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Gulf Aid Text-Message Giving Helps Rescue Oil-Soaked Wildlife

In a recent Cone marketing agency survey, 19 per- cent of Americans said that they would rather text a donation to a nonprofit than make a donation in any other way, and the method is particularly popular among youth. It’s a fundraising tool now on the radar of every major U.S. charity, according to Christian Zimmern, co-founder of the nonprofit Mobile Giving Foundation (MGF). Zimmern notes that “we have 260 million

cell phones in the United States,” while The New York Times reports that almost 90 percent of U.S. households now have a cell phone. He points out that this means that givers need not be a member of any online pay system, nor use a credit card; “You just need your phone.” MGF first qualifies charities, then facilitates a coordinated link with telecommunications carriers. The latest pressing cause to benefit from text-message giving are rescue op-

erations for 400 species of wildlife from the life-threatening effects of the Deep- water Horizon oil spill. Birds, fish, reptiles and marine mammals urgently need help. The NationalWildlife Federation ( is asking cell phone users to text “Wildlife” to 20222 to donate $10 to try to save the animals.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor. Details at Help/Mobile-Giving.aspx.

Teachers’ Aid Good Samaritans Boost the Quality of Classroom Teaching

Despite billions of federal stimulus dollars allocated for qualify- ing schools this year, tens of thousands of teachers are flocking to online charities like, DonorsChoose. com, and for help in securing essential classroom tools and supplies. Needed items range widely, from books and calculators to paper, pencils and microscope slides. In many districts, school budgets cannot cover the cost of all the classroom supplies needed, so a teacher will pay several hundred dollars a year from his or her own pocket to keep the classroom equipped. Given today’s pay freezes, job insecurity and school program cuts, individual donors are stepping up to widen the circle of support and fill a local teacher’s

specified wish list, reports Judy McClellan, spokesperson for another teacher help site, Dona- tions of extra office equipment and household art materials are also welcome.

10 BuxMont Edition

25th Anniversary International Youth Day is August 12

This year United Nations Inter- national Year of Youth activi- ties will focus on dialogue and mutual understanding in order to advance the full and effec- tive participation of youth in

all aspects of society. Info:

Infant Morality Psychologists Find Babies Know Right from Wrong

New research counters the pre- vailing theory that babies arrive in this world as a blank slate. Research using mini puppet plays at Yale University’s Infant Cognition Center in Connecticut shows that infants between six and 10 months old can consis- tently differentiate between helpful and unhelpful behaviors, indicating that humans are born with innate moral judgment. “Some sense of good and evil seems to be bred in the bone,” says Paul Bloom, a professor of psychology who led the study.

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