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4 - July 23, 2010 Salem Community Patriot

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

The Lynch Deficit

Once again, one must wonder; on which planet does William F. Klessens live? Please, Mr. Klessens, put down the rose-colored glasses and pick up any New Hampshire newspaper, and you will see that you are quite mistaken about the ‘surplus’ that you claim is being left by Governor Lynch. I am not sure how the paper allowed this misinterpretation to get to print. The talk of every newspaper in New Hampshire has been not only the deficit that John Lynch and his radical left legislature has created, but the more than 70 new and increased taxes and fees imposed since he took office in 2006. While one department enjoyed an unexpected surplus of revenue that will help decrease the amount of the overall deficit, there still remains more than $200 million deficit looming. This is a far cry from the ‘budgetary surplus’ Mr. Klessens is claiming.

A visit to the state’s largest taxpayer watchdog group will show you a list of most of the new or increased taxes and fees, many that Susan Almy and her Ways and Means Committee conjured up: 200m-deficit-democrats-raise-taxes-almost-87- times. The reason New Hampshire has been a low- tax, safe, and ‘most livable’ state up to now is no thanks to Lynch, but thanks to 80 years of nearly uninterrupted Republican rule. But that has changed, due to the mismanagement by Governor wishy-washy. He has been too busy at secret meetings with out-of-state special interest groups begging for campaign money (such as Tim Gill’s gay rights lobby) to pay attention to our fiscal woes. While it is generally understood that John Lynch inherited this ‘most livable’ state ... he has done nothing to maintain it. He certainly had no hand in creating it. Klessens predictably blames any bad that has happened on something they “inherited” from a previous administration, and anything good from the past, he tries to take credit for it.

If we allow Governor Lynch and his radical tax- and-spend legislature to continue in the manner in which they have for the last four years, New Hampshire will be no better than Massachusetts, Connecticut, or New York. We have already been turned into one of the least small-business friendly states by the worst governor in New Hampshire’s history. We must vote for leaders who will work on making New Hampshire business-friendly and prosperous again, and not spend inordinate amounts of their time fiddling with side issues while ‘Rome’ burns.

One can read more about the looming budget train wreck and multiple new taxes here: strafford/2010/07/14/rock-a-bye-budget-a-lullaby.

Jane Ippolito - Bedford

Three Recent Wins for Americans

Last week was a happy one for American citizens, as three important issues that had been hanging in the balance for months all came out on our side within several days of each other. First, the Restoring American Financial Stability Act, already approved by the House of Representatives, was passed by a filibuster-proof 60-39 vote by the Senate on Tuesday, and was signed by president Barack Obama this week. Just three Republicans joined the Democrats and voted for this legislation, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine and the redoubtable Scott Brown of Massachusetts, who by so far actually voting like the centrist he always claimed to be has alienated most of the Tea Partyers whose support assisted in his election victory over Martha Coakley last January. Go figure, but everyone except those dwelling in the farthest easternmost reaches of the “Party of NO” should be grateful. The financial overhaul is a significant first step in preventing another economic collapse, narrowly averted over the past two years by the taxpayer-fueled stimulus packages that we all chafed under. The federal government will gain the power to collapse failing corporations before they require billions of our dollars to rescue them, as the companies themselves will be responsible for their reorganization costs. A new regulatory arm will be created to supervise transactions ranging from credit card purchases to stock trades, aimed at safeguarding consumers from misinformation, overcharges, and devastatingly risky investments. The Federal Reserve, FDIC, and the SEC will all be empowered to oversee corporation monetary acquisitions ranging from hedge funds to derivatives; major factors of the

financial quagmires of the past decade. Secondly, after months of failed attempts that most of us watched with a combination of fear, helplessness, and anger, British Petroleum successfully last Monday night placed a new containment cap on the mile-deep oil leak that has been an ongoing environmental nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico. Instead of prior cap attempts that failed to stem the flow appreciably, the plan for this one is to eventually siphon the oil to the surface to be collected for normal processing. Subsequently, a series of internal pressure testings of the cap demonstrated that a small amount of oil, deemed “insignificant” by federal investigators, was discovered, which supposedly won’t hamper BP’s soon-anticipated plan to permanently seal the hole on the ocean’s floor. Lastly, at least two relief wells will be drilled

nearby to increase surface accumulation. The good news, economically speaking, is the fact that BP will be held responsible for the entire water/shoreline clean-up, which will encompass years of work and billions of dollars. This is despite the GOP politicians in Washington, who have spent the past three months alternately apologizing to the corporation for the hard line Obama necessarily took with them and amazingly attempting to saddle our own government with the cleanup costs. But Obama prevailed again, relieving American taxpayers from our money being used to finance BP’s expenses. Finally, West Virginia Governor Joseph

