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Volume 20 Number 52 July 16, 2010 16 Pages Hills Memorial Library Starts a New Chapter

by Len Lathrop At the Monday, July 12 meeting of the Hudson

School Board, a new page was turned for the Hills Memorial Library. With a 4-0 approval of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the first floor of the library will become a Hudson School Board and Library Trustee Meeting Room, a Hudson School District Professional Development Center, a Library Program Meeting Room, and a Town of Hudson Meeting Room with a public display area. With the opening of the George H. and Ella M. Rodgers Memorial Library, the Hills building’s first floor has been vacant, with the exception of a few weeks last spring when it housed a Benson Park memorabilia display. Currently, the lower level is home to the Second Hand Prose Used Book Sale operated by the Friends of the Library, who will remain located in the lower level. This venture needs to be approved by the

Library’s Board of Directors, which is scheduled to meet on July 21. If approved, this five-year agreement, with an option for a second five years, leaves the control and ownership with the Library Trustees and outlines the rules and responsibilities between the partners. During Monday night’s meeting, Mary Ellen Ormond, School District Associate Superintendent, mentioned that board member Lee Lavoie and Chairman Gary Rodgers, with District Business Administrator Normand Sanborn, had several meetings with Library Trustees over the past four to six weeks to work out this plan and the MOU. During the Monday meeting, it was outlined that the school department would be replacing the carpeting and rebuilding a first-floor

Postcard circa 1910, courtesy of Mr. Albert Antosca

bathroom to provide handicapped access to it, as well as upgrading some of the electrical needs and working with Hudson Cable for Internet access. Twenty thousand dollars was encumbered from the Fiscal 2010 budget, which just ended on June 20, to do some of the work. School District employees would be used as available. Library Trustee Robin Rodgers, when contacted, mentioned that the Trustees hope that if the Memorandum of Understanding is approved, they will hopefully have their meeting there in September. She explained that to the right of the front door would be the board meeting area,

JROTC Fly on Tanker

submitted by Colonel Kevin Grady Several Alvirne Junior ROTC students recently had the opportunity to travel to Pease to fly on a tanker and watch air-to-air refueling The participants are Mike Locke, Chris Gleason, Nick

Guarente, Sabrina Searles, Allen Williamson, Kelsie Norcross, Kara Spinney, TJ Campbell, Jay Perrin, Colonel Grady, Craig Conant, and Nick Brackett.

while the left side would be the Professional Development Center. Rodgers pointed out that, currently, Professional Development meetings almost always mean displacing students from their school libraries or other student areas for the training. On Tuesday, Ormond expressed her excitement about the approval of the MOU and she had spoken with Library Trustee Chairman Connie Owens, who also welcomes the unanimous School Board action. Ormond stated that this was a “unique opportunity not only working together with the library, but will benefit the whole town.”

Within the agreement, the Library Trustees will maintain the building as a historical site and preserve the interior and exterior, and the partners will share operation expenses such as heating and electrical on a 65-percent District and 35-percent Library split. The next step in this plan to take the Hills

Library off the shelf will be the Library Trustee meeting on July 21.

Memorandum of Understanding The Hudson School Board and the Hudson

Library Board of Trustees (BOT) are collaborating to engage in a joint venture for the use of the Hills Memorial Library Building. The partners listed have agreed to enter into an agreement in which Hudson School District and the Library Board of Trustees will be equal partners in this understanding. Further the partners desire to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding setting forth the services and conditions to be provided by the district. I) Partner Agencies The Hudson School District is the public school system serving 4,100 students. The district has a five member School Board who is responsible for the overall operation of the district. The district is responsible for the ongoing professional development of faculty and staff in the district, ensuring that certification requirements as outlined by the New Hampshire Department of Education are met on a yearly basis. The Hudson Library Board of Trustees are an elected policy making unit, vested with the

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Hudson Fighters Continue to Give Back

Route 102 Sidewalk Project Nears Completion

by Doug Robinson The construction of the new sidewalk, which will run between Towhee Road and Evergreen Drive along the Route 102 corridor, will soon be completed. For several months, National Grid has been diligently working to relocate gas lines in an effort to accommodate the construction of the new, four-foot sidewalk. The new sidewalk will be constructed on the east side of Route 102, or the side opposite of Alvirne High School. The sidewalk represents the first phase of a three-phase plan, whereby the town of Hudson plans to have a continuous sidewalk that would extend from Derry Road to the Hannaford Shopping Center sidewalk. The $400,000 project has been funded by ARRA, and has cost Hudson taxpayers less than $60,000.

Back row: Martin Conlon, Dave Morin, Frances Sytek from Helping Hands, Todd Hansen, Todd Berube, Fred Brough, Sean Mamone. Front row: Corey Morin, Irene Beam from Helping Hands, Josh Hansen

by Captain Dave Morin, Hudson Fire Department and Doug Robinson Hudson firefighters were recently surprised

Workers from National Grid Gas complete the transfer of the

present gas lines to the newly constructed gas lines six feet under the pavement of Route 102

when Directors from the Helping Hands Organization of Colebrook paid them a thank- you visit. Both Irene Bean and Frances Sytek of Helping Hands traveled the long distance to “pass on a huge thank-you from the residents of Colebrook,” as stated by Irene Bean. Last fall, Hudson firefighters and department members and staff collected over 300 blankets, which they then donated to the Helping Hands Organization. The Hudson Fire Department (HFD) became aware of their need for blankets when Retired Deputy Chief Charlie Chalk passed on the information of their “dire straits” and that the area’s largest employer, Ethan Allen, was about to perform a layoff of their personnel. In their visit to Helping Hands, HFD members learned that much more than blankets would be needed to support this northern New Hampshire community.

A clothing drive conducted by HFD netted

a truckload of clothing, boots, and other items that were delivered to Colebrook a month later. During the winter of 2009-2010, hundreds of area families were assisted with the receipt of warm blankets and clothing.

According to Bean and Sytek, the donations

by HFD became “big news in the town of Colebrook.” People would stop at Helping Hands and ask what the big yellow truck was doing in town. The truck that delivered the goods was donated by Captain Todd Hansen, who owns Confidential Shredding.

Many residents and thankful families participated in the large basket of homemade goodies, including maple syrup, breads, cookies, jellies, and other foods. Wrapped in ribbons and presented in large wicker baskets, their “thank- you was overwhelming,” commented Captain Morin. The local Lions Club, as well as other groups and organizations, also participated in the thank- you as well. A local Colebrook artist handmade a wooden profile of a firefighter, and the Cakey Club at the high school put together a large scrapbook filled with photos of the delivery. Children receiving their clothing and blankets, local newspaper articles having been written about the gracious gifts from HFD, as well as a card of thanks were also presented to the HFD. Helping Hands did not leave Hudson empty- handed as they began their several-hour trip back to Colebrook. Several members donated items and clothing to them to take back with them to Colebrook. The need in Colebrook is still great and a second clothing drive will take place at the end of the summer. The donated items will be delivered to Colebrook before the long, cold winter sets in. “A big thanks to Charlie Chalk and all the members that helped out with this project; you all made hundreds of lives much better and showed the true meaning of the fire service brotherhood,” commented Captain Morin.

Hot Enough For You?

staff photo by Doug Robinson

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