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Salem Community Patriot July 23, 2010 - 5

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the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights for all of us today that make up this great nation. After much sacrifice in many wars and the threat of communism past, our county is being threatened again. Consider what has happened since President Obama and his administration was elected. Americans are deep in debt to Communist China and totalitarian Saudi Arabia—over $14 trillion. This President has indebted every American in a promise of medical care that, in the long run, could help bankrupt the country in tax debt, and surely have millions of people completely dependent on government support. The Financial Reform Act may turn out to be the biggest giveaway yet. These are all big socialist pro-communist programs that will lead to loss of freedoms. All these programs need to be reviewed and changed in the near future to be acceptable to free Americans.

Our freedom of speech is now being threatened in Washington. By Democratic Congressmen, sponsored bills that will limit free speech by newspapers and talk- show hosts by raising the requirements of conservative groups (that question the government motives) and giving a free pass to the liberal press (who will allow the federal government to loan them money). The payback is a form of federal control over the contents that they will either say or print (favoring socialistic views). Federal control of the free press is very dangerous. That can lead to King Obama to declare martial law and a complete nationalization of all goods, services, military, and Obama’s

14 Czars controlling programs in the name of a necessary emergency like King George tried. It is something most free Americans did not vote for and a change we need to fight against by speaking out and voting them out of office.

Ed Brooks - Salem Attorneys,

Millionaires, and Me

Are you fed up with the people who represent us in Washington? Are you fed up with the people who follow the party line and vote away our freedoms? Are you wondering who these people are that are leading this country down the wrong path? Do attorneys and millionaires come to


As of November 2009, there were 157 attorneys (36 percent) in the House and 54 in the Senate; there were 237 millionaires (54 percent) in the House and 40 in the Senate. Thomas Jefferson said, “If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?“ Are we going to be part of the solution or part of the problem? We complain all the time that: the people in Washington don’t listen to us, do what they want and forget about us, the ones who sent them there; that there’s never anyone in Washington that “really

represents us,” that we always get the raw end of the deal! Ever wonder how they got there? We vote for them time and time again!

Do we want more attorneys or millionaires in Washington leading us down the road to who knows where? I say no! Now is the time to stand up for ourselves, shake off the status quo, and bring common sense back to our country! There is one candidate who is neither an attorney nor a millionaire, and who considers you family, friend, and neighbor. One who knows the pain of losing a job, paying the bills, and just making ends meet. That one candidate is me, Dennis Lamare. I don’t have all the answers to the problems facing this world, but I do have life experiences and common sense to take on the issues. I never take for granted the things that matter most to us: freedom, life, and the American Dream! I will always look to the Constitution to make my decisions to do what is right for America, good for New Hampshire, and keep the trust that you put in me as your Senator. This election, let’s finally do the right thing for ourselves and for New Hampshire! The right thing is when you cast your vote, vote as if your future depends on it ... because it does! Vote “For Me,” not me, Dennis, per se, but say to yourself, “this vote is for me!” Then, your vote for me, Dennis, will be the solution in Washington against the attorneys and millionaires that are the problem.

Dennis Lamare, Candidate for U.S. Senate - Lee

submitted by Granite United Way The merger of four United Ways in New Hampshire is complete. The former United Ways, known as Heritage United Way, United Way of Merrimack County, Upper Valley United Way, and the North Country United Way, are officially merged, and the new entity is now called Granite United Way. The merger was completed July 1. This new organization will serve over half a million residents in New Hampshire and Vermont, and covers nearly 40 percent of the state’s geographic territory.

History Begins for a New United Way United Ways in New Hampshire

Unifying the already closely integrated organizations was a logical step in creating various efficiencies that will improve program offerings and maximize donor dollars in each community. In addition, each region will have the added resource of utilizing one another to further develop strategic fundraising campaigns and initiatives, all with the ultimate goal of creating lasting change and having a significant, positive impact on the community. The economy has taken its toll on

many important programs and services. Requests for services during the period January through June 2010 compared to this same period in 2009, according to 2-1-1 NH, is up approximately 25 percent, and more and more services are continuing to be cut. The Department of Health and Human Services recently had their budget significantly reduced in June, further impacting not-for-profit organizations who then turn to local United Ways for support. Considering the challenges not-for- profits are facing, this merger is extremely timely. “Reductions in funding, decreased endowments, and an increased need for services are all stressing our not-for- profit safety net. As an organization in a leadership role, United Way recognizes that we need to change our existing structure in order to increase our impact. By coming together, we can build upon our individual strengths to best address the needs of our communities,” said Patrick Tufts, former President and CEO of Heritage United Way and current President and CEO of Granite United Way. Granite United Way will soon be

kicking off their individual community campaigns with a combined goal of raising $6.5 million to support local programs and services in each region.

