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white traders, whom they married—Elizabeth to Andrew Johnson and Mary to a man named Surhaver. When the Indians attacked the family in the cabin, Sarah hid under the root of a tree. After they left she made her way to friends. Her arm was permanently crippled. She married Joseph Friend, of Friendsville. Joseph and Sarah Friend deeded one hundred aces of Green property to Moses Royse in 1796.169

The story from a different perspective, and in some points in contrast, and with additional facts, is told:

Overshadowing all else in excitement during the year 1788 was the Indian raid occurring near Kingwood. In the course of this raid, John Green and his family were the innocent victims of another settler’s deeds. To the west of Morgan’s Run in Monongalia County, Virginia, flowed a second stream called Green’s Run, where, near the overlooking bluff, John Green had built his cabin. (In after years when a little girl named Lillian Byrne Morris played around it, a deserted log structure near the ford on Cheat River, she called it ‘the Faery House.’ Its site was part of 400 acres John had patented in 1783. In the attack, six Mingos led by a Shawnee ... attack(ed) ... in retribution for an old ignominy ... In 1779, David Morgan, whose home was on the Run paralleling Green’s Run, had killed two Indians, flayed them and had their skins tanned and made into shot pouches and saddle seats ... he also presented pieces of skin to his friends as trophies. When they came, the Indians mistook Green’s Run for Morgan’s Run. When they arrived at the Green cabin, all the family were inside, except 11 year old Sarah [or Sally], who had gone out to the spring for water. A Daniel Lewis had been nearby splitting rails, and (for) protection had John Green’s gun. The Indians first slew Mr. Lewis, they then fired at Sally for they saw her leave the house. They wounded her in the hand or wrist. She fell and threw her bloody hand over her face. While the Indians concentrated on the cabin she crawled into a depression, under a ‘clay root’ where a tree had blown down, and surrounded by laurel and brush, there concealed herself. It is told how John stood at the door of his house with an axe in his hands which he wielded mightily against the Indians, but they overpowered him and killed him. The Indians, aware their situation in the settler’s country was precarious, knew they must hasten, so while they would take Mrs. Green and the two older daughters as prisoners to their western villages [Ohio country], the baby, who would hamper their speed, should be slain. Scot Friend, her descendant said, ‘The hardest thing grandmother had to go through with was losing her babe. Old chief told the men to take her and run off with her. A big Indian stepped up and took the babe. She looked back just in time to see the Indian take the baby by the heels and knock its head against the house. When Sarah dared to come out, she saw her baby brother dead, brained against the cabin’s chimney. Her father was where he had fallen in his lost battle, and out in the field was the lifeless body of Mr. Lewis ... Sally wrapped her buckskin strings of her linen bonnet around her wounded arm and made her way to Butler’s Fort.

169W. Scott Friend, “The Story of Sarah Green,” as published in “Friend Family Statistics,” by Lt. Col.. Lester D. Friend (1969), p.46.

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