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Father and Son Firefighters Continues to Grow

The Tradition of

by Doug Robinson Fire departments throughout the United States and the world are filled with traditions—traditions of camaraderie, trust, and placing their lives on the line not only for the public, but for each other as well. The Hudson and Salem Fire Departments alike are also rich with the tradition of father and son firefighters working side by side in a profession of selfless dedication to fellow man. Corey Morin, 20, son of Captain Dave Morin of the Hudson Fire Department, and Corey Emanuelson, 19, son of Salem’s Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Marshal, Jeff Emanuelson, who has lived in Hudson for many years, were recently hired by the Hudson Fire Department as Call Firefighters. They, along with their fathers, grandfathers, and uncles, now belong to that special fraternity. Both Corey and Matt are graduates of Alvirne High School in 2008, and both firefighters attended the Lakes Region Community College, where they studied Fire Science. Friends since childhood, they both knew at an early age that their dream was to become a firefighter like their fathers, grandfathers, and uncles who came before them.

Corey was brought up in a family

whose firefighting history dates back three generations. “I had a great uncle who was a Captain in Norfolk, VA, a great uncle who was a fire fighter in Syracuse, NY, another great uncle who lived in Greenland, NH, as well as a cousin firefighter who worked and lived in Amherst, NH. The atmosphere around my home has always been to help others, and my dad led by that example. I was born into it, and I have been helping out around the fire station since I could walk. It just seems natural to me. I started taking classes at 16 years old, and my goal was to be a firefighter by the time I turned 18. I want to give back to the community which has been so great to my family,” he said. Matt’s family also has a family with a rich and long history of family members working as firefighters. His grandfather has retired from the Nashua Fire Department, where he served as Deputy Chief. His grandfather also served as a Fire Commissioner in Nashua. In addition, Matt follows two uncles into the

Fire Department. One uncle presently works for both the Nashua Fire Department and

Patriot Patriot Salem Community

Jeff and Matt Emanuelson, father and son, meet at the Hudson Fire Department

Nashua Police Department, as well as works as a Nashua Fire Commissioner. His second uncle was killed in the line of duty in 1991, when the building collapsed during a structure fire.

“Nothing is better than being in a position to help out someone in need,” commented Matt. “When the bell rings and we show up, we can see the signs of relief in the faces to whom we help. This is the best job in the world.” Each firefighter is currently studying and

working to receive their EMT 2 certification as they perform their duties as Call Firefighters for Hudson.

Caption Morin stated that he is “very proud” of Corey.


Captain Dave Morin and his son, Corey, work side by side serving the public

am thrilled the he chooses to become a firefighter and that he chose to follow in my footsteps. What dad would not want to work side by side with their son? I am thrilled,” he said. Jeff

Emanuelson commented,

“Matt has worked very hard to become a firefighter. He was a Hudson Explorer during his youth, and he continued his firefighting education in college. I am very proud of what my son has accomplished, and he will be a great asset to the Hudson Fire Department.”

by Jay Hobson When Janet Caron, an eighth-grade English and social studies teacher at Woodbury isn’t educating her young charges, she is ready to fire up her motorcycle and join with her husband, Larry Caron, in formation to escort fallen and returning soldiers back to their families. “It all started back in 2005 as a response to a group from Kansas that protests at military funerals. They have been ordered to stay a certain number of feet from the family and with so many bikes in the funeral, they can’t get near the grieving families. Now when they hear that the Patriot Guard will be there, they don’t bother showing up,” Caron said. Recently, the Patriot Guard escorted returning

Army SPC Keith Stickney from the Manchester airport to his home in Salem. “It’s our way of honoring the fallen and returning soldiers and their families. The Patriot Guard has to be invited by the family to take part, and the family has a say in what route we take,” Caron said. Larry Caron is an assistant state captain in the organization and contacts local police along the proposed route of an escort to announce that it will take place and to inform the police for traffic management. “We usually get a police escort,” Janet said. There are riders within the guard that block side streets and at intersections to prevent drivers from interrupting the procession. “Not all of the riders are military veterans but they all believe in what they are doing. We provide a ‘flag line’ for soldiers killed in action and usually there’s not a dry eye in the place. You can imagine some of these guys are big, and we’re all wiping away tears,” Caron said. A flag line is when the Patriot Guard remove flags from their bikes and standing at attention, hold them in a line while the family passes to honor the deceased. Each of the bikes has a yellow strip attached to the windshield of the bike, identifying that bike as being part of the Patriot Guard. “The organization is nationwide and there are

even things like when World War II veterans go to Washington, we’ll provide a flag line of anywhere

Woodbury teacher and Patriot Guard rider Janet Caron Fisk Retirees Receive Heartfelt Sendoff

by Robyn Hatch Fisk School in Salem sent off three retirees in full force: Jacque Seastedt, who was a second-grade teacher for the past 16 years; Colleen Drugan, who was the physical education teacher for the past 37 years; and Gary Sommers, who served as the Head Custodian for eight and a half years at Fisk as part of his 17 years in the role with the school district. Fisk students worked very hard to give each retiree the proper sendoff with gratitude for so much dedicated service.

Colleen Drugan walks a mile in the “Golden Sneakers”

Each first grader marched through the Fisk gym with a beautiful

flower to give to Jacque Seastedt for a big bouquet. After Jacque accepted each flower, each of which were accompanied with a personal handshake and a hug from each student, a suitcase was presented to her with a beautiful handmade quilt full of handprints from all the Fisk teachers. Songs and poems followed. Next, a ceremony for Colleen Drugan involved some of the students reading her special poems, and her students gave her a surprise gift of huge “Golden Sneakers,” which she promptly donned. After she put them on and did a quick dance, a few more readings followed. Gary Sommers was honored next with a huge umbrella. The

children sang to him and wished him luck. Having spent many years on his job and demonstrating how much he loved doing it, the children enjoyed his upbeat personality. He will be greatly missed.


Gary Sommers enjoys his special moment

Right: Patriot Guard at Manchester airport

between 50 and 100 bikers at the airport,” Caron said. The Caron’s son, Scott, 24, is in the Navy as a submariner stationed at King Bay Naval Base in Georgia.

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Jacque Seastedt and her special handprint quilt

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Woodbury Teacher Rides as Patriot Guard

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