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world ends, the curtain is peeled back and all the politicians are revealed for the black-hearted devils that we’ve suspected all the time. And, after every election, things... well, they stay the same. I have to confess, I feel by this point we’re getting dangerously close to becoming the parable of The Country Who Cried Apocalypse.

So that’s the reason I, a thoroughly red, Labour-voting lefty, am remain- ing clothed and sane regarding our coalition government. We’ve survived much worse. And, I believe this gov- ernment has the potential to be the most tempered, rational governments Britain has had in a lifetime if given the chance; a government where it is in everyone’s best interests to ignore the traditional, knee-jerk response to take to the streets weeping for the future of our children and to actually work together to ensure our children have a future.

This partisan hackery that is bred into us, that makes us believe The Other Side Is 100% Uncut Columbian Evil by virtue of simply being The Other Side, and the closed-minded approach to debate where we all may as well be wearing neon badges, emblazoned with “We Already Have An Opinion, Thank You Very Much” is a fruitless and intellectually dishonest game to play with the state of our country. There is a false dichotomy that’s been created between the parties that has painted them as polar opposites, which is simply not the case, and, to allow this falsity to taint this coalition would be a needlessly self-destructive act on all our parts. For the first time in several decades, we have a govern- ment where the socialist excesses of the left and the self-serving back- patting of the right can be held in check and both can work together for the good of the country. I refuse to al- low myself to despair simply because Labour isn’t in charge. David Cameron is not Margaret Thatcher. He will not have to face the same problems, he will not be surrounded by the same

people and he will not attack issues with the same blunt-force trauma ap- proach that so thoroughly character- ized the Thatcher approach to politics. This is not some re-hashing of the past; this is something new. If we give this coalition a chance, it has the po- tential do some incredible and unex- pected things. And if not, who cares? They’ll be out again in five years.

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