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with John’s occupation the same in the entries for James and William: Tobacconist; no occupation is listed in Elizabeth’s entry.18

the occupation off because he ran out of room. I checked the entries for burials between 1694 and 1766 for St. Dunstan’s parish and could not find a single entry for a Spurgeon.19

It appears the scribe came to the end of the line and decided to leave This would

indicate that if one of them had died young, they were not buried in this parish and gives further evidence that they indeed immigrated to America. I have not been able to locate a marriage for their parents John and Elizabeth Spurgeon. In the listing of marriages from 1640 to 1696 in The Marriage Registers of St. Dunstan’s, Stepney, in the County of Middlesex, there is not one male Spurgeon shown being married.20

register books for St. Dunstan’s from 1692-1698 and could not find mention of one Spurgeon being married in that time period there.21

I further checked almost 1500 entries of marriages in the original Neither does an entry for such a marriage occur in the

International Genealogical Index for St. Dunstan’s. Of course, they may have been married in another parish, perhaps, as it was the custom, in his wife’s. While there is no hard evidence to say these references are to our Spurgeon ancestors, after much thought and research, I believe by the preponderance of evidence that they are.

In the IGI there have been two notations some have felt could be the marriage between

John Spurgeon and his wife Elizabeth, the parents of James, Elizabeth, and William. One entry lists: Johannes Spurgin married to Elizabethem Hostler, 26 May 1692, Glemsford, Suffolk, England. The other entry notes: John Spurgin married to Elisabeth Ostler, 26 May 1692, All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk, England. Obviously, the two notations refer to the same marriage event. I looked up at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in a locality search the parish records for Suffolk and found the All Saints parish marriage records as well as for the Glemsford parish church records.22

In viewing the records for the parish church of Glemsford, I could not find an

entry for this marriage though it had entries from 1551-1717. The parish records for All Saints had severe gaps in them and only included marriages from 1564-1690 and 1696-1786. Thus the parish register did not have the above entry. The Bishop’s Transcripts filmed were not original entries but a transcript of the records. This transcription did list John Spurgin and Elizabeth Ostler. This means, therefore, that a John Spurgin married an Elizabeth Ostler at All Saints but this is still only a transcription. It would be of interest to see if an occupation was listed to this John Spurgeon to see if it matched the John Spurgeon of Stepney. I could not find anything that indicated the existence of the original register having been filmed (which it may not have been). Glemsford and Sudbury, though both in Suffolk, are not close enough to be confused with one another so why the IGI has the notation for Glemsford in unknown. At this time, there is no way to link this John and Elizabeth Spurgeon as the parents of our James and William Spurgeon who were transported to America. While possible, there is no other evidence (will, probate, death duty record, etc.) at this time to make such a link except the same names which is not enough.

18 I investigated the Rate Books for London, held in the Guildhall Library. They do not, however, include material as early as needed for John Spurgeon, Tobacconist. Though there are rate records from 1692 for portions of Stepney, they only include land rates for property that lists the owner not those who rented the property. It is, therefore, highly unlikely that are records to show John Spurgeon as having a Tobacconist Shop in the area of Coverly Fields. As well, no directories of businesses exist for this period or location. 19“St. Dunstan, Stepney Parish Burial Records 1700-1766,” FHL# 396,190. 20Thomas Colyer-Fergusson, “The Marriage Registers of St. Dunstan’s, Stepney, in the County of Middlesex, 1640- 1696,” Vol. II,

(Canterbury, 1899), Cross & Jackman, Printers. Only 100 copies privately printed.

21St. Dunstan, Stepney Parish Church Records, Marriages” FHL# 596,921. 22 All Saints: FHL#952,200-1; Bishop’s Transcripts FHL# 991,993.6; Glemsford: FHL# 950,452-4.

© 1993 Spurgeon Family History by Dr. Gary Alan Dickey, 1546 Devonshire Avenue, Westlake Village, CA 91361 • p. 12

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