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Mpower You

A forum for empowerment and change

Editor Dr Andy Hickson

Contributions Manager Rebecca Brynolf

Contributors Rebecca Brynolf Andy Hickson Elizabeth Stephens Gavin Webb James Carew Sophie Hickson Ted Shiress Marina Barham Luke Welch Modar Shalabi

Rik Palieri Amani Naphtali

Cartoonist Alan Davis

Photographer Andy Hickson

Note from the Editor:

Welcome to the third issue of Empower You. As Gaza again is blocked and more people are killed in the region we have two stories sharing what it is like to live in Palestine for ordinary people. The UK has a new Prime Minister or is it two? Read about the election from three different angles. Our top reporter, Rebecca Brynolf, shares with you her ideas about comedy and what it is not possible to make jokes about. Do you think she has gone too far?

Have we manage to offend you with this one? I kind of hope that you at least feel a little uncomfortable reading this - if you are easily offended, give it a miss!! We also take a look at Ritual Theatre and one of it’s leading proponents; Amani Naphtali. As well as this you can read our regular features and make use of our free lesson plans and resources. If you would like to make a contribution, write us a letter or just let us know what you think of the magazine. Please write to us at: Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy this issue of Mpower You magazine.

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8-11 Highlights from the months ahead

Top 10 tips to survive Glastonbury Festival Readers letters - Charley answers your questions

Election, what election?

12-13 Virtual worlds reach reality 14-15 Life in Palestine 15 White Horse Relay 16-19 It’s only a joke - what is going too far in comedy? 20-21 An experience of flying with an Israeli airline 21 22 23

Actionwork at the Glastonbury Festival 2010 The story of a hypochondriac

Americans and Russians perform for peace

24-25 Resources for teachers: Mini play about homophobia 26-27 Something else for teachers: lesson plans and resources 28-29 Ritual theatre for empowerment 30-31 Theater of resistance 32 Why are guys with cerebral palsy such egocentrics? 33 34 35

Cartoon - the Incredible Hulk

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