s! nt

have a history of working together, as demonstrated through the development and implementation of 2-1-1 NH. Currently, Granite United Way affiliates are also working together on various programs for the first time, including Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) initiatives; the annual United Way Day of Caring, held in September; and an incentive program for donors during the 2010 United Way campaign. The incentive gives those who pledge a minimum of $3/week annually the opportunity to win a variety of prizes, including a car, cruise, and tickets to various sporting events. Although this is a collaborative campaign initiative, all fundraising and the distribution of program funds will remain local. “As a United Way donor and volunteer, I am energized by the strength this merger will bring to our communities and the United Way system in New Hampshire. This sentiment was clearly shared by all involved in the process, as we were able to quickly receive the approvals we needed for this new organization to take shape and lead us into our next important campaign season,” said Dr. Steven Paris, Medical Director, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester and Chair of the Granite United Way Board of Directors.

Recipients of

United Way funding will apply for grant support with only one application. This is especially beneficial for larger organizations who, in the past, had to submit requests for funding to each individual United Way that served the communities where they had programs. The combined process at Granite United Way will result in numerous efficiencies for these program partners and the community volunteers who make

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Outdoors with

New Book by Local Writer

Chalk Interested in Cowboy Action shooting? There is a new book

by a local writer titled The Hobby/Cowboy Action Shooting. It is now published and available through Just open the bookstore at and do a search using the title. The book is a 12-year summary of memoirs, facts, and events leading to a totally encompassing hobby and the development of a popular shooting sport—Cowboy Action Shooting. The book covers subjects to include the early and modern years, shooting accessories, firearm modifications, reloading, the dedicated practice, a typical day at a Cowboy Action Shooting, rules of the game, anecdotal events, related activities, modern-day costs, the future of the sport, and more. The book is written for the general public, novice, beginner, the experienced shooter, and the retiree—anyone looking for a hobby.

Charlie Chalk can be reached at Governor Signs Law

Cracking Down on Sale of Counterfeit Goods

submitted by Colin Manning Governor John Lynch has signed a law cracking down on those who sell counterfeit goods in an effort to better protect New Hampshire businesses and the state’s economy. “This new law protects New Hampshire businesses by cracking

the funding decisions every year. Tufts, former President and CEO of Heritage United Way, will serve as the organization’s President and CEO, and Elizabeth Hager, former Executive Director of the United Way of Merrimack County, will serve as Executive Vice President. Representatives from each former United Way will serve as board members for the new organization, and existing staff members will also remain in their local offices to prepare for the next grant cycle and upcoming campaigns. Granite United Way is an experienced and trusted organization dedicated to leveraging the resources of investors and volunteers to create lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of our community’s most pressing needs. Granite United Way is committed to improving the lives of individuals and families by supporting programs in the areas of education, income, and health. Granite United Way works with over 1,000 companies, 25,000 investors, and thousands of volunteers every year to make our communities a better place.

down on the sale of counterfeit goods. New Hampshire is a great place to do business, and we want to do everything we can to help businesses be successful, so they can continue to grow and create good paying jobs,” Governor Lynch said. “The sale of counterfeit goods and merchandise undermines businesses here in New Hampshire, and this new law will help address the problem.” Joined by New Hampshire retailers and law enforcement, Governor

Lynch signed Senate Bill 394, which updates and strengthens state law regarding the sale of counterfeit goods, adding tougher new sanctions, including restitution and forfeiture of merchandise for those caught selling counterfeit goods. Senate Bill 394 was sponsored by Senators Bob Letourneau, Deb Reynolds, and Jeb Bradley; and Representatives Sherman Packard, Laura Pantelakos, David Welch, James Rausch, and Stephen Shurtleff.

Being there is why I’m here.

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