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Vote Yes for Shamalada


ocial entrepreneur, Susie Beiler, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor

and Occupational Therapist of Spectrum Health Consulting, is creating Shamalada Healing Sanctuary and is requesting com- munity support in the effort. “If healing yourself was easy, would you do it? If restoring the planet was simple, would you participate?” asks Beiler. “Vote yes!” she exclaims.

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Spa Sunday at Wellness Works to Benefit The Birthing Center

pa Sunday, a community event to benefit The Birthing Center of

Shamalada Healing Sanctuary is the

physical culmination of Beiler’s calling to create heaven on earth by bringing peace and restoration to the planet. Through stewardship of the soil, gathering com- munity, and interactive education, Sha- malada sets the standard for sustainability in the largest sense. From renovation of the grounds, to the orchestration of activi- ties within the center and with neighbors, every effort is made to consider the global community and the earth to create a sus- tainable and eco-friendly environment. Extensive hands on educational oppor- tunities are offered to the community so that they can replicate what they learn to various extents in their own living spaces. Shamalada serves to rejuvenate the com- munity and bring back wholeness-mind, body and spirit-by incorporating all facets of healthy living. To help create Shamalada in Bucks

County, Beiler asks that you cast your vote in Shamalada’s favor between August 2 through Sept 5 by visiting BestIdeaforHu-

For more info on Shamalada, visit To cast your vote for Shamalada, visit BestIdeaforHumanity. com. See Beiler’s ad on page 29.

6 BuxMont Edition

Doylestown Hospital, will be hosted at WellnessWorks in Chalfont on Sunday, September 19, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The purpose of this event, according to its organizer, Patrica BlessingCMT,RMT, “is to bring awareness of the advancement and availability of a breast milk bank in the neonatal unit, as well as to provide state of the art equipment for the newest members of our community.” Specifically, donations from Spa Sunday’s spa and wellness services will go towards items such as a breast milk bank freezer and a Glide Scope (life saving equipment used to intubate newborn infants).The services at the event will include full body and chair massage, facials, Shiatsu, acupunc- ture, and hand and foot treatments. In 2007, Patricia Blessing’s first childwas born prematurely at Doylestown Hospi- tal. According to Blessing, the neonatal unit at the hospital provided excellent care for her daughter. However, due to the stress of premature delivery, Blessing’s body was unable to produce enough breast milk to sustain her daughter’s every two hour feeding schedule. This

On Sunday, August 1from 5 to 9 p.m., Rita’sWater Ice of Perkasie will be host- ing the sixth annual “Dog Days of Sum- mer” event to benefit Perkasie Dog Owners Group, Inc. The event will be co-sponsored by Rockhill Veterinary Associates and a por- tion of the proceeds will go toward the construction of a dog park in Perkasie’s Kulp Park. There will be games, contests, prizes, a magician performance, disc jockey and free doggie sundaes available for all leashed dogs. Dogs and their

experience was a catalyst for Blessing’s company, Balance & Harmony L.L.C, to offer assistance in providing the hospital funding to make breast milk more read- ily available to newborn infants in need. So, in 2009, Balance & Harmony L.L.C. donated funds to help maintain breast milk availability in the neonatal unit of Doylestown Hospital. These funds al- lowed mothers of newborns the oppor- tunity to provide their infants’ immune systems with natural nutritional strength in the form of breast milk from the breast milk bank. Proceeds from Spa Sunday to The Birthing Center is a continuation of this supportive effort. Cost: Treatments by appointment priced at $125/3 spa services, $55/Shiatsu ses- sion; gift raffles at $25/5 chances. Loca- tion: Balance & Harmony L.L.C (located insideWellnessWorks) 500 Horizon Drive, Suite 503, Chalfont.

For more info, call B.J. at Doylestown Hospi tal at 215-345-2141, visi t, or call Wellness Works at 484-489-1700. See ad on page 29.

Perkasie Dog Days of Summer people are welcome.

Location: Perkasie Square Shopping Center, 505 Constitution Ave. , Perkasie. For more info, contact Perkas ieDogPark@

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