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IRONMAN 70.3 MUSKOKA Huntsville, ON September 10th

to 12th 33rd THE STANDARD RUN

FOR THE GRAPES DEMPSTERS 1/2 MARATHON & 5K St. Catharines, ON September 19th


From the physio’s offi ce Although a common problem with active people, the evaluation and treatment of sacroiliac (SI joint) dysfunctions seem controversial. What sort of treatment can a physiotherapist do to help?

The Sacro Iliac (SI) joint can be a common source of back pain and several scenarios can produce pain in this region of the lower back, including a traumatic incident, biomechanical mal-alignment, hormonal changes during pregnancy, or infl ammatory joint disease.

Sometimes SI joint pain can refer to the groin, buttock or the back of the thigh and is often mistaken as referred pain from a herniated disc. One key difference is that SI joint pain rarely refers below the knee.

Physiotherapists trained in manual therapy are very effective treating SI joint pain. The aim of the treatment should be to fi rst restore normal joint mechanics by removing abnormal stresses on the ligaments which surround the joint. Once normal joint mobility has been restored with hands on techniques, a more active rehabilitation style can be undertaken. This involves specifi c muscle work for the 30 plus muscles whose activity can affect SI joint stability - the series of exercises is different in each individual. For load to be properly transferred through the pelvis it is essential that motion within the SI joint be controlled, and this control comes from proper activation of the deep stabilizing

muscles of the low back and pelvis and proper function of the ligaments of the sacroiliac joint.

A Physiotherapist who is trained in manual therapy techniques and core stability training is an ideal practitio- ner to treat SI joint dysfunction and may suggest any/ all of the following SI joint specifi c self help techniques:

What you can do…

» Consult a sports injury expert » Rest from aggravating activities » Wear a Sacro iliac Joint support to improve posture & relieve pain

» Wear a Pregnancy Belt during pregnancy to relieve pain

» Learn pool exercises with a buoyancy belt to improve Sacro Iliac function and relieve pain

» Practice core strength exercises to strengthen spine stabilising muscles

» Learn to use a Physio Ball for advanced exercises to relieve & prevent back pain

» Learn to use a Stabiliser/Pressure BioFeedback device to ensure correct exercise technique

EDMONTON 21 September 19th

EDMONTON HEARTBEAT RUN Edmonton, AB September 26th

Nancy Bot ing is a Registered Physiotherapist with a Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy. She was a member of the Canadian medical team for the Atlanta Olympic Games and Athens and Beijing Paralympics. She loves spending time outdoors with her two kids and continues to compete in outrigger canoe racing. Physical Edge Physiotherapy is located in Oakville, Ontario.

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Annie Pilon, Barrie, Ontario



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