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or electrophysiologist, or EP, a sub specialty of cardiology.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest in youth is not a rare occurrence. SCA is the leading cause of death on school property, which includes not only children, but also teachers, administrators, parents and visitors.

SCA is happening to thousands of kids each year - on the football field, on the soccer field, in the classroom and in their sleep.

It is critical that our community recognize the importance of having AEDs available everywhere that youth congregate; that we encourage AED/ CPR training and have an emergency plan in place should someone collapse due to SCA. When a child has a sudden cardiac arrest there is a critical three- to five-minute window for that child to be saved. Know the chain of survival:

• Early recognition of SCA which may include any of the following: collapsed and unresponsive, gasping, gurgling, seizure like activity

• Early access to 9-1-1 Letters to theEditor

Flake deserves another term Like many other Americans, I am disgusted and amazed at the lack of leadership, competence and representation from our elected officials across the board. Granted, there is no such thing as the consummate statesman; but fortunately, Arizona’s sixth district can be relieved that it has a quality representative in Congress who upholds the concept of genuine

representation and adheres to the collective voice of his constituents. There are no surprises with Rep. Flake. From day one of his first term, he made it clear that he was an advocate of fiscal responsibility. Five terms later, he continues to actively fight profligate spending. Despite the unpopularity of doing so at times, Rep. Flake has the internal courage to stand behind his

promise and conviction of protecting taxpayer’s money.

If there is a time where we need fiscal leadership in Congress, it is now. In an era of perennial and lavish government spending, every voice and vote to counteract it is necessary. Congressman Jeff Flake is a leader who has already proven his commitment to thwarting big government. He needs no new introduction, just the district’s collective concurrence for another term. Let’s grant him that special privilege and let him what he does best: stand up to wasteful, unnecessary spending.

David Church, Springfield Lakes

Guarantee for airport squabbles over noise, growth

Any time Chandler’s airport makes the news, letters from Guy Pepoy are certain to follow (July 3-16, 2010). Mr. Pepoy makes some excellent points. Chandler should have been exercising greater restraint with development, and land should have been purchased around the airport. More restrictive decisions might have reduced the number people who knowingly move next to it and then complain.

But none of this would have solved Mr. Pepoy’s problems.

The real lack of planning is not from City of Chandler so much as from people like Mr. Pepoy. Chandler’s hands get tied due to land use regulations. But people can purchase homes anywhere. It is he, and the few like him, who guarantee continuing squabbles over growth and noise. They move next to the airport, then blame the City for allowing them to do so. He is placing responsibility for his unhappiness with others, instead of accepting responsibility for his own decisions. If you don’t want to live next to an airport, don’t buy a house there! Leave it for someone who would love to move near the airport. (I wanted to, but property values next to the airport are too high!)

Mr. Pepoy cites unfortunate aviation accidents in other cities (Eagar) and states (California) to attempt to illustrate airport dangers. If the airport is so dangerous, why does he continue to place his household in supposed peril? It is Mr. Pepoy who does not “choose the safe and sane option.” Aviation accidents are no more “certain” than auto accidents, but he is not proposing shutting down roads and freeways.

Mr. Pepoy knowingly moved next to something he dislikes. Neither easements nor zoning can prevent this, or protect the community from his very frequent complaints. The airport wasn’t hidden when Mr. Pepoy purchased his property adjacent to the airport! The airport is no less safe now than when he moved in. (Had we expanded the runway several hundred feet it would be even safer.)

Having deliberately moved next to an airport, he now appears to be making an avocation of destroying it and denigrating aviation business owners.

Unfortunately for Chandler, he has partly succeeded, costing Chandler millions of dollars in construction grants, closed businesses, and lost jobs.

Those who have built businesses at the airport bring good jobs, money, and economic activity to Chandler, and pay hefty fees and taxes as well. They warrant our support in building Chandler, not dividing it. Jim Ormsby, Brooks Ranch

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• Begin CPR immediately • Retrieve and begin use of an AED immediately

• Early Advanced Care from first responders

Many SCA victims have no prior history of heart disease and are stricken without any warning. The first person on the scene of a cardiac arrest is in the best position of saving a life, if that rescuer is equipped with an AED.

An AED is a medical device designed to quickly analyze the heart’s rhythm and safely deliver an electric shock, if needed. An AED will not shock someone if the heart rhythm is not life-threatening. Most AEDs can be used by anyone, including someone as young as a sixth grader. AEDs guide users by audible prompts, and some have both audible and visual prompts, in case you have a victim of SCA in a noisy environment like a stadium, gym, etc.

The only definitive emergency treatment for SCA is defibrillation (AED), which involves the rapid delivery of an electric shock to the heart.

The chances of survival decrease by 10 percemt for every minute defibrillation is delayed. On average, it takes Emergency Medical Services teams in the U.S. nine to 12 minutes to arrive on the scene of a SCA.

Everyone, including parents, young teens, caregivers, babysitters, teachers and all coaches are encouraged to take a class, and get certified in CPR and the proper use of an AED. As a parent who has lost a child to SCA, I am now a member of Parent Heart Watch, the national voice solely dedicated to protecting young from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). I urge you to learn more at For additional information of other congenital heart conditions in children and young adults that can cause SCA, the symptoms they may cause, and recommended treatments you can also go to

It is our responsibility as a community to shed light on SCA in youth and save lives. Keep in mind that the life you save could be your very own child’s, or someone else you know and love.

July 17 - Aug. 6, 2010


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