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Essential Tips For Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

It is difficult for you to stick to a workout plan? Does your diet always seem to fail after just a few days? Well, you are not alone, because many people have the desire to lose weight and finally get in shape, but they find it difficult to stay motivated. If you are having trouble turning your fit- ness and nutrition dreams into a reality, here are four quick tips to help you get started. Read more on page 4.

Check out... An Exclusive Interview with

Carrie Ann Inaba of Dancing with the Stars

Carrie Ann’s

Top 6 Health Tips

By Mike Bundrant

We’ve seen her as the no-nonsense judge on ABC’s hit Dancing with the Stars. It is also inspiring to learn that Carrie Ann Inaba is very well

educated in matters related to health and well-being. Given the opportunity to speak with her, I wanted to find out what her best suggestions would be to someone seek- ing to improve his or her health.

on page 11 Brain Health

Neuro-feedback “Rewires” Attention Deficit Brains

It is easy to become disappointed or frustrated with an attention deficit child. We so often assume that the child is simply making poor choices among the avail- able alternatives. Wouldn’t it be interesting to discover that your attention deficit child actually doesn’t have the choice to stay focused? What if his or her brain is simply not wired to do so? All the lecturing, punishing, bargaining and cajoling will not change a thing. The latest thinking among researchers suggests that this is the case. Read more on page 5.

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I was delighted to learn that her advice is uncommonly good. Carrie Ann goes beyond typical tips and tricks and into a deeper realm of wisdom that lends itself to broad application. Read on and see if you agree…

HT: If you were sitting down with a friend who wanted to move into a healthier lifestyle, what would you suggest? Where do we begin?

Carrie Ann:

Suggestion #1 : Open Your Mind Everyone goes though ups and downs with their health, whether it’s with sickness or even emotional health. Life takes a toll on us. So I think the most important thing is to be open to trying various treatments. Recently, I went to biofeedback. It was amazing! Have you heard of quantum biofeedback? Quantum biofeedback is a com- puterized energetic therapy device that can help people with their health and psycho- logical issues by reducing the stressors that affect their health. It was incredible and it goes along with my beliefs.

So I think it’s smart to find healthy programs and activities that you enjoy and that you believe in – and to be open to believing in different types of experiences. I’ve always been the type of person who is open to trying new approaches. Treatment usu- ally gets positive results with me because I’m open-minded and positive about it. I think that’s half the battle in staying healthy – to have a healthy mindset about it and to be open to possibilities.

Suggestion #2 : Take a Holistic Approach The next important principle is to look at your body, spirit and your mind as whole – to take a holistic approach. A lot of people in Los Angeles, for example, work out in order to be thin. Being thin isn’t necessarily all there is to it, though. Being thin is just one aspect of health. We all should have goals of being well-rounded and healthy. We all have different body shapes and styles according to our DNA and we need to respect that and not push the limits. In addition to being thin we can ask ourselves if we’re also emotionally healthy and happy in our lives and our relation- ships. Or are we cranky, crabby and hungry all the time? That doesn’t work.

As a dancer I was always struggling to be thin. In that struggle I know my state of being wasn’t the best. I wasn’t happy.

I didn’t feel free. Everything in my life

revolved around getting to the gym to work out– and that was really sad. I didn’t get to try a lot of foods that I now enjoy. I didn’t have the balance in my body and in my life that I now have. Now I don’t struggle to be an unhealthy, though thin per- son. As I approach my 40s, I am beginning to really appreciate myself as a whole. I wish someone had taught me that earlier.

Suggestion #3 : Beauty is Within Beauty is within. I once had treatment from a therapist who was working on my muscles to elongate them. She was 40-something and had this incredible glow about her that was simply beautiful, but not the kind of beauty you see in the fashion mag- azines. She wore no makeup, but she had vitality and an inner light that made her beautiful.

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