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for the New Curriculum

Badger KS3 Science:

Andrew Grevatt & Dr Mark Evans APP in Science

Includes e-learning resources for your Virtual Learning Environment “Badger is a really good first step”

said a member of the National Strategies team at a science conference, about helping staff who need support and confidence when using APP.

The National Strategies and QCA have, in partnership, published the Assessing Pupil Progress (APP) statements for KS3 Science.

Andrew Grevatt and Dr Mark Evans are producing a combined Badger resource for APP, using The Level-Assessed Approach, and including material for your VLE.

The resources include a range of milestone activities for each Assessment Focus. The activities are designed to integrate seamlessly with schemes of work and the publication includes detailed guidance on an easy-to-follow system and resources on how to introduce and develop APP within a science department.

The resources For each of the five AFs, Badger KS3 Science: APP in Science includes:

• A comprehensive introductory lesson plan with a PowerPoint presentation and worksheets, designed to introduce the new AF criteria to pupils and staff alike!

• Detailed level-assessed opportunities for developing the lesson content and resources into a full opportunity for assessing pupil progress within the AF

• Linked homework tasks

• A modified PowerPoint presentation designed to be integrated into a VLE

• Three open-ended Level-Assessed AfL Badger tasks with student-friendly level ladders. One each for Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics derived from the appropriate yearly teaching objectives within the Framework

• A fully differentiated level-assessed WebQuest with support resources for use in class, or as an independent learning task

VLE Integration

Modified versions of the APP support PowerPoints for each AF lesson are included, and are ideally suited for independent use by pupils on your VLE.

• The APP level-assessed tasks are accompanied by paper and digital support media, allowing them to be used in the classroom and integrated into your schools VLE.

• All VLE PowerPoints are also provided in SCORM format to help your network manager import them as web pages if required.

• The level-assessed WebQuests are of course ideally suited for access via your school’s VLE if required.

Sample WebQuest screen from ‘Generating Electricity’

Y7 Contents

Level-Assessed Tasks AF1 A Are Bones Living? Living things and life

AF1 B Are Steam and Mist the Same? Solids, liquids and gases

AF1 C How Does a Torch Work? Electric circuits

AF2 A Robo-Hearts Organs and systems AF2 B Water Worries Separation techniques

New Y7 & Y8

APP resources available NOW

AF2 C Trouble with Hubble Earth and space AF3 A Hunter’s Success Food chains AF3 B Shampoo Standards Acids and alkalis AF3 C Nuclear Safety Energy resources AF4 A Tree Houses Classification AF4 B Indigestion Remedies Simple chemical reactions AF4 C Skateboard Surfaces Forces AF5 A Big Babies? Reproduction AF5 B Salt Solutions Dissolving AF5 C Bungee Business Forces

Level-Assessed WebQuests

AF1 Cells From Earthlings to Martians? AF2 Generating Electricity Decisions and consequences AF3 Born criminal Curious bumps on the head AF4 What a Laugh Finding the best joke in the school

AF5 Aliens The evidence for visitors in UFOs Y8 Contents

Level-Assessed Tasks AF1 A How do we breathe? Breathing AF1 B Burning Magnesium Elements and compounds AF1 C How does heat travel through metals? Energy transfers AF2 A Antibiotics Microbes and disease AF2 B Carbon Catching Environment AF2 C Hearing Hopes? Hearing AF3 A Badgers: TB or not TB? Ecology and microbes AF3 B Where did the Moon come from? Elements and rocks AF3 C Can military sonar kill whales? Energy (sound) AF4 A Breaking up Food Digestion AF4 B Salt Extraction Compounds and mixtures AF4 C Investigating Insulation Energy AF5 A Metals in Food Chains Ecology AF5 B Cooling Compounds Compounds and mixtures AF5 C Electromagnetic Strength Forces

Level-Assessed WebQuests

AF1 Invisibility Cloaks A look at models for light AF2 Living for the Future New parts for old AF3 The Deadly Fizz The perils of carbon dioxide AF4 Battle of the Sexes Males have the best memory AF5 British Bigfoot The case for secretive hominids


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