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Online Guidance Great Websites for Any Age

Googling Yahoo’s “Yahooligans for kids,” and the Association for Library Service to Children’s “2010 notable children’s books” pulls up wonderful websites, as does visiting, for its listen-along children’s stories that build values, but how do families always know which Internet resources to trust? Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s safe, where the hidden treasures are and what’s a waste of time. The American Library Association has published How to Tell if You Are Looking at a Great Web Site to help. Great sites share meaningful and useful content that educates, informs or

entertains in a way that is appropriate to their stated purpose; they both enrich the user’s experience and expand the imagination. The best sites have personal- ity and strength of character, are easy to use, and will not require the user to pay a fee or type in personal information in order to use them. It’s important that the primary website and any linked site clearly note its sponsors and authors, who will both invite and respond to guest comments and suggestions. A great site will not knowingly violate copyright or other laws, and will not list, link to or recommend resources that do.

For details visit

Humane Youth Compassion for Animals

Aids Diet Changes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimates that one in 200 children is a prac- ticing vegetarian, according to the parents polled. also reports that earlier surveys sug-

gest the rate of vegetarianism among older teens could be four to six times that of younger children, because teens have more control over what they eat. Animal welfare, rather than health, is cited most often as to why kids stop eating meat.

Transcontinental Run National Campaign Introduces Naturopathy to America

Doctors, medical students, patients and other advocates of naturopathic medicine from 50 states are planning a public education campaign that will take to the streets July 17, 2011, for a 3,250-mile run from San Francisco to Bridgeport, Con- necticut, by way ofWashington, D.C., and NewYork City. Former transcontinental runner and founder of the R.U.N., Dr. Dennis Godby, intends that the four-month-long event will familiarize citizens with natural medicine and move them to demand


to and state licensing of doctors of natural medicine.

For event details visit

Sun Smart Sunscreens Still Fall

Short on Safety

The nonprofit Environmental Working Group has reported some success in its campaign to improve sunscreens. As of last year, 70 percent of sunscreens contained strong UVA filters, compared with 29 percent the year before, and 19 percent fewer sunscreens contained oxybenzone, which government data has linked to hormone disruption. Still, EWG scientists can rec-

ommend only 39 of 500 beach and sport sunscreens on the market this summer. That’s just 8 percent that earn a green light both for protect- ing skin against sun damage and excluding hazardous chemicals in favor of UV-blocking minerals, with zinc a better choice than titanium. A new problem is that one in

six sunscreens promotes exagger- ated SPF claims of greater than 50, which may give a false sense of protection and encourage overex- posure to direct sunlight. Another is the presence of a vitamin A com- pound named retinyl palmitate, found in 41 percent of sunscreens and linked to skin tumors and lesions in government research. “Many sunscreens available in

the United States may be the equiv- alent of modern-day snake oil,” concludes Jane Houlihan, EWG’s senior vice president for research. EWG continues to recommend that people resort to hats, clothing and shade for primary protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Look up ratings for sunscreens, moisturizers and lip balms at ewg. org/2010sunscreen.

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