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4 - June 11, 2010 Salem Community Patriot

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Obstacles to America’s Growth

Most Americans want to be part of the American dream! It is one’s observation by the numbers of foreign nationals; legally or illegally, they want to come to America. Opportunity exists for those that play by the rules and work hard, then become American citizens, and even see their children and grandchildren graduate from some of the best schools in the country and get jobs, homes, and become taxpaying upright citizens of this country of which we are proud. In contrast, we have many of the 18 million illegals breaking the rule of law of society, causing crime (such as drugs, robbing, money bribes, and other illegal activity) and killing innocent people in their homes and on the highway. They take away many jobs from American workers as they work for low wages (much under the table). Illegals crowd our hospitals by using counterfeit documents to gain benefits such as something for nothing and take taxpayers’ money, health, housing, and welfare. Illegals need transportation and bribe officials to gain driver’s licenses and a footing in America. These activities are condoned by a liberal, progressive society that are do-

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gooders and somehow think that this illegal activity is like the just cause of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. There is a huge

difference. One very moral—the other illegal! Do not be deceived by their so-called

humanitarian cause. This costly activity will continue undermine America, morally and financially. Illegals should be stopped from entering this country and deported if here—not be protected by the progressive Socialist group of elected officials in our New England States and Washington, DC for the sake of votes, as Obama’s stance is at the moment. Talk to your representatives and speak up; call Washington and tell them you are sick of being taken advantage of. Encourage some form of immigration reform in 2010 that would be change we all can live with!

Ed Brooks - Salem

Girl Scouts Thank Salem Lions Club

The Town of Salem Girl Scouts would like to extend their appreciation and a big “thank-you” to the Salem Lions Club for sponsoring their town-wide Camporee. This year’s Camporee was held June 4-6 at Camp Lincoln in Kingston. The theme was Walking on the Wildside. The Lions Club generosity allowed over 250 Scouts and adult volunteers to learn about New Hampshire wildlife. The Salem Lions Club sponsored naturalist Marie Leighton from Reptiles on the Move, a community-wide breakfast, and a memorabilia patch designed by Liana Lasorsa of Junior Troop 10783, led by Judy Shanteler. The Scouts would also like to thank Adorn Ministries for providing juice and water; Junior Troop 10095, led by Deanna Saif and Julie Sprague, for heading the flag ceremony; Senior Troop 12290 advisor Melissa Ribaudo and Senior Troop 12723 advisor Anne Schwing for coordinating stations; Senior Troop 12109 advisor Anne Lombardozzi for leading a beautiful Scouts Own; Cadette Troop 12124 advisors Tricia DiGiovanni and Lori Georgy for hosting the breakfast; and Cadette Troop 12379 advisor Lisa Matte for time-keeping and clean-up. Thank you to all the leaders and parents for taking the time to supervise and create life-long memories by supporting this event, and especially to God Almighty for providing great weather!

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Merri Carlson and Sheila

Casey, Event Coordinators, Salem Girl Scouts - Salem

The Rand Paul Movement

The Civil Rights Act of

1964 was put into place by President Lyndon Johnson as a welcome and necessary countermeasure against both

private and government anti- African American exclusionism that permeated the United States before its passage. The law laid the foundation for our black citizens’ present-day ability to star in mainstream movies, perform the same jobs at the same salaries that white Americans already had as their birthright, as well as pay their bus fare and sit in any open seat without reprisal. No longer were they relegated to walk- on roles (the “token blacks” of so many ‘50s-‘60s TV shows), forced to stay in different hotels while traveling with their professional sports teams, and expelled from restaurant lunch counters. Kentucky senatorial candidate

P097193 06/09 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL

Rand Paul’s disgraceful, regressive comments a couple weeks ago favoring the repealing of the right we all have in free America to frequent the private institution of our choice should give all Americans pause. And if anyone had any skepticism about the new creeping conservatism and hatred espoused by angry citizens,

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proven by the dramatic surge in memberships in our nation’s white supremacy organizations, as well as the editorializing by our established news media and Internet bloggers since president Barack Obama’s election, those doubts have been put to rest.

