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14 - June 4, 2010

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down to the president of the United States for not going to Arlington Cemetery for Memorial Day. Where will he be on the 4th of July?”

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

“We want to be your Mechanic”

middle of night and not wake up a mouse! The Saints”

“Thumbs up! Kudos to Pat “Thumbs up to Jeff. Thanks so much for doing

Jimmy’s chores on Saturday in exchange for getting my carpet installed. You are the best son! P.S. I’m sorry you got poison ivy.“

“Thumbs up- Way up to Moe. Number one right back at you Buddy. You are a class act!!”

“Thumbs down to the Litchfield Coach with big middle finger. Next time I want my kids to see that I’ll rent Roadhouse & have them watch that.”

“Thumbs up- To Coaches Donny & Jack of the Dodgers. Thank you for making this such an enjoyable season for my son. You guys really know how to make it fun for the kids. Great Job!!”

“Thumbs down to no playground at GMS. Double ‘thumbs down’ to the metal ‘dome of death’ at the Corning Road baseball field. The playground is unsafe but the dome of death is OK? Really??”

“Thumbs down to Hudson School administration changing February school vacation without notice. Guess either we will miss school or lose our planned vacation.”

“Thumbs down to the AHS Guidence, I fail to

graduate by 1 credit, my fault. You waste my time by giving the OK to take the wrong class. You said you were going to pay for the new class, never did. Oh and now that I’m a week away from graduation, I’m not even on the list! Keep doing a great job! Glad to see you put students first. Now I understand the paycheck comes first! It nice to know all my hard work is now down the hole. Thank you, I greatly appreciate it!”

“Thumbs down to the brown haired woman in the tan shorts and black top driving the black Honda SUV on May 26th at 8:37 that stopped and put her trash bags in someone else’s bins on Evergreen Drive. What’s the matter, you didn’t want your closest neighbors to see you do such a trashy thing???”

“Thumbs up to the sun, swimming, trips to the

beach and freeze pops!!!” “Thumbs up to the Litchfield Recreation

Jewett, the volunteers and the Campbell High Jazz Band for providing Litchfield’s ‘over 55 set’ with a wonderful afternoon of food and entertainment. Great job. Thanks to everyone involved.”

“Thumbs down to the three Board of Selectman members who voted to waive the interest due on a non-paid tax bill to a family who suggest that they never received their July 2009 bill and, admittedly, ‘made an honest mistake’ after paying their bill for 30 years. The board decided to not send renewal notices to animal owners this year. Hope those 360 people who were ‘not reminded’ band together to protest the $25 penalty being assessed due to non-payment.”

“Thumbs down to the

Hudson-Litchfield News! It always seems that the Campbell High School’s Musical gets little coverage opposed to Hudson’s plays and musicals. They worked to hard to have a mini front page story about them.”

“Thumbs down to genocide.

‘Thumbs down’ to poverty and sex trafficking. ‘Thumbs down’ to human rights violations, the BP oil spill and global warming. These are the things we should be concerned about, not how much junk is in your neighbor’s yard or whether the ice cream truck is too loud.”

“Thumbs down to the



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Commission for a fun ‘Senior Spring Fling.’ Great food and fabulous entertainment by the Campbell H.S. Jazz Band. They are a very talented group of young people. Thanks for all the work that went into organizing this event!”

“Thumbs down - vote ‘no’ to changing the dog rule in our community!!!”

“Thumbs down to the representatives in Londonderry of the apartment complex off of Lowell Road that is willing to threaten eviction to a single mother and her young child without even first researching the bogus allegations being made by malicious tenants. It should be your intention to diffuse the tension between both your tenants not take sides! Do your tenants really have to tell you how to properly perform the duties of your job?”

“Thumbs up to Jimmy B. We thank you from the bottom of our feet. The carpet you installed is awesome.

Not a squeak to be heard. I can sneak up and down the stairs to do laundry in the

owners of a long hair white and mixed gray cat (I may be off in the color because it’s dark outside) with a purple heart charm collar around the Flying Rock Rd area. For the love of sleep could you please call your cat in before you go to bed. You cat is aggravating the heck out of my two indoor cats and keeping everybody up all night. This has been going on for about a month. Enough is enough. Thank you sleepless on Flying Rock Road.”

“Thumbs down to the

persons complaining about the police giving out tickets just to spite you! Can I have your address so I can speed by your home? They do post the speed limits on nearly every street and I have even seen signs that say speeds are 30 on every street unless otherwise posted. If you don’t like getting tickets, here’s

a news flash, DON’T SPEED. “ “Thumbs up to Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Pelletier

for all your hard work with our Daisy Troop this first year. You guys are wonderful with the kids, and we would not have such a fantastic group without you. Thank you so much for all you continue to do with our girls!”

