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Learn to Climb with the Pilates Method

caling sheer rock faces with nothing but a good grip, a length of rope and a lot of determination isn’t for everyone; however, those who do crave the feel of the stone on their fingers and fire in their muscles are in luck. MAC has an expanded indoor rock wall,


top-of-the-line gear and fantastic instructors to help members use it correctly. MAC is also proud to offer a climbers’ Pilates course designed to strengthen participants’ cores, increase their endurance and help them conquer their next climb. Rock climbing is a demanding, full-body experience. A good climber needs to be strong, agile, focused and possessing enough endurance to think strategically in a constant struggle against gravity. The Pilates method enhances each of these characteristics, requiring of a practitioner the strength and flexibility to move through a wide variety of full-body exercises with the muscular control to fight fatigue and distraction. The two are a natural pairing. The class revolves around two principles.

The first is that strength comes from the relationships between muscles. Connecting muscles into groups and groups to each other is the safest, most effective way to develop muscular efficiency, joint longevity and overall power. The second principle is that climbing is a

flow. When on the wall, a climber is engaged from start to finish. Each reach, step and pull needs to flow out of the last. Maintaining stability under pressure is about managing that flow and learning how to guide move- ments with strength instead of tension. This circuit-style course is held in the

expanded and remodeled Pilates Studio. Space is limited to 10 participants. The class meets twice weekly for six weeks, from Sept 13 through Oct. 20. The fee is $24 per class session for a total of 12 sessions for $288. Members are billed after the first week of class for the entire six-week session. Some Pilates experience is suggested.

Those who are unsure if the class is right for them, or who wish to schedule a few private sessions to bring themselves up to speed

Understand the Fundamentals of Pilates B

ased on the popularity of MAC’s Pilates mat classes, it might be a good idea to address the question, “How do I get the most from my mat class?” Looking at the fundamentals is a great way to examine the principals set by Joseph Pilates.


Because mat exercises are based on resistance from body weight and gravity, it is important to maintain control from the beginning to the end of each exercise. Control keeps the body safe during movement and transition to the next exercise. The desired result is that muscles are trained to maintain a strong and lengthened state. As this goes on, smaller muscles help the longer ones, working together to help balance and coordination.


Controlling the breath during Pilates exercises is important for a flowing movement and for one’s health. Using deep breaths, exhaling during the difficult part of the exercise is the best way to remember when to breathe.

Flow of movement

This encourages flexibility in joints and muscles, leading the body to lengthen and move in rhythm.

42 | The Wınged M | AUGUST 2010 Precision

The most important fundamental to remember is that each movement should be precise in positioning. This helps members get the most from their workout and protect their body from injury.


Pulling deep abdominal muscles toward the spine is key to establishing stability while finding the body’s center. When the center is working, practitioners can move with control and preci- sion.


The core must be activated during exercises to prevent move- ment through the spine. Now the arms and legs can move to enhance a stable surface so the body can move freely. Listening carefully to MAC’s trained professional instructors and asking questions of them makes each class a Pilates victory. For more information on MAC Pilates, call 503-223-6251, ext. 550 or go to

–Janice Dolan WM

Kevin Moore leads a six-week Pilates class for rock climbers.

on the Pilates method and equipment, may contact Pilates Coordinator Joanna Pivo at For more information about the MAC

Rock Wall, contact Outdoor Department Manager Chad Failla at –Kevin C. Moore WM

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