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Something For The Teachers

3. There is a similar activity that might not be doable with a large class, but maybe a group of ten or less, where one person leaves the room and everyone else contributes to a mind map about their good qualities. When the person returns, the others ex- plain the mind map to them, listing their good quali- ties and why people like them.

4. What we’re “supposed” to look like. This activity might only be suitable for students above a certain age, so it’s best to view the video first to decide whether or not your students can take part

o Go to YouTube and type in the following: How to Look Good Naked – Debbie’s Mirrors. The clip is taken from an episode of Gok Wan’s ‘How to Look Good Naked’. Here at Mpower we’re fans of Gok as he fought hard for Body Confidence to be included within PSHE.

o Listen carefully to what Debbie says she is “sup- posed” to look like when she sees herself in the mir- ror in her underwear.

o Discuss the clip and how Debbie feels with your students;

Each issue we’ll aim to provide you with a new lesson plan that you can keep for your own use. We accept lesson plans from teachers and youth workers too, so if you have some great ideas, please get in touch at and there’s a good chance we’ll feature your lesson plan!

- What is she feeling? - Why does she feel this way? - Do Debbie’s feeling seem familiar to anyone? - Do only people who look like Debbie feel this way?

Use this exercise to generate a discussion about the pressures people feel to look a certain way and how people can feel doomed to misery if they can’t achieve “perfection”. People who don’t have the time or money to dedicate themselves to the gym/posh diets/personal trainers/drastic surgery or secure enough not to succumb to an eating disorder, seem to be looked down upon in society. Is this fair?

Debbie’s words - “You’re supposed to look like they do in the magazines. It’s supposed to be all nice and flat and it’s supposed to look slim and slender, and you’re not supposed to look big. You’re supposed to look all nice and pretty and skinny, and just… not like this.”

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