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2009 seminar speaker series 1/7/2009


niels daniel van der lelie Synergy between poplar and endophytic bacteria to improve plant establishment, phytoremediation and biomass production Biology Department Brookhaven National Laboratory

1/21/2009 stephen p. long Bioenergy, Food and Agriculture in a Scenario of Global Change Deputy Dir. of the Energy Biosci Institute, Robt Emerson Prof of Plant Biol & Crop Sciences University of Illinois-Urbana

1/28/2009 stephen a. goff Te iPlant collaborative:

Why plant science needs cyberinfrastructure Director of Community Interactions, iPlant Collaborative, University of Arizona

2/4/2009 seth jon davies Te plant circadian system Group Leader, Department of Plant Dev. Biology, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding

2/11/2009 david marks

Analysis of transcriptome profiles of wild type and mutant Arabidopsis trichomes and ramifications for trichome dev- elopment in Medicago truncatula Prof. Dept of Plant Biology, University of Minnesota

2/18/2009 blake meyers Deep transcriptional profiling of plant small RNAs and their mRNA targets Associate Professor, Plant Molecular Biology, Delaware Biotechnology Institute, University of Delaware

2/25/2009 sean cutler Side-stepping genetic redundancy with small molecules Assistant Professor, Dept of Botany & Plant Sciences, University of California-Riverside

page 32 2009 scientific report the donald danforth plant science center

4/8/2009 a. lacey samuels Journey to the plant cell wall: ABC transporters and secretion of wall components Assoc. Professor, Department of Botany, University of British Columbia

4/15/2009 david mccaskill Applications of bioanalytical mass spectrometry supporting projects in Discovery Research at Dow AgroSciences Sr. Research Specialist, Discovery Research, Dow AgroSciences

mechthild tegeder Uptake and transport of organic nitrogen in plants Associate Professor, School of Biological Science, Center for Reproductive Biology, Washington State University

3/18/2009 maarten koornneef Arabidopsis natural variation Professor Plant Genetics, Director, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Res., Lab of Genetics Wageningen University

3/25/2009 natalia dudareva Plant Secondary Metabolism: From Metabolic Networks to Volatile Emission Professor Wickersham Chair of Excellence in Agric Res, Dept of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Purdue University

4/1/2009 daniele werck-reichhart Global approaches to reveal new cytochrome P450 functions in flower and seed metabolism Director of Research, Department of Plant Metabolic Networks, Institute of Plant Molecular Biology University of Strasbourg

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