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Selecta teams up with Walkers for Flavour Cup Promotion

Selecta is giving its consumers the chance to win £1,000 through a text- to-win promotion built around Walkers’ national Flavour Cup campaign. The initiative is designed to promote Walkers’ new crisp fl avours, as well as highlight Selecta’s commitment to bringing its clients and consumers the biggest brands and exciting promotions. Inspired by World Flavours, Walkers

crisp fl avours are going ‘bag-to-bag’ to be crowned the World’s best crisp fl avour across more than 5,000 Selecta machines at offi ce, leisure, health and

public vending sites. Exclusive to Selecta, the text-to-win promotion gives its consumers the opportunity to vote for their favourite fl avour for the chance to win the £1,000 cash prize. The Flavour Cup promotion is

supported with vibrant POS on Selecta’s vending machines including posters and clings featuring Gary Lineker which is sure to catch consumers’ attention. Jonathan Barr, sales & marketing

director of Selecta UK commented, “Selecta is delighted to work in partnership with Walkers to run this high profi le campaign and exclusive

text-to-win promotion. Through hard work and commitment we are proud to once again be supporting clients and bringing our customers the biggest brands and most exciting promotions.” Gavin

our Cartland,

business Snacks

manager customer continued, “We

of Walkers are

delighted to be working with Selecta on what is the biggest campaign in the crisps, snacks and nuts category so far in 2010. Through our partnership with Selecta we are able to bring exciting promotions

and new products to consumers, and ensure that Selecta is able

to deliver an outstanding offer to its clients and consumers.” Online management tool now connects to Sage, ‘the Internet service for vending operators’ can now connect to Sage Accounts for cash and stock transactions. vending. is an online system for management of a

vending operating business, and is free to use if based on printed paper forms, or available at low cost when using hand-held computers. Stock placed and cash

collected from all machines can now be transferred automatically

A case of mistaken identity

Representatives of Refreshment Systems got more than they bargained for when the company’s vending demonstration vehicle - CAFF - was launched at The Facilities Show at Birmingham’s NEC, as sales director Paul Shaw explained, “People thought that CAFF was part of the show’s catering offer.” It was a bittersweet turn of events

for the Bradford-based company’s management. “Our original idea was to recreate the facilities and the ambience of a coffee shop in a unit that could be driven to the premises of potential clients,” Paul said. “We’re pleased that we’ve obviously achieved that. However, we were swamped by a scrum of exhibitors hoping to take

a break, making it diffi cult for potential customers, who wanted to talk to us about our Café Amore brand, to get anywhere near us!” Despite

the unforeseen

inconvenience, CAFF’s debut has been hailed as ‘a great success’ by FMs from all over the country that congregated at the NEC for the industry’s premier annual event. Refreshment Systems plans to use

CAFF to demonstrate its services to potential customers on their own premises, as Paul Shaw explained. “We’ll use CAFF to demonstrate exactly what we’re capable of when it comes to delivering a top- quality coffee and snacks offer in the workplace, leisure centres and even

in a retail environment” he said. “One thing is for sure, and that is CAFF is going to be worked very hard over the coming years.” CAFF also now has its own ‘blog’,

at, which is full of news and gossip about the day-to-day adventures of this innovative truck, written as though the vehicle ‘herself ’ was the author. The blog is the brainchild of

Appleby Bowers Creative Associates, a consultancy with years of experience in the vending and catering marketplaces. The company’s director of PR, Ian Reynolds, will write it. “The idea came from seeing the vehicle in Refreshment Systems’

yard, being decked-out in its livery,” Ian explained. “Seeing something so impressive surrounded by far humbler vehicles made me think ‘that’s a bit posh!’ and the persona of an up-market lady fi nding herself in unfamiliar territory took off from there. In a perfect world we’d have called it Drusilla or Persephone - the vehicle is that high-class - but you try working out an acronym around a name like that! In the end we had to settle for CAFF.” Refreshment Systems is taking

bookings for CAFF now, and invites facilities managers and other interested parties to contact Paul for more information.

to Sage accounts saving hours of administration time each week. The system also predicts how much stock is needed in each machine before a visit, to save operator workload and avoid over-stocking the machine. Integrity repor ting checks money

collected against products sold to pinpoint theft. has no set-up

costs and does not use expensive hardware. It is suitable for all vending machine types and can be accessed via the website.

Register free to visit Vendex at

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