 Speare Rd. Stop: 5 Speare Rd. Stop: Speare Rd. & Gates Lane (K) Stop: 101 Kimball Hill Rd. Stop: 115 Kimball Hill Rd. Stop: Kimball Hill & Gibson Rd. @ Smith Farm Stop: 13 Gibson Rd. Stop: 39 Gibson Rd. Stop: 5 Hawkview Rd. Stop: 5 Kestral Stop: 12 Kestral (K) Stop: 5 McCann (K) Stop: 122 Kimball Hill Rd. Stop: 90 Kimball Hill Rd. (K) Stop: 59 Kimball Hill Rd. Stop: 55 Kimball Hill Rd. Stop: 50 Kimball Hill Rd. (K)

Obedience to School Crossing Guards

submitted by Hudson Police Department The Hudson Police Department would like remind all residents of New Hampshire RSA 256:3-a, Obedience to School Crossing Guards: I The driver of any vehicle shall obey the instructions of any school crossing guard invested with authority to direct, control, or regulate traffic. If the school crossing guard is displaying a signal to stop, the driver of a vehicle upon a way shall stop the vehicle at least 25 feet before reaching such school crossing guard. The driver shall not proceed until the school crossing guard indicates that traffic may proceed and until the driver can do so safely.

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II Any person who violated the provisions of this section shall be fined not more than $100 for the first offense and not more than $250 for any subsequent offense committed during any calendar year.

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Get a high quality print of that unforgettable moment captured in this newspaper.

T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc. also available

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