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Thank Crunchie’s Friday feeling now available in Bitesize Rocks

Cadbury has unveiled a new campaign to introduce Cadbury Crunchie Rocks, a combination of Crunchie honeycomb pieces and golden cornfl akes, tumbled in Cadbury milk chocolate and available in a share pack to help the consumer to share ‘that Friday Feeling’. The campaign will be supported by a rock-themed national outdoor and

digital campaign, encouraging people to experience ‘that Friday Feeling’ - no matter what day of the week it is. The campaign is built around

Crunchie’s ‘Friday Engineers’ who can take any situation and turn it into a moment, igniting ‘that Friday Feeling’. The unsuspecting man featured in the launch advert does something we’ve all been known to do, and starts singing to himself as he’s getting ready. As he’s going about his business, the Crunchie Friday Feeling Engineers turn up the ante on ‘that Friday Feeling’ until the man is belting out Tina Turner’s ‘We Don’t Need

Another Hero’ on a massive stage, full of vivaciousness and free from any inhibitions. Kate Harding, trade communications

manager at Cadbury UK said, “The launch of Cadbury Crunchie Rocks is an exciting new addition to the Cadbury Bitesize portfolio, and a welcome extension of the Crunchie brand. Cadbury Crunchie has always been synonymous with that Friday

Vending solution ticks E.ON’s boxes

E.ON’s Connah’s Quay power station has installed an automated PPE storage and distribution system with the help of three specialist vending companies: Intelligent Vending, Apogee International and Quintus Systems. Connah’s Quay is the UK’s largest combined cycle gas turbine power station and gas treatment plant. Site safety is paramount and the company goes to great lengths to protect its workers with the correct equipment. PPE is issued free of charge, but

site safety manager, Jason Plass, was looking for a more effi cient way of distributing the equipment. “Originally, the equipment was issued from a caged store,” he said. “That meant we had very little control over the quantity of equipment drawn, where it was going or how it was being used.” Jason made some enquiries and felt that vending might provide the solution. A glass fronted merchandiser has been installed, which stocks the most

frequently needed items, such as protective eyewear, safety gloves, dust masks and ear defenders. The system is managed via the integration of the Quintus Systems’ EPnet cashless payment system with E.ON’s own security access system to create a tailor-made solution. All E.ON staff need to do is to bring their proximity tag close to the machine reader and then make their selection. The equipment is dispensed automatically in the usual way. Every transaction is recorded in real

time and reported back to a remote PC, which collates and aggregates details of all equipment dispensed by type, by time period and by user name. The software has been written to allow access only to authorised personnel. In this way, Jason can review usage and then plan his purchasing or investigate abnormal usage of equipment. Jason is very pleased with the system which meets his original brief perfectly.

‘Best vending ever’

That was the verdict of Julie Keene, restaurant & hospitality manager at St James’ Hospital in Portsmouth, which, as part of a major refurbishment, now boasts a brand new, 24/7, dedicated vending suite courtesy of leading regional vending supplier, Bettavend. Having worked with the NHS Portsmouth Trust for the past four years,

Bettavend was able to deliver a bespoke package comprising a comprehensive range of machines offering a broad range of refreshments, from food, snacks and confectionery to assorted hot and cold beverages and soups. The company has also installed a

microwave to maximise consumer choice and satisfaction, supplemented

Chief Executive of St James’ Hospital, Tracy Sanders, is delighted with the ‘Wall of Vending’ - part of Bettavend’s comprehensive refreshment package designed to help take the hospital into the 21st century.

4 June 2010

by three bean-to-cup coffee machines in the linked servery. After 4pm, a swipe-card system ensures that the vending area is available to staff on evening and night duties. Bettavend has over 20 years’

experience in delivering high-quality vending solutions and services across the south, with sustainably sourced coffee, tea and chocolate featuring strongly amongst the comprehensive range of products. Register free to visit Vendex at

“We have already noticed a signifi cant reduction in the amount of equipment used and that is simply because we have a handle on who is using it and where it is used and why. I anticipate that the system will pay for itself before the year is out. We are still operating our stores for some specialist items and engineering consumables in particular, but we are so pleased with the way vending dispense has worked for us that our next project will be to move engineering consumables (glues, zip ties and similar high volume items) to a vending machine, too.” Quintus Systems’, managing director,

Peter Quinney, stressed the benefi ts of the broader use of cashless systems in the workplace. “Most businesses tend to think about vending only in the context of food and drink, but

its uses go well beyond this. Vending machines linked to a cashless system can automatically control the free issue of tools, accessories and other items where payment is not necessary,

Feeling, but Crunchie Rocks builds on the insight that the Friday Feeling isn’t something limited to an individual moment, it’s best shared.” The fi lm will be aired on TV and

online media and the campaign will also feature outdoor executions on billboards near Grocery outlets as well as a new social media game, called Friday Town, available on Facebook.

but a detailed record of issued items is of paramount importance. Cashless vending has a lot to offer businesses where stores are remotely located, where shrinkage is an issue or, as with E.ON, where improved control is desirable.”

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