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Veggies Help Protect Babies from Diabetes A

recent study from the Sahlgrenska Acad- emy at the University of Gothenburg, in

Sweden, reveals that expectant mothers who eat vegetables every day give birth to children who are much less likely to develop Type 1 diabetes. Analysis of blood samples from al- most 6,000 5-year-olds showed that children at risk of developing diabetes 1 have antibod- ies that attack insulin-producing cells, a risk marker that was up to twice as common in children whose mothers rarely ate vegetables during pregnancy. The university says this is the first study to show a direct link between vegetable intake during pregnancy and the risk of children then getting this disease.

GETTING ENOUGH Bs Summer is the best time to enjoy freshly harvested lettuces, peas, avo- cados, berries and greens, all good sources of the B vitamins B-6 and folate. Associated benefits include lowered risk of death from stroke and heart disease in women and possible reduced risk of heart failure in men, according to Japanese research reported in Stroke, a journal of the American Heart Association.

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oung people who listen to personal music players for several hours a day at high volume could be putting their hearing at risk, warns a study

published online in the British Medical Journal. Researchers found that devices such as MP3 players can generate levels of sound di- rected at the ear in excess of 120 decibels, similar in intensity to a jet engine, especially when used with earphones inserted into the ear canal. Use of music devices has grown faster than

health experts’ ability to assess potential health consequences such as long-term hearing loss, as well as their interference with concentra- tion and performance, especially when driving. Such findings point out that today’s ubiquitous acceptance of technology in our lives must be accompanied by vigorous efforts to understand its impacts on our health and well-being, espe- cially among youth.

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