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Pelham - Windham News 10 - August 20, 2010

by Len Lathrop Mark Twain once said and quoted: “The old saw

says, ‘Let a sleeping dog lie.’ Still, when there is much at stake, it is better to get a newspaper to do it.” That is exactly what happened in mid-July when

the Area News Group received a letter from the past and current residents of Grove Square Condominiums in Randolph, MA. They succinctly stated, “Jane Lang is a candidate for statewide office (State Rep – District 4). What Jane failed to mention in any of her public statements is that when she was living in Massachusetts, she embezzled thousands of dollars from the Grove Square Condominium Association, where she was living and serving as board treasurer at the time. In exchange for not pressing charges, the condo board made a good-faith offer to allow Jane to repay the money in full. Before she repaid the money, she sold the condo and moved to NH, where she currently lives. The residents of Grove Square suffered significant financial consequences, including a large increase in condo fees to cover the loss. All of this is well documented. We believe voters have the right to know this about the candidate before they cast their vote. Signed, the Past and Current residents of Grove Square, Randolph, MA, contact phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx.” When the Area News Group first contacted

candidate Lang, she denied the accusation by the past and current residents. From documents the condo association sent to the Area News Group, as requested, in late July, it is apparent that approximately $85,000 was unaccounted for in the years 2003 and 2004. In a conversation and e-mail, Lang stated that she “borrowed the money.” And a promissory note signed in December 2004 remains in question as to it

being part of a bankruptcy filing and being fulfilled or dismissed. Since moving to New Hampshire six years ago, and

Has Jane Lang Mended Her Ways? In My Own Words

a bankruptcy filing, Lang has become involved with the Salem community and many civil organizations and activities. Questions are still unanswered as to how long someone’s past affects the present. Lang had continually denied the story regarding

an investigation of embezzlement, until the 39- page packet was received by the Area News Group. Candidate Lang provided the Area News Group a signed statement Wednesday morning detailing her remembrance of the events. (at left) Documents from the attorney who represents the

condominium association, which were part of the 39- page packet sent, noted that Lang repaid $32,238.02 upon the sale of the Randolph Condominium, which with the actions of the bankruptcy filing in New Hampshire in March of 2005 has raised another question. Attempts to reach the Grove Square condo association were unsuccessful. Paperwork did indicate that after bankruptcy filing in 2005, a total of $2,100 was paid to the condo association; the last recorded payment was June 14, 2007. To date, as of this publishing, the issue regarding

the outstanding signed promissory note balance of $41,957 to the condominium association has remained unresolved. The voters now need to decide for themselves if they

should send this candidate to the New Hampshire House, or if they should demand more answers.

Pelham Old Home Day Parade – Come March with Us!

submitted by Pete Bennett, Pelham Old Home Day Committee “The Pelham Old Home Day Parade is a true community event. We’ll take scout troops, sports teams, dance groups, youth groups, animals, cars, musicians, young, old—all are welcome. Merchants and businesses are also welcome to decorate a parade vehicle and join us. It’s a political year—we even like politicians!’’ states Tom Seniow, Parade Coordinator. The 2010 Old Home Day Parade steps off at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 18. The parade forms at the

Pelham Elementary School, marches east on Marsh Road, makes a left on Windham Road, turns a quick right on Main Street to go past the First Congregational Church, and disperses at St. Patrick Church. To be included in the parade or to receive specific information, contact Parade Coordinator Tom Seniow at 289- 3590 or via e-mail at

It’s impossible, said pride It’s risky, said experience It’s pointless, said reason Give it a try, whispered the heart

Recently, I was contacted to comment on an issue, which happened seven years ago and is being used to ruin my creditability. Now, l will have to address something not even my family or friends know.

My husband and I moved to Salem in December 2004 after a very rough 18 months of serious financial troubles. My husband Ted, at 61, had developed many health issues making it impossible to work and was recommended that he file for disability. Little did I know how difficult the process of filing for disability would be and the length of time it would take to be approved. Living on my single paycheck for over a year, and paying for a mortgage of $1,200 and a $300 condo fee (an assessment of fees for improvements on the condo complex), it seemed as if our path was descending to the house poor. I had been treasurer of the condo association at that time and I borrowed (I say borrowed as I had every intention of paying back in full) funds for my mortgage and condo fee. As time went on I realized what I had done was wrong and I needed to make it right. We ended up selling our condo and we paid it all back plus some.

After moving to New Hampshire, we had to file bankruptcy as we had nothing and needed to start over. Yes, I made a mistake using the condo’s money but I paid it back and moved on. I was never charged with any crime then or for that matter any time in my 62 years. I have always been a community advocate working to make life better for others. I am not a thief or a dangerous, malicious person. I meant no harm and made good on everything. Not a day goes by when I do not feel regret for my actions. No matter what my circumstances, I will never allow myself to be driven to such a low and demoralizing action ever again.

