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or the 30 years we’ve known Bud, he’s always been a gentleman. With his gregarious nature, ebullient person- ality, big smile, and ready hug, he puts everyone at ease, and always seems to be in conversation with someone, often passing on a pearl or speaking glowingly of his wife. His larger-than-life size and personality are only matched


by his athletic accomplishments and his heart. He really likes people, and they like him. He’s everyone’s friend. He’s aptly named – he’s their Bud.


have had the pleasure of knowing Bud Lewis for over 30 years when he fi rst encouraged me to participate in the

MAC Decathlon in 1980. Bud’s contribution to his fellow members and to the club itself is unmatched. Admiration is but one of the few feelings I have for the man that I can only aspire to be like. Bud asks for nothing but gives everything. His friendship means the world to me and my life certainly would not have been the same without knowing him. All of us who know Bud would say he has provided fulfi llment and enrichment to our lives.


friends. Then there are those whose character is like no other, by just being they change our lives and become icons to whom we look up. Bud Lewis is such a person. If you have not met Bud you should … your life will be


better. And if you meet Bud at MAC be prepared to be intro- duced to every person that passes by, because Bud knows them too. Bud will welcome you with a grin that consumes his entire face, extend his enormous hand, and make you feel like the most important person in his life. Of course, he does this with everyone he sees. Bud knows that life is better if you realize it’s a matter of

perspective. Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Bud thinks things are good. — TERRY SHANLEY


ud Lewis is the most welcoming person MAC has known. When Bud speaks to you, the result is you feel you’ve

known him for years and you know that what you are speaking about is sincerely heard. Bud Lewis exemplifi es sportsmanship, sincerity and the

ultimate in the MAC role model. I would call him the mayor and ambassador of MAC.


ud is one of the most positive people I have met; always complimenting and encouraging people in whatever sport

they participate in. Through his genuine accolades he has helped members accomplish signifi cant goals. It wasn’t long after I became a member, I heard his booming

voice in the weight room, cheering on a Decathlon contestant. It was inspiring to watch the camaraderie and effort the group was portraying and it inspired me to give the Decathlon a try. I am sure many people decided to do the Decathlon because of Bud.

Bud has devoted many hours to committees at MAC,

including the Board of Trustees. But it has been his time spent on sport committees that have made the most impact. He is the consummate promoter, whether it is for a sport at MAC or the annual blood drive. When Bud is on a committee, things happen.

— LISA YOST Celebrate the 90th birthday of Bud Lewis,

who has been casually referred to as the mayor of MAC, and express appreciation for Lewis’ 32-plus years of member service to the club.

Lewis has served on more than 50 MAC committees,

served on the club’s Board of Trustees as secretary in 1993, and is the recipient of every award (except the Mel Fox Award) given by MAC to its senior members.

All members are invited to help the club celebrate.

For those members who are unable to attend but still want Lewis to know the impact he has made on their lives, the following weblink has been set up for use by those well wishers:

s we travel through life we meet thousands of people. Most are forgotten, some are more memorable and some become

Bud Lewis’ 90th Birthday Party

Sunday, Aug. 8 from 2-4 p.m. Multnomah Athletic Club Grand Ballroom

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