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Israel. Why did these officials not want me to go? Why did they put me through this? It had taken them three hours to process me – it had even made the plane late!

The official took all my equip- ment (I was given a receipt for it!) and was told I could not take any ‘carry-on’ luggage, except a book. I was then escorted up to check- in and the departure gates with a plastic carrier bag containing my book. Once at the gates I was again searched in front of all the other passengers for 10 minutes and then made to wait while every one else boarded the plane. Once on the plane I found that they had given me the seat right at the back of the plane in the corner. Many of the other passengers were listen- ing to their personal mp3 players and had video cameras dangling from their necks! No one spoke to me.

My experiences in Israel are an- other story altogether, suffice to say that on my return to the UK I was able to claim back my equip- ment. I complained to the airline at a later date but was not given an explanation as to why I was treated the way I was.

I understand the need for security on planes but what I was made to go through was, in my opinion, an attempt at humiliation and oppres- sion. There was no other reason for it. I am glad that I made the decision to go despite how I was treated at the airport because I met some wonderful people there, will I ever fly fly EL AL again? I don’t know, would they want me to?

By Dr Andy Hickson

Actionwork at Glastonbury 2010

Green Futures Field

Bristol-based Theatre in Education Company, Actionwork is returning once again to Glastonbury’s Green Futures Field for a week of inspir- ing performances and fun-filled workshops sessions.

The 12-strong Actionwork Team, made up of writers, actors, singers and comedians, will be focusing on the topic of anti-bullying for their week-long residency at the festival. Two shows, “Glastonbully’ and ‘Cy- ber Scream’ will run once a day in the Actionwork Marquee and once in the legendary Speaker’s Forum on Saturday morning.

If theatre isn’t your thing, then there’s plenty more to enjoy.

‘Impro-Olympics’ will see the team take suggestions from the audi- ence and try to make up funny scenes on the spot in rapid-fire rounds of sharp wits and quick thinking.

Actionwork’s famous ‘Blind Olym- pics’ will be running again this year, where contestants don blind folds and make their way around the obstacle course that it Glastonbury with only their partners as their guides (remember, no talking).

Also going on around the site will be Actionwork’s ‘Image Theatre Dip-Ins’. The team create an on- going flash mob of still imagery around the festival while the public can feel free to join in or simply observe.

With all this and still more on offer, Actionwork’s daily events are per- fect for all ages and designed for festival-goers to drop in whenever they like and leave as soon as their favourite bands are about to take the stage elsewhere.

Actionwork events will be running from 1pm to 6pm each day and from 12pm on Saturday.

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