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Hudson - Litchfield News 14 - June 11, 2010

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Kids these days. They’re constantly bombarded with information from all directions on every topic imagin- able—except how to manage money. In fact, the financial literacy of high

school students has fallen to its low- est level ever, according to a survey of high school seniors and college students released last year by the Jump$tart Coalition. The survey reveals that just 17

percent of high school seniors un- derstand basic differences between stocks, savings bonds and savings accounts. Only about 40 percent of them realize that their own health insurance could stop if their parents become unemployed. Who is responsible for teaching kids financial basics? Parents say they want to be the

source of that information, yet they admit they aren’t following through. Fewer than 50 percent of parents believe they are competent teach- ers of financial issues according to the Money Lessons Survey posted on

“So many parents tell us they don’t

know where to start,” says Laura Dierke, financial education program manager with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, a faith-based financial services organization. “We empower parents to have conversations about money with their children through financial education workshops in communities across the country.” While attending a financial educa-

Tips to talk money with your children Area News Groups

tion workshop may be an option, don’t hesitate to start the conversation today. Here are a few to tips to get started. Tips to talk about money The key with kids is to find some lessons that work and then repeat them until they sink in. Money skills are learned over time, and some of the best lessons are taught by what you do, rather than what you say. 1. Remember cash? With credit cards dominating our wallets, kids simply are not “in touch” with money. Help your kids see what money is by showing them coins and dollars and talking about their worth. Help them

understand what money does by us- ing cash for your purchases whenever possible. “We can’t expect kids to under- stand the value of a dollar when they rarely see visible evidence of money leaving your pockets,” Dierke adds. 2. Demonstrate the idea of “interest earned” by adding a small amount to what your kids save. Or offer to match the amount they save to help double their effort. Better yet, open a savings account for your child, either online or in person at a bank, and make the effort to talk about the value of saving over time. 3. Try this when shopping with your older kids. When they want to buy something now, ask them to “stop, think and choose.” Stop to consider whether they want or need it, think how the money could be used more resourcefully and choose if the item is more important than other wants and needs. 4. With online bill pay and elec- tronic bank statements, you have to be intentional about showing your

’ Smart Workout Ahead of the Curve Imagine having the world’s most advanced fitness

coach at your disposal. This coach customizes workouts based on your body structure and endurance, and adjusts each exercise machine’s intensity based on your recent progression.

It monitors your energy level

and range of motion continuously to ensure that you are achieving your personal potential. Then, the coach automatically computes your workout data to produce a progress report, including the number of calories you burned and 3D anatomical diagrams to show which muscles you’ve worked and how successfully. This is exactly the role of the CurvesSmart™ personal

coaching system, a new technology pioneered by Curves and powered by MyTrak that offers a custom, individually tailored workout, moment-to-moment feedback, and progress reports to keep members motivated while they work out. Curves of Hudson, Pelham, and Londonderry are pleased to offer its members this revolutionary equipment upgrade. After a member’s personalized profile is determined

by a Curves staff member, the member is issued a CurvesSmart ID Tag. The tag is electronically recognized by the monitor at each station, automatically retrieving the member’s profile to

determine the specifications for her workout. The monitor indicates: whether her heart rate is

in the target range; whether the member is achieving her target intensity level; the range of motion for each repetition; and the number of repetitions.

If the woman

is exercising correctly, all indicators on the monitor will be green. Members are enthusiastically encouraged to “Go for Green!” Following the workout, the system produces a progress report that allows the member to see, instantly and in quantifiable terms, her strengths and weaknesses. “The CurvesSmart technology offers women the

benefits of a highly skilled personal trainer without the expense,” said Tina Lukitsch, owner of Curves of Hudson. “It’s the world’s most advanced fitness training system. We expect our members to be thrilled with how this amazing workout will help them achieve their goals even faster.” Curves is taking new appointments to get started

on the CurvesSmart workout on a first-come, first- served basis. For more information on how to become a member, contact the Curves location closest to you:

in Hudson, 886-6555; Pelham, 635-1664; or Londonderry, 965-1088. ����������������������������������������

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The Windham Learning Tree Academy –

