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SALES SUMMARY Outside daughter top at Chuckledale

There was a buzz at Ty Mawr Farm, Wentlog, Newport around the cattle sale ring for the dispersal of Messrs Shervington’s top notch Chuckledale herd of Holsteins, occasioned sadly by the death of David Shervington at the end of 2009.

High yielding cows were the order of the day, with some 40 buyers bidding freely for cows giving 35 kg or more. Off lying cattle looked good value as money was spent on those with an instant return. One of the top yielding animals was Chuckledale Outside Florence GP82, a fresh third calf cow by Comestar Outside giving 55 kg daily. She sold for 2,250 guineas to local dairy farmer R Edwards, who purchased 18 cattle on the day.

Andrew Alford, who farms near Abergavenny, purchased another milky Outside daughter – Chuckledale Outside Annie GP83 for 2000 guineas. She had given 10,087 kg at 4.0% fat with her second note and was giving 50 kg daily, four months calved. Her Hidden-View Balziar heifer calf at foot topped the ‘A’ lots at 500 guineas.

Served heifers reached 1,480 guineas and maiden heifers sold up to 1,120 guineas. Averages: 154 Cows & Calved Heifers £1,144, 42 Served Heifers £1,183, 57 Maiden Heifers £677, 253 Lots (incl 26 ‘A’ lots @ £368) £1,046. Auctioneers: Norton & Brooksbank

Bright future for Antiquity

A very good crowd assembled at Beeston Castle Auction for the dispersal of the very good Ashdon herd of pedigree Holsteins, the property of Robin Vestey of the Thurlow Estate, based near Haverhill in Suffolk. The herd has a history extending to over 50 years and was originally founded on Red British Friesian bloodlines. In the last twenty years or so several noted families have been introduced, particularly from the famous Terling and Lavenham herds.

The herd has been under the expert care and management of Bobby French for the last 20 years and he, in coordination with the owners, has developed it into a first class unit full of quality, heavy milking cattle in all age groups. Ashdon has been the Champion herd in East Anglia for the last three years. It is loose housed and averaged in excess of 9700 kg at 3.62% butterfat and 3.14% protein. Buyers were present from Scotland to Devon to Kent and

from South Wales and it was good to see that the herd had a great following from its East Anglian homeland. Top price of the day was 5200gns achieved for the outstanding milking heifer Ashdon Antiquity 8 VG88-2yr, a daughter of Canyon- Breeze Allen and two VG dams on the maternal side who had given 9642 kg 4.13% 2.72% in 282 days of her first lactation. At the time of sale she was still giving 30 kg and is due again in September to Comestar Lauthority. The successful purchaser was David Burroughs of Aldeby, near Beccles, Suffolk, who was buying for his noted Oakalby herd. Mr Burroughs also purchased two other leading lots at 2600 gns each; the first was the fantastic eighth calf Vision daughter, Ashdon Pennyroyal 27 EX95-4E, who was the fourth generation classified in the top two grades and back in-calf again to Toystory for December and the second was the fresh calved second calver Ashdon Debbie 3


VG85-2yr who was also a daughter of Vision. Next top seller was the Titanic daughter Lavenham Pat 2 VG87-2yr, a second calver who is the ninth generation classified in the top two grades, who had been calved two months and was giving 42 kg daily. She sold to George Sanderson and family for their Sandley herd at Catforth, Preston.

Three cows broke the 3000 gns mark. Selling at 3400 gns was Ashdon Duchess 53 EX92-4yr (EX95-MS), a third calf daughter of Roylane Jordan due with her fourth in December to ME Dal Alliance. She now makes the long trip to Devon to join the very good Walkabout herd of Richard Gay based at Musbury. At 3200 gns was Ashdon Debbie EX91 (EX94-MS), another Jordan daughter, who was fresh with her fourth and giving 45 kg. She joins the noted Hully herd of Rob Barnett at Whitchurch, Shropshire. At 3000 gns was the second calf Vision daughter Ashdon Seabreeze 72 GP83-2yr (VG88-MS) who sold to Martin Lowry for his Halen herd at Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire. Besides the two cows already mentioned, there was a third at 2600 gns; Ashdon Pennyroyal 42 EX90-4yr, a third calf daughter of Lyster sold to Kevin Jones, St.Clears, Carmarthen. Served heifers sold to 2450 gns for the Fradon Jet-Red daughter Ashdon Seabreeze 94 bred from five generations of VG/EX dams sold to Ken Marshall of Carmarthen. Maiden Heifers topped at 2900 gns for the ME Dal S Alliance daughter, Ashdon Juliana 59 selling to J H & P E Nicholson Ltd, Norwich and calves at foot sold to 2300 gns for the ten-month-old Ross daughter Ashdon Antiquity 9 whose dam was the top selling cow. Averages: 124 Cows & Milking Heifers (including 59 Heifer Calves at £856 and 1 Bull Calf at £630) £1887; 28 In-calf Heifers £1642; 10 Recently Served Heifers £1500; 40 Maiden Heifers £1146. 202 lots £1687. Auctioneers: Wright Manley

Peewit herd dispersed Despite glorious weather and frantic activity over silage

making, a good crowd containing 30 buyers assembled at Pittsland Farm on June 4. Cattle travelled to Cheshire, Carmarthen, Bedfordshire as well as neighboring counties from the dispersal of 180 head, cashed in under four hours. Top price was paid by David Cullimore, a great supporter of

West Midland sales, paying 1530 guineas for Noremead Shaker Helen. This smart daughter of Picston Shaker was in mid lactation and due in November to the British Blue. She had an EX93 Comestar Lee dam. David purchased ten cattle in all for his Mobley herd in the Berkeley Vale, including Peewit Albyn Witney, a daughter of the popular British Friesian sire Blackisle Glen Albyn, for 1520 guineas. She is due in four weeks to the former herd sire Peewit Goldwyn, whose progeny were much admired. British Friesian type cattle, by Glen Albyn and Catlane Sunshine drew spirited bidding as buyers appeared to go for well timbered, traditional type of stock. Youngstock sold well throughout the day with the 26 heifer

calves at foot averaging £418. Most of these were by the stock bull – Peewit Goldwyn, including the top price of 620 guineas paid by Mr & Mrs Edwards, from Carmarthen, who purchased a total of 112 for their Groesasgwrn herd. Recently served heifers peaked at 1,040 guineas and yearlings made up to 770 guineas to Greg Dancer from Chipping Norton.

Auctioneers: Norton & Brooksbank

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