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Hudson - Litchfield News August 20, 2010 - 17

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down to Shepherd’s Hill for NOT

recycling…I know many people living there would LOVE to recycle. Let’s help save our Environment!!”

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? “We want to be your Mechanic”

government in charge of our tax dollars to pay for universal healthcare? Scary...”

“Thumbs up to Jack Jr.! Congratulations for making the A/B Honor Roll for all 4 quarters this year. Congratulations for being chosen as a ‘Class Act’ As Principal Lecklider puts it ‘you are recognized as a positive role model within our school exemplifying the qualities of honesty, responsibility, integrity, and respect in addition to possessing a good work ethic in the classroom.’ Wow!! We could not be prouder of you. Great Job at having such a super year. You are also to be congratulated for being the runner - up in this years Geography Bee! We Love You, Mom and Dad”

“Thumbs up to Principal Lecklider, Asst. Principal Finnegan, Mrs. Berube, Mrs. O’Blenis, Mrs. Brucker, Ms. Corbett, Mrs. Henriquez, Mrs. Deslauriers, all of the specialists, and to those 2 wonderful women up front, Mrs. Pearce, and Mrs. Hamilton.”

“Thumbs up to Troop 11. Wow, you do such a great job!! Thank you so much. JC”

“Thumbs up to Pat for having a great school year. We are so very proud of you!! and Dad”

Love Mom

“Thumbs up to the Musquash Lion – the Sox can use all the support they can get!! And you look so cute in that hat!”

“Thumbs up to State Representative Laura J. Gandia R- Hudson, Litchfield & Pelham and Litchfield Police Chief Joe O’Brien for passing HB 1267. Thank you for protecting our communities and keeping the citizens safe. Way to go!”

“Thumbs down to the ‘twitty’ old man at the grocery store. I saw you berate that kid and his mom even after they fixed what they had done to your food item, apologized profusely and he was scolded. You proceeded to call him names to his face, to his mom and then to the cashier and another person outside (yes-I was watching) What is wrong with you that you feel as though you have the right to be this mean to anyone-let alone a little kid? Is your life that rotten? I hope that for their sakes, you don’t have children or grandchildren. Your cruelty makes you the twit.”

“Thumbs up to Scott R., Bob H. & Paul B. the coaches of the Hudson Youth Baseball Tournament Travel Team. On behalf of the parents, thank-you for doing such a great job! The boys had such a great experience playing for you. Win or lose the boys left the dugout smiling. At the end of 12 games they were still wanting more. What a pleasure to watch you all coach and the boys become even better players. These boys were so fortunate to have had coaches who wanted them to grow and have fun in the process. We will all remember this as a great summer!!”

“Thumbs up to Jane, parent of

a HYB Travel Team player. The collage you created of candid shots was such a great idea and will be treasured! What a great keepsake of a fantastic summer of baseball!!”

“Thumbs up to all the parents of the HYB Travel Team. We had so much fun cheering for each other’s kids. I looked forward to game day as much as my son did. Great kids=Great parents!”

“Thumbs down to the golden

arch restaurant on Route 102 in Hudson for no longer flying the American flag. Ray Kroc would not be proud.”

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“Thumbs down to the McDonalds in Hudson on Lowell Road. I went in there this evening and ordered a meal, when I took a bite into my hamburger I found not only 1 but 2 hairs in my sandwich. And the manager was so unprofessional I will never be going there AGAIN...”

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very little tips in your jar.”

“Thumbs up to the Old Christine, from the New Christine.”

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“Thumbs down. Will we be better off with bigger government in control? Obama recently stated in one of his speeches that by 2012, 50 million dollars will be saved by stopping fraudulent and erroneous practices such as

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“Thumbs down to the man from the gray DETAILING SERVICES ANYWHERE!! With ad, expires 8/31/10

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“Thumbs down to the central A/C unit outside my living room window and ‘thumbs down’ to the home owners who run it during cool nights.”

