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Out & About Letʼs see whoʼs out this week B8

Debbie Norrell

Lifestyles Report

Almost free

Sometimes the story that

is too good to be true is true.Have you heard about Maybe you’ve seen it ride

by with the big sign that says $1.Yes, you can actu- ally go somewhere fun for $1. The bus goes to New

York, Philadelphia,Harris- burg and State College.All seats are not $1.Your price is determined by the time you make your reservation. I was fortunate to get a seat for $10 each way to the Big Apple. I won’t have to worry

about driving, gas, tolls or parking. The stop in New York is right at Penn Sta- tion. The bus is a double- decker and it looks com- fortable. You can only bring one standard size suitcase (it cannot weigh more than 50 pounds) to stow under the bus and one small carryon (I would think like a large purse). Seats are not pre-as-

signed and your seat is on a first come first served basis. Now my challenge is to

find a great hotel for a dis- count rate. I‘m pretty picky about where I lay my head so since I got a discount on the transportation I may have to spend a little more on the hotel. While on Facebook re-

cently I spotted a free meal at Outback Steak House. Free food always tastes so good. It appears the res- taurant is introducing a new entrée and they are inviting people to come and taste it. I answered the questions

and a free coupon was sent to me via e-mail.Now that I have the coupon in my hands I see that you have to buy one entrée and get one free. This is still a good deal. The meal looks deli- cious; it is their new Honey Dijon Chicken with a side of sweet potato fries. I’m sure I’ll add a side salad just to keep it healthy. When you see good offers

or what appears to be a good offer make sure you read the fine print. Often there are conditions like spend $75 to get $15 off. If you weren’t planning

on buying anything you would really be better off staying at home and hold- ing on to your $60. Kohl’s has a deal where

you spend $50 and they send you a coupon for $10. You have to be smart on how you use that $10. If you are savvy you can shop the 80 percent off rack and come out ahead. Or pick up a couple of pair of panty hose and only spend a few dollars. Remember the purpose of

the coupon is to bring you and your wallet to the store and to separate you from your money, so make this work in your favor. This has nothing to do

with anything free but Frankie, as in Keyshia Cole’s mamma, is going on “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew. I just had to tell somebody since we don’t have a radio station and I figured it would be a while before you found out. The show is going to

come on later in the year. The story I read says they aren’t sure about Frankie’s addiction but it could be crack, alcohol or weed. Pick one. Wow, Frankie has turned

into a reality star.Who knew? Just in case you forgot, I

WANT A RADIO STATION. (E-mail the columnist at deb-

DEMEATRIA AND SHIRLEY GIBSON MUSIC MEN—Sean Jones and Alton Merrill. A MILESTONE BIRTHDAY—Demeatria Gibson Boccella. A GREAT CELEBRATION—J.G. Boccella and Demeatria.

Let them eat cake

LIFESTYLES New Pittsburgh Courier

Jerusalem Baptist 109th

JULY 28-AUGUST 3, 2010

Anniversary B2


PHOTOS BY DEBBIE NORRELL LET’S BLOW OUT THESE CANDLES—Demeatria with daughter, Adia Boccella, right, and niece.

by Debbie Norrell Courier Staff Writer

Birthday’s are for cele-

brating and on June 4 at the AugustWilson Center all the beautiful people came out to cele- brate the birthday of Demeatria Gibson Boc- cella. The creator of Fashion

Africana knows how to throw a fashion show and a party. Guests mixed and mingled above Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District and listened to the music of some of Pittsburgh’s premier musicians.AltonMer- rill, Sean Jones and Roger Humphries were on board with perfect party music.After a slight roasting of the lovely and beautiful “Mechy” (Demeatria), the guest of honor paid tribute to some of the special people in her life with lush bouquets of flowers. First was the woman

who taught her how to stomp a runway, the beautiful Yvette Flax- man who has modeled for decades in and around the Pittsburgh region.And then flowers for the lady who gave her the courage to pur- sue her dreams, her mother, Shirley Gibson. Her husband, J.G. Boc-

MODEL AND MENTOR—Yvette Flaxman.

cella, talked about the first time he met his wife and how excited he was that she called him “beautiful” then he found out that she calls everyone beautiful and lovely.After the tributes it was time to eat the fabulous cake and cook- ies. By this time Demea- tria had changed into her second ensemble of the evening, a gorgeous Armani suit with jew- eled gloves. She gath- ered everyone together to witness the evening’s entertainment, a beauti-


ful belly dancer (Asali Locke) took center stage and mes- merized the crowd. Nate the Phat in his deejay

capacity picked up where the dancer left off and the cele- bration continued into the night. Spotted at the celebra- tion: Renee Aldrich, LaMont Jones Jr., Kim El, Reese Randall, Robin Greer, Olga George, Beverly Portis, Tracy Edmunds, Janice Burley Wilson, Sage Berlin, Darnell McLaurin and John and Gerry Boccella.

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