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community to cover other expenses associated with playing on a team.

“There are costs that are incurred in participating in some activities, and many Booster or PTO/PTA groups do fundraisers or elicit extracurricular tax credits to defray the direct costs to our parents.”

For more information on CUSD services, visit or call 480-224-3900.

Miriam Van Scott of Kerby Estates is a freelance writer and Chandler transplant from the Washington, D.C. area. She can be reached at

Community Exercise from Page 1 School supplies needed

SanTan Sun area businesses and organizations are hosting school supply drives to collect necessary provisions for students in local schools. To learn how you can help, see story on Page 52 in the Youth section.

Jacobs and her husband, Results Fitness co-owner Dennis Redmond, create a variety of programs to help people fi nd fun and interesting ways to exercise, whether through individual programs for members, family fi tness programs or fi tness boot camps with specifi c personal goals such as the Bikini Boot Camp. The family fi tness programs are usually one session, and Jacobs and her son, DJ, teach families how to play together again, using games such as line tag. Jacobs credits her son with the inventiveness of some of the games they use in the programs.

“It’s amazing to see the transformation,” says Jacobs. “Families will come in, and you’ll see how hesitant they

get it – without corn syrup, such as in sodas. Jacobs also promotes eating fruits and vegetables, and gives clients tips such as freezing grapes and putting them in drinks. “In the summer, it’s so easy,” says Jacobs. “People eat more fruit intuitively because it’s cool and has more water.”

STSN photo by Miachelle DePiano

FAMILY AFFAIR: Results Fitness owners Dennis Redmond, far left, his wife, Tammi Jacobs and son DJ Jacobs provide a fun fitness atmosphere for families.

are, and by the end of the session they are playing and chasing each other. They don’t realize how much exercise they are getting.” A fi tness trainer for 25 years, Jacobs has degrees in exercise physiology and biomechanics. She also advises her clients on nutrition, including emphasizing people drink as much water in as many forms as they can

Jacobs, an enthusiastic and energetic person in her own right, is always looking for new ways to teach fi tness. She provides free fi tness training three times weekly to the Chandler Unified School District’s faculty and staff. She’s jumped on the Zumba wagon, and will soon offer “tween” camps to young teenage girls to help them get physically fi t and cope with self-esteem issues.

Results Fitness is located at 805 S. Bogle Ave., Suite 1 in Chandler, with classes starting as early as 5:30 a.m. For details, call 480-857-7581 or visit www.resultshealthandfi

Miachelle DePiano of Gilbert is a technical writer and freelance photographer who can be reached at

July 17 - Aug. 6, 2010


 

 

 


  

   

    

   


   

   

While the fi rst priority is to keep families in their homes, where this is not possible with a loan modifi cation, homeowners may be able to avoid foreclosure by completing a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure (DIL) under HAFA.

This brief summary only represents the highlights of this program. Call me for a confi dential evaluation of your individual situation, property value and possible options.

Help Has Arrived!

New Government Backed Short Sale Guidelines are Now in Effect

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA)

• Allows Borrowers ( the current homeowners) to receive Pre-Approved Short Sale Terms Before Listing the Property Including Acceptable Minimum Net Proceeds.

• Requires Borrowers to be Fully Released from future liability for the fi rst mortgage debt and if the subordinate lien holders receive an incentive under HAFA, those debts as well.

• NO cash contribution, promissory note or defi ciency judgment is allowed.

• Provides $3,000 for Borrower relocation assistance.

• The borrower must meet the basic eligibility criteria for HAFA.

• First Loan Amount can’t exceed $729,750.

I am a real estate professional with a specifi c understanding of the complex issues that confront homeowners in distress. Through comprehensive training and short sale experience, I am able to provide real solutions for homeowners facing hardships in today’s market. While enduring fi nancial diffi culties are challenging for any family, the process of fi nding a qualifi ed real estate professional should not be. In addition to over 20 years real estate experience, I have achieved the Certifi ed Distressed Property Expert designation, ensuring you that you are dealing with a professional trained to address your specifi c needs.


Each Offi ce is Independently Owned and Operated.

Sue Bentley

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