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White Horse Relay

If you had pitched this idea to me a year ago, I would have laughed heartily in your face.

You want me to run for ap- proximately 70 miles and have me pay £70 for the pleasure? Yeeeeeeah… I’m not much of a running enthusiast. If any- thing I’m more a fan of the sitting and the lying down.

Though nowadays, what with Jamie having his way with our diets and everyone looking to stay fit and healthy by taking up more exercise, this does actually look quite tempting. Plus it’d be nice to actually exercise in the real outdoors instead of in front of the Wii.

Basically you and your team of seven to ten runners will relay through the Wiltshire countryside, making your way around all eight of the White Horses and all profits go towards Carers Support West Wilts. So, as well as keep- ing fit and engaging in some friendly competition, you get to have a warm fuzzy feel- ing in your tummy because you’ve helped out a good cause too.

The teams are limited to 20 in total, and at the time of writ- ing there are seven spaces

left for any groups of relay enthusiasts who are looking for a different way to see the Wiltshire countryside.

There are a variety of dis- tances and terrain that take you through beautiful scenic routes. Guarantees of the girl from Devizes (who won lots of prizes for her assets of two different sizes) being one of the runners can’t be made, unfortunately. And for your own unofficial rules, you can keep a mental tally of the number of times you hear someone with a thick West Country accent exclaim, “Bloody big ‘orse, innet!”

Managing School Violence and Bullying: a Whole School Approach for Teachers and Healthcare Professionals

Facilitators: Helen Cowie and Pat Colliety

Welcome to the Anti-Violence Campus at Second Life course on how to manage school violence and bullying. The course will take place online using the resources to be found on the Violence in Schools Training Online Project site http://www. Please click on the Teachers Course on the VISTOP site.

The course will last for six weeks from 17th May – 25th June 2010.

Participants are expected to read the materials on the VISTOP site throughout each week in their own time. The group will then meet face-to-face at the end of each week of the course on Fridays from 11 a.m. – 12.30 a.m. (Central European Time) in Second Life http://secondlife. com/ to engage in experiential workshops on the topic for that week.

Prior to starting the course, you need to familiarise yourself with Second Life. If you have never used Second Life, go to where you can create your own avatar. We attach two pdf files which give you useful advice on how to find your way around Second Life. The Adult Education Centre, where the discussions will take place, can be found on Violence%20Campus/217/226/1

Please feel free to visit the Anti-Violence Campus before the course starts. We look forward to seeing you there. Our avatars’ names are Helen Cedarbridge and Pat Pizzario. We look forward to meeting you there.


Sunday 5th September 2010, kicks of at 9am.

Expected time involvement of students Approximately 30 hours

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