Manchin on Friday appointed Carte Goodwin, 36, as interim Senator, replacing the late legend Robert Byrd. A special election will be run in November for a permanent replacement. But the immediate gain for the two and a half-million Americans whose six months of state-financed unemployment benefits had recently expired is the fact that with Goodwin’s appointment, the Senate attained the necessary votes to break the Republican filibuster of the Democrat-backed federal extension, already passed by the House earlier. The Senate will vote Tuesday and pass the legislation, providing much-needed relief to workers still affected by last decade’s recession, with the only Republicans joining the Democrats in favor of the extension being the Snowe/Collins team from Maine. This again cements their well- deserved reputation as part of the infinitesimal number of the present GOP demonstrating the tiniest bit of empathy for our own nation’s citizens as opposed to our big businesses. As Obama said the day before the vote: “The same people who didn’t have any problem spending hundreds of billions of dollars on tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans are now saying we shouldn’t offer relief to middle-class Americans.” And save for two members of the entire Washington Republican cabal, that’s a true statement.

William F. Klessens - Salem

Obama’s Disregard for the American People

Let’s see, where do I begin—we have elected a President that in fact would not be able to get a confidential clearance or a secret clearance in a government facility or from a government contractor because of his past associations with criminals, Communists, Marxists, and terrorists. We have a President who for 20 years attended the most racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic church headed by Reverend Wright, and insists he wasn’t influenced by Wright’s teachings. We have a President that ordered the Attorney General Eric Holder to dismiss all charges against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation, even though there was overwhelming evidence to support all the accusations (videos). We have a President who accuses the Tea Party Organization as being racists with absolutely no evidence to support the accusation, but drops a lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party that has plenty of evidence to support all the accusations. What is going on here? We have a President who has the liberal news media in his back pocket, and is obviously the reason why Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and all the other liberal media never reported on the New Black Panthers voter intimidation story, I am sure they didn’t want to ruffle their messiah’s feathers. After all, one of them gets a tingle up his leg every time he hears Obama speak. We have a President jeopardizing the lives of our soldiers by taking 93 days to make up his mind to send more troops to Afghanistan, and then taking 57 days to make a decision on America’s worst environmental disaster that, to date, has not been resolved. Yet on the other hand, we have a President that almost immediately condemned the Cambridge police for acting stupidly, while he admittedly didn’t have any of the supporting facts, and he took only 48 hours to order a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for imposing an illegal

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immigration law; a law that will hopefully prevent more rapes, murders, and economic hardship and protect the citizens of that state. If Obama were doing his job, the Arizona law would not be necessary. What is this man thinking? We have a President who is apparently very confused or incompetent, or working to a hidden agenda that prevents him from properly addressing priorities and realizing his constitutional responsibilities. We have a President that promised total transparency and inclusion, but he rammed his healthcare debacle down our throats using back-room deals, scare tactics, and intimidation, intentionally ignoring the will of the majority of Americans. We have a President that wants to grant amnesty to over 15 million illegal aliens that have already cost the taxpayers in excess of $113 billion and, once again, intentionally ignoring the will of the overwhelming American majority. But Obama wants to do it anyway, and could care less about the impact to the taxpayer and, more importantly, our security. We have a President that promised the healthcare will not provide for federally funded abortions, but again lied, and right now, both New Mexico and Pennsylvania are being federally funded for abortions. Remember the executive order Obama signed guaranteeing no taxpayer money for abortions? This guy is a pro at deceiving the people. We have a President that continues to keep blaming Bush for inheriting a huge deficit, and this master of rhetoric and deception has convinced a lot of people to swallow this nonsense. The fact is, budgets come from the Congress, and the party that has controlled Congress since 2007 happens to be the Democrats. It

was the Democrats that passed a massive omnibus-spending bill. And guess where Obama was during all this? Obama was a member of the very Congress/ Senate that approved all these massive spending bills. So in reality, Obama inherited a huge deficit that he voted for and then expanded it four times more since his presidency. So can we please get off the blame- Bush syndrome? We have a President who wants to transform America. I ask you, into what? Why would Obama want to transform this great country that has proven to be so exceptionally good

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to him and given him so many opportunities? In my opinion, this Obama and his administration is the most dangerous ever to be elected to office in America. From Biden to Reid, the deceit and total incompetence is astounding. However, the current polls are more and more encouraging. Obama and his administration approval ratings are plummeting, and for very good reason. I, for one, am looking forward to November. These are only a few highlights that illustrate Obama’s disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the American people. I just wish I was allotted more space to continue, but that would be unfair, as it would occupy the entire newspaper.

Ed Parlin - Salem Freedom is Not Free Americans have a unique, free society. Most

want to keep it that way forever. Personally, as a member of the American Legion and former Navy veteran honorably discharged, l can attest to what it takes to defend this country against enemies that would like to destroy our freedom. Since the time of the American Revolution, we have had American Patriots that fought for their freedom, many giving their lives and fortunes. They believed in America and the people! They believed in free speech and expressed that against King George of England; they wanted religious freedom and freedom to speak out against injustice. They won that right under

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