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GIG TICKETS OF YOUR CHOICE Music lovers, open yer ears. The lovely people at muso-haunt Clwb Ifor Bach are giving Buzz readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to any upcoming gig their wee heart desires. Just email, with ‘WELSH CLUB’ in the subject header and your name and number by Sun 1 Aug.

THE REBOUND MERCHANDISE Three sets of gym things are available for those of you who sort-of want to get fi t but can’t be arsed to buy the equipment. The merchandise of the fi lm The Rebound includes an exercise ball, a towel, a water bottle and a gym bag. All of which sport the fi lm’s logo. Wahey. Q: The Rebound stars which famous Welsh beauty?

LOURDES This acclaimed fi lm by director Jessica Hausner follows Christine on her travels to the Catholic pilgrim city in an attempt to cure her multiple sclerosis. Two copies are available to be won. Q: In which country can you fi nd Lourdes?

AGE OF THE GUNSLINGER DVDS Howdy all Western fans. This fi lm sees bounty hunter James Conners hunt down the evil rancher who ruined his life. Three copies are available to be won if you can answer this. Q: That Dirty Harry fellow, what was the actor’s name?

ROMCOM DVDS Critics might scoff at rom-coms for being fl imsy, but show me a man who won’t shed a tear at that airport scene in About A Boy and I will show you a cold-hearted STONE. We have three-DVD bundles of top-notch rom-coms The Accidental Husband, Just Friends and P.S. I Love You to give away. Q: What does ‘rom-com’ stand for?

NIGHT FOR TWO AT THE BIG SLEEP The Big Sleep is a chain of designer budget hotels located in cities across the UK, including Cardiff’s hotel opposite the CIA. With 81 ensuite rooms, wi-fi and fl at screen TVs, it’s a stylish choice for the budget traveller. Buzz is offering the chance to win a night for two in a standard double or twin room with continental breakfast at any of The Big Sleep hotels. Q: Where are the other Big Sleep hotels located in the UK?

MORRIS: A LIFE WITH BELLS ON Two copies of this mockumentary are waiting to be won. The comedy follows a Morris dancer in his attempt to bring the dance into the 21st century. Q: Where did Morris Dancing originate?

FREE ENTRY TO BUFFALO BAR Buffalo Bar are offering free entry+1 to a gig of your choice for one lucky winner, which will not only make you ooze guestlist cool, but should also leave you with enough money for a couple of drinks at the bar. Q: What street is Buffalo Bar found on?

BARFLY TICKETS Barfl y are offering one lucky reader a pair of tickets to a gig of their choice this month. Yay for Barfl y! Q. What is the logo of the Barfl y franchise?

CRATE OF TOMOS WATKIN CIDER Summer is the perfect time to crack open a bottle of cider, and Tomos Watkin are offering a crate of their bottled Taffy Apples cider to one lucky winner. Yum. Q. Name one other drink that Tomos Watkin make.

Please email your answers, name, address and contact number to competitions@ by Sun 1 Aug unless otherwise stated.


CANCER Unfortunately, you resemble your sign the crab when faced with a problem – by scuttling sideways to avoid confronta- tion. Time you faced up to it, or fi nd a rock to hide under – if all the ex-Labour MPs will let you in.

LEO Generally, Leos are successful in all endeavours, but you may feel there is something you haven’t tried yet. No doubt you will succeed, even with the inevitable hindrance of the menials who will get in your way.

VIRGO With the infl uence of the Sun in Cancer, your horizons will broaden, confusing your decisions on choice. As the failed Irish Olympic skier found when he skied left instead of right, sailing off a cliff above the clay shoot, and heard his last word on earth: ‘PULL!’

LIBRA Could be new opportunities around the corner, so be pre- pared. ‘Carpe Diem’ as they say – Seize The Day, my old school motto. If only I had, instead of seizing Heather Mowbrey behind the school shelter, I wouldn’t have been expelled.

SCORPIO You’re probably feeling on top of the world. Everything going your way, career on a high, relationships couldn’t be bet- ter… well, brace yourself for a fall, I don’t know where or when, but you’re on your own.

SAGGITARIUS Usually I lose one forecast to a seagull, the wind, or the wait- ress at the Bridge Café at the Knap. I have no excuse this time – I’ve just lost it.

CAPRICORN You may be infl uenced by friends or relations on a certain decision which must be made soon. Think for yourself; it’s your life, your destiny, you have a brain… Well, perhaps you had better go with your friends after all.

AQUARIUS Your life is like a watertight vessel, quoted Polonium Flou- rine Astatine, the famous ancient philosopher. In your case it is indeed ‘apis spotanda tinone’, I’m sure you will agree.

PISCES Feeling a little down of late as Wales failed to qualify for the World Cup? You’re not alone. The stars indicate your rugby efforts will be smashed this season as well.

ARIES Finances out of balance? Where has that money gone? Even your star sign is struggling to come up with an answer. Why not try being elected as an Assembly Member, you can spend other peoples’ money on hair-brained schemes, answer to no-one, claim expenses for your lame efforts and you don’t need any qualifi cations.

TAURUS Do you think your partner is unfaithful? Well, statistics show that one in three commit infi delity. Anyhow, does it matter? Before long it will be legal to have four wives, and then the fan will be doing overtime.

GEMINI Don’t take on too much right now. Chill out. Relax. If any- thing, join the Society Of Decision Unsure Members or ‘SO- DUM’ as we’re known.


Rupert Montgomery

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