“Thumbs down to the Fried Dough vendor at Hudson Old Home Days. I cannot believe you charged $5 for one piece and to boot, they weren’t even that big, no wonder you had

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run-down garage adjacent to the Hudson Skate Park who threatened some boys and scared them away on Friday, 8/13. You were not there and you do not know what happened. Those boys were being harassed by a younger boy and were sticking up for themselves. You had no right getting in their faces in a threatening and menacing way. This time you were reported, but next time we’ll press charges on you. My son left there in tears. Keep your temper in check and get your facts straight before you act like a lunatic in front of a bunch of young kids!”

“Thumbs up to Ed van der Veen and Tim Malley

on their August 10th appointment to the Hudson Planning Board by the Board of Selectmen!”

“Thumbs down: to all you Obama Boot Licks. I’ll tell you who cares, all of us that are concerned with our future wellbeing and that of our children and grandchildren. Yes, I agree, all you self- centered takers don’t care.”

7/26/10 5:18:05 PM

“Thumbs down to the big-haired lady in the Black Nissan SUV who speeds around the Nesenkeag area neighborhoods like a zombie. Can you please do everyone a favor and SLOW down on the residential streets before someone gets hurt!!”


“Thumbs down to the same parents who continue to complain at sporting events throughout the Town of Litchfield. Acting like a complete buffoon in a small town isn’t the best approach if you want a little advice.”

“Thumbs down to the people on Lund & Hedgerow that keep on bothering the Hudson Fire Department about us burning. Stop wasting the taxpayers dollars. WE HAVE

PERMITS get over it, we are not going to stop.”

“Thumbs down. It’s really too bad that some people twist everything to suit their own evil thoughts. No matter what the intention your president told NASA to be nice to the Muslims. What does NASA have to do with Muslims. But in your absolute stupidity you turn it around to suit your own twisted brain. As far as

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the woman doing the dishes, her husband finishes his coffee and she meets the girls at the beach while he works all day. ‘Thumbs up’ please keep writing your junk it’s great advertising, everyone will want our papers and cartoons.”

“Thumbs up to the town of Hudson. Another dilapidated shack torn down to the ground, this time at the corner of County Road and 3A. There are more like it that still need to be done but the town of Hudson is doing a good job of trying to refurbish these old dilapidated buildings and make something nice out of them. Lets keep doing it Hudson, lets try to bring more consumers more visitors and residents in by beautifying this great town we live in. And the article about 6 Charboneau Road is great, that place has been unlived in for 10 years. Lets keep trying to beautify Hudson.”

“Thumbs up to Country Brook

Farms. Their display at Old Home Days on the front porch was spectacular! It just made people happy to look at the house and want to go in. Thank you Country Brook Farms.”

“Thumbs down to Oscars

or Bust! There are so many worthwhile goals in life and this is clearly not one of them. At the very least it’s not worthy of any financial support which is what I gather they are looking for. The country is on the brink of disaster and these 2 Twinkies are lazing away in ‘la-la land.’ As the saying goes, Rome

burned while Nero fiddled. Twitter away girls- maybe you’ll get a seat in the peanut gallery.”

“Thumbs up to Rich and Maureen, Guy, Jack,

Roger, Joe, Robert, Steve, Dean, Kathy, Amy, Laura G, , John, and of course Bo for helping us install the playground. The amount of hard work completed on Thursday was amazing!”

“Thumbs up to Rebecca, Martha, Heather, Derek, and Laura A. for spending your Thursday carrying concrete, digging holes and getting dirty. Your dedication made the difference.”

“Thumbs up to Bo, Rich, Guy, Ray, Steve, Matthew, Jason, Russ, Scott, Michael, Bill, Paul, Brian D., Brian B., Eric M, Eric S, John, Corinne and Laura for helping spread the mulch. All of your help is greatly appreciated.”

“Thumbs up to Rebecca, Martha, Heather, Kim,

Hudson~Litchfield News

Betty, Laura and Jason, Derek, Mike and Tracy for joining the Playground Committee. You all put so much into it, and it paid off! Thank you for all your work.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Hudson~Litchfield News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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