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32 June 19 - July 2, 2010 Publisher’sNote Happy Father’s Day

He was a Renaissance man during a time when the term was probably not considered that complimentary.

Over a span of his 83 years, he’s been a soldier, a marksman, a public information officer, a farmer, pilot, public speaker, writer, financial planner and salesman.

One man with one wife, four children and six grandchildren. He snuck out of the house to learn to fly single-engine aircraft in his teens while raising hogs with his father, and in 1944 attended Iowa State University’s first “Farm Operations” program in their agricultural offerings. He joined the Marine Corps, where he served in World War II and Korea, was an expert marksman, wrote news stories about the conflict and eventually met his wife while stationed in Honolulu.

He raised a family of four on a 360-acre farm with corn, soybeans and sheep, and continued his love of flying which included serving on local aviation boards. He spent about 11 years traveling the Midwest teaching Dale Carnegie courses, and impressing upon his children the “power of positive thinking” and positive visualization. He sold Farm Bureau Insurance for many years, then at age 60, after moving to Arizona, took and passed the shortest real estate course offered.

He served for seven years as an appointed member of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Onsite Wastewater Advisory Committee and continues to work with ADEQ on issues related to the real estate community. He’s written numerous articles relating to the ADEQ onsite wastewater treatment facility rule and the real estate agent’s role in transaction procedures, and developed training for agents and homeowners. He still works five to six days a week for Red Arrow Real Estate in Prescott where he specializes in mountain properties. An idea he floated for a “Provisional License” about eight years ago while serving on a Professionalism Committee for Arizona’s Real Estate Department may be submitted in a bill to the next legislature. He is a longtime fan of the Phoenix Suns and many other sports teams, and enjoys watching political and financial television shows. I got my work ethic and yes, workaholic tendancies from this


My father, Lowell Fagen, raised us with a firm yet fair hand, and encouraged us to follow our dreams. How grateful I am for his guidance and his love all these years.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad, from your “B.D.;” to my husband, Geoff, who is another great dad; and to all the fathers in the SanTan Sun area, who we thank for picking up this newspaper.

Opinion Community Commentary

Prop 300 passage a vote of confidence

by Mayor Boyd W. Dunn

As the City Council and staff continue to work through a very challenging budget process, there are a few reasons we can be optimistic for the future. First, it was good to see the response to the Prop 300 election by our residents. The overwhelming margin of victory shows that the people of Chandler understand that we have been excellent stewards of the community’s tax dollars and will continue to be long into the future. For as long as I have been a member

of the City Council (16 years), residents have supported the Home Rule, allowing us to spend revenues in the best interests of the community. That stewardship will continue.

I appreciate the show of support for Prop 300. But without the strong fiscal policies we have firmly adhered to over the past years, the vote could have been different. Chandler’s financial picture, while still somewhat troubled in these economic times, is far different from many of our neighboring communities.

Consider that Chandler was just issued a Aaa bond rating from Moody’s, giving Chandler the highest possible bond rating from all three of the major bond-rating agencies. The rating change was part of an industry-wide reassessment of municipal ratings to a more global rating scale. Prior to this recalibration of ratings, there were only 18 cities throughout the nation receiving the highest credit ratings from all three rating agencies. That statistic shows that cities receiving AAA ratings from all three agencies are certainly in a select group.

Credit rating agencies assess the creditworthiness and risk of holding bonds issued by municipalities like Chandler. Bonds that are rated Aaa or AAA are considered to be of the highest quality, and have the lowest degree of risk for investors. These bonds, called general obligation bonds, are used to finance a wide array of City construction projects including streets, public safety, parks, and water and wastewater treatment facilities. In the coming weeks, we will finalize the budget for next fiscal year that begins July 1. Over the past couple of years, we have trimmed tens of millions of dollars from the operating budget as we continue to wrestle with declining revenues due to the ongoing recession. We have also eliminated more than 100 positions from the workforce through hiring freezes and voluntary retirements that will make us financially stronger over time. The City Council and staff are well into the current budget cycle discussions. We are facing a deficit next year of approximately $15.5 million and are looking at many additional cuts and money saving measures. We are diligently looking at all possible areas to identify savings to bridge this gap. We do know that next year’s budget will already be 14 percent less than the current fiscal year budget, due largely to a decline in personnel and capital projects that we have either scaled back or placed on hold. We also combined two City departments, Planning and Public Works, into a new department named Transportation and Development.

Laurie Laurie Fagen, Publisher e Fagen, Publisher

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Earlier in the year we held several public meetings and some very thoughtful discussions on ways we could trim the budget without making drastic cuts to the services Chandler residents have come to expect. I appreciate the many suggestions we received and have put many of them into place.

Chandler has a very sound financial road map to guide us through the coming years. With that said, we will not rest on past decisions. We will continue to work to see that we remain fiscally astute. To maintain our livability, quality of life and strong economic base we can afford nothing less. And it is our vow to you as we continue to work through the current budget process.

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