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Kidwelly Castle, Carmarthenshire Until Fri 17 Sep

Originally known for her brickworks and tinworks, this summer it will be cast iron that takes centre stage in the Carmarthenshire town of Kidwelly. The Welsh Assembly Government’s historic environment service, Cadw, will launch an exhibition in the grounds of the Anglo-Norman Kidwelly Castle in partnership with Sculpture Cymru later this month. Curated by Wilfred Cass, owner of Goodwood Sculpture Park, the show includes work by 15 sculptors and forms part of the 6th International Conference Of Contemporary Cast Iron Art at Kidwelly Industrial Museum. The exhibition of cast iron sculpture features the following artists: Dan Archer, Wendy Earle, Geraint Edwards, Susan Forsyth, Wally Gilbert, Andy Griffiths, Charles Hadcock, Jenny Hager, Kate Hobby, Harvey Hood, Daniel Hunt, Coral Lambert, Nick Lloyd, Antonia Spowers and Kazys Venclovas. A catalogue will be available and will contain examples of the work on show along with a number of essays documenting the development of cast iron and sculpture in Wales. On going to press there was little information to be had on the sculptures themselves but the well-preserved castle offers reason enough for a day trip – overlooking the River Gwendraeth, Kidwelly Castle spans four centuries, from its beginnings as a simple stockade put up by the Normans in 1106 to a powerful concentric ‘walls within walls’ fortress. But its most striking feature is the soaring, twin-towered great gatehouse, completed in 1422 and still standing tall. The general public can also drop in on the 6th International Conference Of Contemporary Cast Iron Art – a four-day event attracting over 200 people from around the world and consisting of exhibitions of delegates work, discussions and demonstrations of new ideas in the world of cast iron. John Wallis, Cadw’s Site Operations Manager, said “Monuments like Kidwelly Castle inspire the creativity of artists and craftsmen. We are delighted to host the sculpture exhibition for 2010. The castle is the perfect backdrop for showcasing imaginative pieces of art.” Indeed, Kidwelly was used as the establishing castle location shot for the film Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Admission: £3. Info: 01443 336000 / SUSIE WILD

PAINTINGS OF NEWPORT The Riverfront, Newport Fri 23 July-Sat 21 Aug The representational paintings of Welsh artist Peter Ross, depicting life in Newport during the 50s and 60s, provide snapshots of the city’s old veneer. Based on his own childhood growing up in Newport, the ex- hibition at The Riverfront depicts various memories taken from old family albums and archives, as well as some personal visions.

Having spent a large section of his life in the area, Peter Ross has turned his attention back to his roots and his own personal experiences. The paintings give the viewer a raw, first-hand look into Newport’s past life, from the perspective of a young boy and an art student. From studying at art college, then going on to be an art teacher, Peter Ross now exhibits work in England and Wales, with exhibitions encompassing a particular theme at the time. Most of Ross’s work has been narrative or representational, with a touch of abstract in previous years. The paintings have great contrast in tone and shadow, creating an almost cartoon styled photograph and a bolder vision. The exhibition has an element of nostalgia, and particularly for those from Newport, can be appreciated for the familiar scenes set. Being exhibited in the heart of Newport’s current culture scene, the showcase demonstrates how Newport has developed and how snapshots of childhood memories

can narrate further than their face value. Admission: free. Info: 01633 656757 / (SM) BUZZ 38

PEOPLE AND PLACES Off The Wall Gallery, Llandaff, Cardiff Thurs 15 July-Tue 10 Aug Modern art from a new perspective is what you’ll find at this exhibition. Chris Jones presents a collection of urban backdrops with a difference; pavements and the people that occupy them from an elevated view. These everyday moments of everyday people are captured and frozen within the canvases in such a way that an unnatural feel of movement, immediacy and intimacy is created. The perfected use of shadow and light comes together to form an incredible depth to these paintings. Juxtaposing the urban backdrops of Chris Jones, Emily Gregory-Smith includes a se- ries of coastal paintings at the exhibition. The Aberystwyth-based art graduate offers her dynamic interpretation of the west Wales coast in this ongoing project, creat- ing a tranquil feel through its use of oils. The exhibition is hosted by Off The Wall and is located in the humble but beautiful- ly Victorian, Old Probate Registry. Off The Wall promises a no-nonsense, affordable but none-the-less enjoyable art display. In other words, a venue designed for those of us what quite like art but shy away from the pretentious world of the modern day galleries. If you’ve got a few pounds lying spare, you might even be inspired to purchase a piece. Alternatively, you could just come to declare your mind-blowing analysis of the work. Info: 029 2055 4469 / (AM)


Craft In The Bay, Cardiff Bay Thurs 8-Sun 18 July Craft In The Bay will be awash with colour as it displays START: a wide range of artwork created by pupils from primary and secondary schools around the Cardiff area. The pupils have been working with artists throughout the year to create a range of metal, paper and ceramic work inspired by the displays at Craft in the Bay.

Members of the Makers Guild in Wales have encouraged the pupils’ creativity, setting up workshops in embroidery, sculpture, paper-making and felt making to widen their skills. The pupils visited Craft In The Bay during the year to find inspiration for their own creations from the exhibition of sculptures designed by the members of the Makers Guild. From this exhibition they mate- rialised their own interpretations of the work to create the unique artwork that will be displayed.

This trip to the gallery was a first and im- pressionable trip for many of the children. The project, which was funded by the Prince’s Foundation For Children & The Arts, has proven a valuable opportunity for all those involved, and having a gallery to display their artwork has proved an exciting prospect for the pupils. Schools taking part in the project include: Baden Powell Primary School, Hywel Dda Primary School, Kitchener Primary School, Oak- field Primary School, Llanrumney High School and Willows High School. Info: 029 2048 4611 / www.makersguildinwales. (AM)

VILLES/CITIES Ffotogallery, Penarth Until Sat 14 Aug From the internationally recognised Magnum photography group, Ffotogallery is happy to introduce the latest exhibition by renowned photographer and filmmaker, Raymond Depardon. Villes/Cities presents a visual chronicle of everyday city life, from 12 different cities around the world. The multi-award winning French pho- tographer Raymond Depardon travelled to Addis Ababa, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Dubai, Johannesburg, Moscow, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Tokyo, becoming a kind of invisible ‘picture thief’, spontaneously capturing citizens going about their everyday lives. Depardon, spending only a short time in each metropolis, used a candid gaze to preserve first-hand impressions. A well-travelled photojournalist, Depardon fell comfortably into the role of the voyeur. He said: “I remained a tourist a little off the beaten track, full of curiosity, but always an amateur”.. Keen to lose himself in each city, Depardon became part of the crowds. The exhibition, with photos presented as a continuous film strip, records the unguarded figures of normal people going about everyday lives; first-hand perspectives of city life that are otherwise taken for granted. With each photo taken in a spontaneous instant, the viewer gains startling, yet realistic vision, just as Depardon first saw it. This is normal city life captured at a highly artistic level. Admission: free. Info: 029 2034 1667 / (SM)

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