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The Italian market can always be relied

upon to produce some innovatory hot food vending concepts (even if they’re not always commercially viable for the UK market), and Venditalia 2010 was no exception. The Midas machine, demonstrated by Break Service, was capable of offering a wide range of fresh or frozen food items. The powerful integrated microwave makes it possible to serve hot pasta, pizzas and meat dishes with vegetables in minutes. Sandwiches, ice creams and cold desserts can also be vended. Remak Vending presented its FM1000 ready

meals vendor, which uses modern microwave technology to deliver hot meals in less than a minute. A full menu is offered, including starters, main course and dessert. Another sector in which the Italians excel is,

not surprisingly, fresh coffee and pod systems. Lavazza is the best known exponent of the pod system in the UK. It presented the latest Espresso Point - EP Plus - with the addition of two soluble canisters. N&W, not surprisingly, had a major presence

with the latest table-top dispensers, including the new Solista shown in its own dedicated area of the stand, the Horeca range, as well as the latest Rock and Canto P merchandisers with extra vandal-proofing designed for public site vending and demonstrated in a specially designed ‘urban’ area. GPE Vendors presented the innovative new

DRX-Frozen, a slave machine for showcasing ice cream and frozen products. Popcorn was the product for MG Vending,

freshly prepared using hot air without added fats or oils and offered with a choice of four different flavours. Celebrating its 50-year anniversary in 2010,

rheavendors featured a small display of its old machines and some new models. The new

Light x2 free standing machine featured a 22 inch LCD touch screen monitor for improved consumer interaction. The scale and style of

the Saeco Vending

stand caught the attention of many visitors. As well as its latest machine range, the stand also promoted the fact the company has recently achieved ISO 14,001 certification. SandenVendo demonstrated its G-Drink

machine in two versions, with six or nine selections per shelf, designed for the sale of bottles, cans and tetra packs. Several innovations in payment systems were

to be seen. From Coges, the latest Platinum range is now available in versions compatible with MIFARE standard. IR Data-Key is a key to facilitate the collection of accounting data via an infrared port for transmission directly to a recognised handheld. Comestero’s new Apollo system offers three

modes of card payment - pre-paid, post-paid whereby vends to individuals are recorded on a card for later billing and a final option of a rechargeable or disposable card charged for a pre-determined number of drinks. MEI’s new range has been created around

the CashFlow® 8000, described as the complete payment solution. Within this, the CashFlow mei-pay range is based on MIFARE technology and can be as simple or as complex as the customer desires. It is available with key systems, cards, tags or self-adhesive media. To simplify audit, MEI also launched its Data Merge technology. (See separate news item on page eight of this issue). NRI launched a new coin c² premium

product that collects audit data in a single solution. Other data collection solutions from NRI include the c² airport system and c² audimax. Brita demonstrated its Purity C 1000 BC - a

filter designed for use in cold and/or hot drinks applications where the only issue is the removal of chlorine to improve the taste and smell of the water. Pentair Foodservice focused on the Claris

filter system with Everpure 5 stage Duoblend, developed specifically for the vending industry. Proving that vending can be healthy, Agricola

Cappelletto presented a fresh fruit snack specifically packed for vending in a tray to fit a spiral machine. Barry Callebaut exhibited its wide range

of vending ingredients, focusing on chocolate, cappuccino, flavoured cappuccino, coffee, lemon tea, granular milk toppings and other milk substitutes. Its strongest brands include Van Houten, Caprimo and The Royal. Ferrero exhibited its range for the first

time at Venditalia 2010, including its top selling confectionery products, such as Kinder Bueno and Kinder Bueno White as well as many other lines of snacks, confectionery, fresh food and drinks with which the UK market is not familiar. It’s clear there is yet more to be discovered about this company’s heritage. Novelty sugars were on display from

Novarese Sugars. Five flavoured sugars are available: Sambuca, cocoa, vanilla, hazelnut and cinnamon. A relationship with Saiwa enabled Kraft

Foods to showcase a product portfolio that included coffee, snacks, chocolate and cakes with a number of high profile brands, such as Mikado, Oreo, Philadelphia, Toblerone and Milka. Lucio Pinetti, chairman of Confida, the Italian

vending industry’s trade association, had the last word about the success of the event. Echoing every business person’s hopes for the future, he said, “The frenetic business atmosphere at the fair makes us certain that recovery is now just around the corner.”

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