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6 - June 4, 2010


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The parents and families of Early Start Children’s Center’s four-year-old classes enjoyed listening to their children perform patriotic songs and poems. The Memorial Day presentation was dedicated to the men and women in the Armed Forces serving our country.

Haley*s Pizzeria: It’s Not Just About Pizza – It’s Really About the ‘Golden Rule’

by Doug Robinson

Recently opened, Haley*s Pizzeria of

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The Pluck Stops Here...

Litchfield believes that true and long-term business success is built one customer at a time. “Do unto others as you would like to be treated,” and treating their fellows with respect, interest, and care will be the building blocks for their business to thrive. Much like a master mason who builds a fireplace, a stonewall, or stone walkway, that building process of one stone upon another stone is done carefully and accurately by the use of a square, level, and plumb, making sure that the building process continues successfully and structurally sound. Owner Mike DeMarco gave Haley*s Pizzeria its name in honor of his nine- year-old daughter. “She is vibrant, exciting, and full of energy. She is honest and she is kind. She possesses the values and message which I feel important to be successful. It is all about the ‘Golden Rule,’ and Haley*s will be a business which embraces those values with every customer.”

Raised, mentored, and exampled by his single mom, DeMarco learned at an early age that just to work hard was not the key to success. She taught him to not only listen to his customers; she taught him how to communicate as well as how to dedicate his life to the making the lives of others better.

“I began to learn the restaurant business


Rita Souza, LE, CPE

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46 Derry Rd #8, Hudson, NH

when I went with my mom to the diner at which she worked. Even at the young age of 13, I can still remember the values mom taught me. Treat everyone like you would want to be treated. And you know, as simple as it sounds, she was right,” said DeMarco. Co-owner John Callahan commented that “America needs to hear stories that it is still possible to open up and new business in this great country. People are afraid. Banks do

not want to lend money, especially to someone who wishes to have a start-up business. While there is a financial risk, I look at what this young man has to offer and I realize that this vibrant entrepreneur understands that to be successful means that one must concentrate on the fellow- craft of others. He’s got the touch, the smile, and the understanding that he will be successful because he treats every customer like he would like to be treated. Every customer receives his full attention, and they receive the wealth of his food service quality as a result of his years of training.” DeMarco “passed” from learning center to learning center as he studied, examined, and absorbed the knowledge offered by such chain restaurants as Bertucci’s and Papa John’s to the small, mom-and-pop pizza shops. He studied business philosophies, business performances, and the various business values from pizzerias located from

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Proud to be an American

“We prepare and deliver 16˝ pizzas for delivery, and we cut single slices from our 18˝ pizzas,” comments DeMarco as he applies the finishing touches to his 18˝ cheese pizza

“I do not want to be the person who

Mike DeMarco cooks a hamburger on his Char- broiler while he continues to prepare all the “fixings” for the warmed hamburger bun

New England to Florida. He learned the differences between “assembly line cooking” and what “fresh to order” meant.

serves crappy food and then meet that person in the grocery store. I am true to my word, and I want my customers to know that I put my heart and soul into their order,” said DeMarco. Haley*s Pizzeria prides themselves on their homemade tomato sauce, which is fresh—not frozen, cooked foods, as well as their gas-fired, char-broiler grill. While those who order a large pizza will receive a 16˝ pizza, those who come to the shop asking for a slice of pizza will receive a slice cut from an 18˝ pizza. “It’s all the Golden Rule,” commented DeMarco. Haley*s Pizzeria offers a full menu of pizzas, specialty pizza, calzones, burgers, steak subs, and a wide selection of hot and cold subs. Salads made with fresh greens are offered with homemade pita pockets. Haley*s menu is rounded out with various selections of pasta, ravioli, and lasagna. To place an order for free delivery, call 424-4700.

Dr. David V. Appler

Dr. William Gagnon & Dr. Slava Abdelrehim are pleased to announce that Dr. Christine Lonegan has joined our office at Hudson Dental Associates. Dr. Lonegan is accepting new patients. Please call us at (603)889-8499 to schedule an appointment.


5 George Street, Hudson, NH


Christine T. Lonegan, D.M.D.


Complete Family

Vision Care

188 Central Street Hudson, NH

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