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Create Summer Memories with Walking and Hiking


s it August already? Where did the summer go? If the first day of school was this week, what would the answer be to that age-old question, “What did you do this summer?”

Hikers and walkers who have taken to the trails in past months have many stories to tell. There was the Rogue River trail, where weather and wildflowers were wondrous. This annual trek is a classic, and it is not too soon to get on the list for 2011. Then there were the wildflower and vista hikes of Dalles Mountain Ranch, Catherine Creek, Mount Adams, Silver Star and Iron Mountain, to name a few. Stories from city walks included works of art, both natural and artist-created; foun- tains, stairs, trees, history, architecture and, of course, food. Fortunately, summer is not yet over, and hikers need not despair that all the good stuff has passed. Great outings are scheduled through summer and well into autumn to take advantage of great weather yet to come.

August starts out with the Brew Pub

Walk, offering a great reason to stroll the city on a summer evening. Later in the month, head to Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center to explore the old growth forest

It’s not too late to join fellow walkers and hikers on summer adventures.

there. Take a hike at the coast. Head to the east side of Mount Hood for a hike to the highest point on the Timberline trail. Explore trails at Mount St. Helens and many favorite peaks in the Central Oregon Cascades. Discover the MAC Trail in Washington Park with treats under the trees. Enjoy a leaf shuffle in the Arboretum when autumn colors appear and leaves drop onto the trail.

There are at least two outings every week. The Walking & Hiking Committee

works hard to offer something for everyone. Check out The Journey, the newsletter and schedule for events and outings, on the Walking & Hiking home page at The Journey is published monthly and mailed to those who request this service.

There is a lot of summer left in 2010 to ensure there are stories to share with those who ask, “What did you do this summer?” WM

Integrative Fitness Provides Foot Clinic, Wellness Program

he goal of the Integrative Fitness program is to provide health education, activities and personal training in mind/ body health for members of all ages and fitness levels. Integrative Fitness also provides information on classes, activi- ties and personal training for special populations, i.e. physically limited, seniors, post-rehabilitation and chronic disease impaired. For more information, contact Integrative Fitness Coordinator Matt Mastrantuono at 503-517-7539 or mmastrantuono@themac. com.

T Foot Clinic

The Foot Clinic provides members with specialized attention and care to promote healthy feet. Registered Nurse Elaine Borgelt’s services include a foot evaluation, soaking, cleaning, nail trimming, buffing of corns and calluses and a massage. The Foot Clinic is great for members who are looking to address existing foot condi- tions or for those who just want to treat themselves to an enjoyable half hour of foot care. The Foot Clinic is held on the first and third Wednesday and second and fourth Friday of every month.

46 | The Wınged M | AUGUST 2010 To make an appointment, contact the Integrative Fitness coor-

dinator. Cardiac Rehab Program expands

Integrative Fitness is excited to announce the Cardiac Rehab Program has expanded. For the first time in nearly a decade, the program is taking on new members. The Cardiac and Pulmonary Wellness Program is a medi- cally supervised conditioning and maintenance program. It offers exercise classes to build strength, endurance and confidence to individuals with documented heart disease, or those at risk for development. The classes are supervised and monitored by a certi- fied cardiac rehabilitation team consisting of registered nurses, exercise physiologists and other highly qualified, certified trainers. The class is held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2:30 p.m. The cost is $70 per month.

For more information, contact the Integrative Fitness coordi- nator. WM

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