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All kids content creators want to make it in the US.With 115 million TV homes,a world-beating movie industry,a burgeoning broadband market and a superb retail infrastructure, it remains the place to make money out of your big idea,reports Andy Fry

The Holy Grail

Moonscoop’s Hero 108 N

ot only do the US kids TV headline numbers dazzle, but there is a voracious appetite for entertainment in all its

forms, says Giles Ridge, head of brand and product development for ITV Studios Global Entertainment. Against this back- drop, “the audience, potential and oppor- tunities for success in the US are immense and something we all aspire to.”

14TBI Kids June/July 2010

Unfortunately, breaking into the US is tough “because it is so dominated by the Disney, Viacom and Turner-owned chil- dren’s channels,” explains Josh Scherba, senior VP distribution at Decode Enterprises, the commercial arm of Canada’s DHX Media: “Most content on these networks is produced in-house by the studios. So you’re looking at a handful of third-party acquisitions each year.” If the problem getting on the big three

was simply creative quality, it might be surmountable. But Disney, Viacom and Turner prefer to air their own shows because they can control the rights and the revenues: “You’re more likely to see them commission a show from a third- party in the US than take an international acquisition,” says Scherba. “That way, they can do a deal for all ancillary and international rights.”

This last point is crucial - since it reveals For the latest in TV programming news visit

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