“Thumbs down to hearing about the lament of the police persecuting Hudson residents to maintain their budget! Send me your address so I can speed past your home to swerve around the loud and slow ice cream truck blaring out welcome to the jungle! The kids on my street love the advance warning of ‘The Entertainer’ plus its other fine tunes. Next time make the occasion enjoyable, teach the children the actual lyrics or have them make up their own.”

“Thumbs up to Soumya. Your performance

on the piano at AHS’s spring concert was outstanding. We have listened to you sing and play for the past 4 years, we will miss you and

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your music. Your dedication to learning your music is incredible.”

“Thumbs down to the person who hit and

killed a dog on Ferry Street at Gloria Avenue on Friday night and didn’t stop to check it out. When I drove by and saw the dog in the middle of the road he was breathing, some others and myself moved him aside and as I waited for police to come (that I called), he died. What if it was your pet? I feel bad for the pet owners.”

“Thumbs up to everyone involved in the

Alvirne Music Program for an amazing concert! Seniors, you will be greatly missed, but thank you for mentoring me in my freshman year of high school. By the way, the Ascension was awesome. -From, a fellow band member”

“Thumbs down. Dear Mom in white minivan,

I saw you turn around and cut the drop off line at GMS. Why do you think that you don’t have to go to the END of the line like the rest of us???”

“Thumbs up, WAY Up to Kathleen

Follis...You are doing a wonderful thing ... don’t listen to all the negativity that some bring... the children deserve a playground. The ENTIRE town uses the playground at GMS. The children use it for recess, siblings of the soccer players and baseball players use it during games and moms with children that are not of school age. Not to mention that children who have moved on to higher grades that have used it in years past.”

“Thumbs up to Iron Maiden.

Final Frontier 2010! Up The Irons!”

“Thumbs down to the new

parking spots at Benson’s. Stop wasting your time: this is a giant waste of tax money. Renovating an unattractive ‘landmark’ that has been shut down for the last thirty years isn’t going to accomplish anything.”


(& pass inspection)


absurdity is turning this place into a metropolis.”

“Thumbs down to the Hudson

Police Department. We’ve been ‘pulled over’ three times for walking on a public street. Didn’t know it was a crime to exercise and stay fit. Maybe we should follow the posted walking speed limits next time? Apparently ipods, gym shorts, and flashlights are considered threatening. Suspicious activity? You’ve got to be kidding me! Thanks for taking care of this serious crime and neglecting the real issues in the town.”

“Thumbs up, way up to

Lindsay C. for making Dean’s List at Northeastern University for the spring semester. Way to go Linds...Love, Dad, Mom, and Kristen”

“Thumbs up to Jake and his trumpet. You have brought the AHS Jazz band to a higher level with your music and your entertaining smile. I wish you the best, you deserve it!”

“Thumbs down to the Hudson Hannaford. The store looks nice but it’s the cash registers. They’re HORRIBLE!!! You have to put your own food in your cart. Everything gets crushed because they rush you and keep spinning the rotary bag holder until you put the bags in your cart. Then there is a person who is scanning idem on top of the scanner that scans the item for the register. The rotary bag thing is really bad we almost dropped our eggs and we forgot so many things on the rotary bag holder. I hope this is a pilot program and does not continue. However if it does,

Market Basket or Shop and Shop here I come, at their place they bag it for you and you don’t forget stuff.”

“Thumbs up to my sister, Suellen Quinlan, for

her years of service to the town of Hudson, her active roll in girls scouts and CCD instruction, and her tireless efforts to improve the lives of troubled youth in her role as child advocate and as a child protection lawyer. I find it laughable that someone could say that your hair falling into your eyes at town meetings sets a bad example to young children. I wonder what exactly your critic does to be a good example. Who knows, but I am sure his/her hair looks great! Thank goodness our mother taught us ‘judge not lest ye be judged.’ Too bad not everyone could have a mother as wonderful and kind-hearted as Ann Seabury.”

“Thumbs up to the band and chorus spring concert at CHS. What a wonderful performance.”

“Thumbs down to the fact that children repeat after the parent in using the Lord’s name in vain. I often wonder why you even bother sending the kids to private Catholic schools when you do not even agree with the ten commandments. It is so sad hearing it come out of a babe’s mouth and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You

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“Thumbs down to all of the new houses that are being built in this town. This irrationality and

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probably never even noticed like many other things your child does. Pay attention!!!”

“Thumbs up for planting the beautiful flowers on the Hudson Common!”

“Thumbs down to the person who is complaining about the pizza customer service. Buy your pizza someplace else. Vote with your money!”

“Thumbs down to loud motorcycles.

We women know why certain men require noise making to draw attention to themselves. We laugh at your need for this sort of attention. There ARE other ways to get our attention if you are able ...”

“Thumbs down to people who would acquire a rooster in this day and age. You obviously don’t care about your neighbors at all.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880- 1516 or emailed to us at thumbs@areanewsgroup. com. When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Hudson~Litchfield News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.


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