Where Your Child is Our Focus After working in the private

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����� Jessica O’Neill, State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance agent, Jessica O’Neill, has been a successful businesswoman for the past 20 years. After graduating from New England College with a bachelor’s degree in Business, Jessica dreamed of someday owning her own business. Following in her father’s footsteps, Jessica began working as a State Farm intern during her college years, and worked her way up the company ladder, eventually owning her own agency in Windham, and soon to be celebrating her 15th anniversary in January 2011. State Farm Insurance is a multi-line insurance company offering approximately 100 products

in four different lines of business: Property and Casualty, Life and Health, Annuities, and Mutual Funds and Banking Products. With a total of 78.8 million policies, State Farm insures more cars and homes than any other insurer in the U.S., and Jessica and her entire team is committed to providing Good Neighbor service. Being located in Windham for over the past decade has allowed Jessica to provide her clients with the best coverage at an affordable price, while also getting to know them at a personal level. Visit our Website at

State Farm, Bloomington IL

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Tara Scott

school sector for more than 10 years, Tara Scott’s vision of a private pre-school and kindergarten program became a reality. A very supportive family found an ideal location that now houses 6,000 square feet, named “The Windham Learning Tree Academy” at 4 Cobbetts Pond Road.

This vision was a compilation of years of

teaching, directing, employing, and working with children in their early years and their families. “I

found myself focusing on each individual beginning with my teaching staff, my students, their families, and the surrounding communities. I found that there was a need in the Windham community for a quality, well-balanced program that offers flexible scheduling [and] a safe and nurturing environment so that families can leave their child and head out for the day knowing that their child is our focus.” The Windham Learning Tree Academy has partnered with local businesses that provide services that fit the individual needs of our children and families enrolled and enable us to provide a well- balanced program while encouraging growth in the current economy.

Appletree Mall

4 Orchardview Dr, Londonderry, NH 965-1088

T-Bones Plaza 77 Lowell Rd, Hudson, NH


Pelham Plaza 150 Bridge St, Pelham, NH


kids the regular income and outflow of your family budget. Make a point of sitting at the computer with them to demonstrate these tasks. These four tips are just a few ways

parents get the lessons started at home with younger children. Make the

conversations and real-life examples about money skills and responsibili- ties part of your life every day to help prepare your children for a bright future.

- Courtesy of ARAcontent


Everyone's looking for an encouraging sign in today's economy. The fact is, they'll see one in over 17,500 locations across North America. Because for over 86 years, State Farm® agents have been there helping people protect the things that matter most. That's why more people trust State Farm. And we consider that a very good sign.

Jessica T O'Neill, Agent 29 Indian Rock Rd Windham, NH 03087 Bus: 603-432-4500 LIKE


Walk-ins Welcome Hair Care & Color Design Waves Smoothing Make-up Men’s Style, Cuts & Shave


Lisa McKenna (Stylist-Colorist-Proprietor), Heidi Wollen (Styilis-Colorist), Nikki Kinne (Barber) ,Sue Georges (Stylist-Colorist), Amy Morrison (Stylist-Colorist), Kim Beliveau (Receptionist), Heather Klier (Receptionist)

10% OFF First Time Visit Services With ad, expires 7/31/10 142 Lowell Rd, Nottingham Plaza, Hudson, NH

Madison Ave Salon Opens in Hudson Madison Ave. Salon would like to welcome

you to our Salon, where all of our staff here are like family! Each staff member was chosen based on talent and personality. Madison Ave. Salon is a new, state-of-the-art hair salon with a fantastic location at 142 Lowell Road in Hudson (Nottingham Plaza), complete with wonderful parking. Salon hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are always willing to stay late or come in early for our clients. Please contact our salon at 521-7524. We also offer a free eyebrow waxing with any hair care service. Now that summer is here, we currently offer well water de-mineralizing treatments, which restore natural color, normalize texture and shine, and eliminate brassiness. We


also proudly offer traditional barber services, all with a hot-lather neck shave. Men’s barber haircuts cost $15, while cuts for seniors; boys under 12; and police, fire, rescue, and armed forces personnel cost $13. Come in and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or mug of beer with your service in our friendly, relaxed environment! Our goal is customer satisfaction. If we do not carry the product line of your choice, we will gladly special order any hair care product you desire. At Madison Ave. Salon, it’s never too late; walk- ins are always welcome. Our team of talented professionals will offer you personal insight on beauty and style. At Madison Ave. Salon ... inspiration starts here!


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