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names). Would Ezekiel and William have served and not their brother John? Also this listing shows that James Spurgeon served with the brothers, Archibald and Thomas Casteel. Thomas Casteel’s son, Jeremiah married James Spurgeon’s daughter Lina, sister of Jonathan Spurgeon. This would seem to say that perhaps the James mentioned is not James Jr., brother of John, but James the son of John, for this would make Thomas Casteel and James Spurgeon the same generation if his son married James’ daughter. Confused yet? Ezekiel, William, and Samuel (John’s brothers) all married Robinett sisters - this listing also shows they served with an Elijah Rabinet (sic), a brother to the others. George Robinette had his will submitted for administration 20 August 1797 and was finally proved 1 May 1803. In part, is mentioned, “Wife, Catherine Robinette; sons, Elijah, Ezekiel, Nathan; daughters, Priscilla, wife of William Spegon, Rebecca, wife of Samuel Spegon, Ann, wife of Moses Robinett, Katherine, wife of Ezekiel Spurgeon (mention is also made of residence at Murley’s Branch).”166

Has anything been proved? Perhaps

not yet. However, this shows that the family was very much in evidence in this area of Bedford County, Pennsylvania at this time of ca. 1780-83.

remarried to Mary Green.167

John Spurgeon’s (son of the immigrant James) first wife Mary died and he eventually Her first husband was John Green by whom she had 3 daughters and

a son. Indians killed this John Green in 1788 on the run near the Cheat River in (West) Virginia. The son was also killed, the two daughters were kidnapped, and a daughter, Sally, escaped during the Indian raid. At the time he was killed John Green was preparing to build a mill on Green’s Run which was named after him.168

The two daughters were eventually rescued and mar-

ried traders. The Cheat River was so called because the early settlers and traders in crossing it found it to be deceptively peaceful but which produced many tragic experiences due to its treacherous currents. The story of the killing of Green, the last incident of an Indian war party to cross into the County, is an interesting one. This John Green had built a cabin to the west of Morgan’s Run in Monongalia County, (West) Virginia, near an overlooking bluff near a second stream called Green’s Run. This land was part of 400 acres he had patented in 1783. W. Scott Friend, a grandson of Sarah Green, who was abducted in the Indian raid is tells the story:

John Green was an early settler on Cheat River in Western Virginia, where he patented a tract of land in 1783. In the spring of 1788 hostile Indians attacked the Green settlement. They shot Sarah, a half-grown daughter, in the arm. She fell and the red men attacked the family in the cabin. There was a fight, but the father was taken outside and tomahawked. The mother, with a baby in her arms, and two girls, were made captives. As they marched westward, the baby cried so much the savages became annoyed. Two men led the mother ahead while another took the baby. When she turned to look she saw the Indian beat out his brains against a sapling. Mrs. Mary Green was kept a prisoner for four years. There were several prisoners at the Indian camp when a feast was held. One of the prisoners gave their guard a bottle of whiskey. While he slept they escaped. They traveled four days to the settlement with only some turkey eggs to suck. Mrs. Green married a Spurgeon. The girls remained with the Indians [until] they were ransomed by two

166“Allegany County, Maryland Records 1787-1825,” (1964), Cresap Chapter, DAR, as found in DAR Library, Washington D.C., p. 58. 167Identity of Mary Green as probable second wife of John Spurgeon as found by my cousin Mrs. Barbara Ahart in “Monongalia County, West Virginia Court Records,” Drawer 43, Envelope 118B, dated Aug 1801, FHL #207,159. 168“The Monongalia Story,” op. cit., p. 329.

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