Consider the recent stated opinions from other “libertarians” like FOX News’ John Stossel (brilliantly and admirably debated/skewered by that station’s Megyn Kelly), the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby (in a diatribe that in subtle heinousness rivaled anything put down so far on the subject), among many others nationally. In nearly every case, the disclaimer is given that “I’d never attend any institution that practiced discrimination—it should just be legal for owners to admit whomever they want.” But if that were really true, why would they even want to open that can of worms? The fact is that a number of our 50 states due to their demographics would embrace a return to the bad old days (Paul, after all, won his Republican primary), and will indeed vote for candidates who share his views. This is the unarguable reason why the decades-old federal law is still necessary. It is laughable to hear all the phony backtracking being done in the past couple of weeks by pundits claiming that it wasn’t private citizens who kept the segregation flames alive during all those years of misery, but the government who was to blame. Doubtlessly, many state laws in existence over that period enabled the castigation and denial of minority rights, but to claim that there would’ve been any difference without a national law with teeth in it to make it felonious to continue the bigotry is a bald-faced lie, easily disproved by a check through our white vs. black contention- filled history prior to its enactment, as well as a cursory look at the last couple of years since the Obama election. And when Stossel, et al use the slogan “Fight

Bigotry Without Government,” you wonder what shape we’d be in if that same rule was applied to murder, bank robbery, and corporate malfeasance. Groups like the Irish in the 1800s, our Jewish population, as well as African-Americans have all felt the slap of the “inferiority card” laid on them, showing that one’s skin color isn’t the only facet that can be marginalized and denigrated. The Civil Rights Act was instituted to both redress and prevent future abuses, and is an obvious prerequisite in maintaining the United States as the cultural, professional, and sociological melting-pot we profess to be, which has long been one of our greatest strengths. Candidates like Paul have to be seen for what they are: unwelcome precursors to a new age of repression, violence, countless lawsuits, and race-on-race castigation. Their ascension into power on any level, save for their correctly guaranteed right to run their own lives and believe in whatever they want to, will hopefully be prevented. And as this year plays out and Paul’s like-minded peers’ true ideologies are exposed to our decent voters and November’s election looms, they cannot be allowed to turn the clock back to an ugly, strife-filled past.

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Making Salem Beautiful

On behalf of the Salem Garden Club, we would like to thank Joanne Lakin of Lakin Landscaping of Atkinson for adopting the island across from the Hess Station at the corner of Route 111 and Route 28—that’s a way to go and get a start on making Salem beautiful. Why not join the momentum? It looks beautiful.

Lorraine Thompson, President, Salem Garden Club - Salem

Bringing Back Community Theater in Salem

Anyone interested in once again forming a Salem community theater group? It was once alive and active in Salem. I have received requests from our community to bring it back. I need actors, singers, dancers, producers, and directors who want to bring theater back to our community of Salem. Interested in joining? Please contact Jane Lang at ejanelang@comcast. net or 339-8424.

Jane Lang - Salem

Support for Katrina Swett for Congress

To the voters of Salem, I am so happy that Katrina Swett has decided to run for Congress. It takes real courage in this toxic political environment to step up and say, “I am willing to put myself out there and fight for my core beliefs.” I have known Katrina for many, many years, so let me tell you about her core values. She is a wife and the mother of seven beautiful (now grown) children, and she knows that strong, loving, hard- working families make for a strong country and they don’t want a hand-out—they want a hand- up. That a government that cares about Main Street more than Wall Street will do all that it can to be sure that the middle class does not fail. She believes it is the middle class that has built this country, and now, they are struggling with tuitions, bills, mortgages, and to hold onto or get a job, and Katrina gets it. She has always been a strong advocate for seniors and our veterans—two causes dear to my heart. She is smart, highly educated, and knows how to make things happen; she is not just another pretty face. Katrina will work to bring New Hampshire good jobs, and will work hard on making government more efficient while bringing the defect down. She will be like a mother lion protecting her cubs. She will fight to protect what she loves, and she loves New Hampshire and this country. I know Katrina and I can tell you for a fact that we could have no better champion in Washington fighting for us in Congress than Katrina Swett.

Stephanie Micklon - Salem

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