Little did I know when I signed up to run for State Representative, someone would target me with this story and discredit my ability. I have lived in Salem for six years. I have done nothing but work hard, volunteering on community projects. I decided to take on this campaign, as I feel a passion to bring the issues of Salem and Windham to Concord and act on them.

I was told if I stepped down from the campaign the article would not be printed.

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I will continue my run as State Representative and I promise my voters in Windham and Salem that I will represent them proudly in Concord. I intend to give 150 percent effort to the job they elected me to do.

Read by over 100,000 people Hudson~Litchfield News Pelham~Windham News

Signed, Jane Lang Salem

Salem Community Patriot 3x2

Delivering over 37,000 copies to homes weekly Read by over 100,000 people

Hudson~Litchfield News ~ Pelham~Windham News Salem Community Patriot


Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

“Thumbs down to the contractor/builder of the modular home on Rte 38.

I pass by that disaster

every night doing nothing with your arms folded for 2 hours.”

“Thumbs up to Band-Aids 603-890-3344 $5 OFF 419 South Broadway, Salem, NH

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daily coming from the Salem area. First thing I notice is there is still only siding on the front side of this new modular home.

Jeez how long does

it take to complete siding? Also I have failed to see anyone on the construction equipment that is all over that property (backhoe, excavator, etc.) Makes me wonder if the poor family that is waiting for this home to live in is in some kind of construction nightmare.

& Bubbles. The Band-Aids & Bubbles continue at the Pelham School board meetings. There are those that continue to focus on adding onto an aging High School building. This is nothing more than another Band-Aid that is temporary and far more costly to the tax payers. The bubbles continue on at Memorial, with classes exceeding 33 students per teacher. This is not O.K., Not O.K.

It’s unacceptable to every parent, student and teacher I myself have a modular

home similar to the one I see on this land yet mine was up and ready within 45 days. From what I can see this project started around the beginning of June !!!.

If I were you I would post the contractors

name and/ or where the house was purchased from right in your front yard for all to see. Maybe you should even call “Help me Hank” I bet she could get answers for you and your family.

I hope the

family sees this and knows this is NOT RIGHT!!! “Thumbs


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up to the Razorback JV Head Coach! You look great

that has had to suffer the Bubble class effect. Every principal, student and teacher is making do with Band-Aids, Bubbles, Brooms. The principal to manage, the student to learn, the teacher to instruct without the tools to their job. We are not in a Race to the Top. We are leaving our children behind. Education needs to be a priority. First and foremost it is our responsibility to give the students the tools they need to compete and accomplish their educational goals. We expect our children to achieve. We also should Aim High and continue to work for better education in Pelham. Not Band- Aids or Bubbles.”

“Thumbs down to the person(s) complaining of

the modular home on RT 38 in Pelham. They have been working 7 days a week to get that home up and running . Do you think they like living in a trailer? Are you afraid that when they get done it’ll look a lot nicer than your modular house?”

“Thumbs down to the person who sent in the

personal attacks against Debbie Ryan last week. You should be addressing what ever problem you think you have not attacking a person.

If you have

an issue with Debbie then speak with her like an adult. Grow up, the first amendment was not meant for you to hide behind.”

“Thumbs up to the NH Republican Party and

candidates for NH representation for taking the time to introduce yourself at the Windham town-hall and for dedicating your personal time and effort to serve and protect us and our Constitutional rights.”

“Thumbs down to

representative Tony DiFruscia for claiming to be at every house session when his voting record shows unexcused absences for 5.4% of the roll call votes in 2010.”

“Thumbs up to the memorial

school principal stating the facts, ‘we are fine is you want to make any improvements we could use a portable for a music room to open up a classroom.’ So again Miss Dube and Miss Mahoney are correct in correcting the Memorial space issue right now. And let’s still do nothing and wait forever to make the 3 amigos taj mahal dreams come true and that will be their only vote so no matter what common sense problem-solving Miss Mahoney and Miss Dube have, they will always be out-voted.”

“Thumbs down. Will we be better off with

bigger government in control? Obama recently stated in one of his speeches that by 2012, 50 million dollars will be saved by stopping fraudulent and erroneous practices such as sending checks to people who have died!!

In actuality, 50

million is but a portion of the 180 million of our tax dollars estimated to going ‘who knows where?’ Something to think about: What company or corporation would write erroneous checks and not know where its dollars were going? This is what happens, however, when in charge of someone else’s money. Bigger government in charge of our tax dollars to pay for universal healthcare? Scary...”

“Thumbs down to our

Superintendent and the School Board for not asking Principal Desrosiers back for a year -

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realize he has hidden agendas and will bully you until you see his way. You are losing the faith of the parents, students and school staff.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Pelham~Windham News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Pelham~Windham News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

which he was perfectly willing to do. 6x1.5

Delivering over 37,000 copies to homes wee Read by over 100,000 people

Hudson~Litchfield News ~ Pelham~Windham News ~ Sale Instead, you

have completely and unnecessarily disrupted 2 schools. Wake up SB members and do your job. Start questioning the Superintendent and find out his reasoning for the things he does. Don’t you

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