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Service Recognition

Each June the Cypress Health Region reserves space in the Source to recognize the many staff who reach milestones for their years of service with the region. The region would like to thank each of the following staff who have surpassed the 15 year plateau for their continuing dedication and commitment to providing excellent, patient-focused care throughout the entire region. Congratulations on reaching such a laudable milestone. You each play an integral role in the region’s service delivery each and every day.

Jacquelin Hunter

Donna Hamm Heather Koellmel Sherry Young

Liane Gilbert Marilyn Elhard Colette Wenzel Denise Spetz Norma Forbes Cindy Cobler Catherine Sartison Florence Woelk

Diana Richardson Kathleen Dahl Carmen Lein Mary Ann Bishoff Catherine Jamieson Dale Johnson Terrie Reinhart Shannon Carleton Judy Anderson Shannon Small

Joan Ortman Shirley Wills Jane Macleod

Kathy Scherger Josephine Schmidt Cheryl Nagel Barbara Lindsay Irene Paul Twyla Spetz Norma Forbes Dr. Margaret Bartsch

Vivian Schellenberg Lyle Zacharias Laurel Moorhead Andrea Currie Carole Benjamin Christine Harder Pamela Zerr Leah Nogue Alma Burton Valerie Ausmus

Lorrie Plewis Janice Tynning Michelle Balfour Brenda Fleury Ellen Runcie Clayton Ewen Pamela Bahnuick Dorraine Berner Peotta Halderman

Barby Reinbolt Susan Stolson Maxine Mcleod Susanna Goddard Jennifer Orsak Douglas Blohm Gloria Olfert Timothy Hunter Michelle Aldag Elaine Fitzpatrick Joanne Park

Fauna Carleton Darlene Ginte Theresa Eyre Karen Whyte Maureen Martens Margaret Peterson Wendy Wagner Pauline Sawby Nancy Franz Cynthia Camphaug Shannon Poff

Philip Koethler Lana Letkeman Joyce Dickson Melissa Herter Terry Andres Lorie Dyck Sandra Hundt Karen Pommier Wanda Malone

**NOTE – this list includes the great majority of all employees who reached various levels of years of service, but is not all-inclusive. Due to the necessity for the health region to obtain an employee's consent to publicly post this information, there were a number of employees who felt more comfortable in maintaining the confidentiality/privacy of this information and chose not to be publicly recognized. Please watch for those who are celebrating 5 and 10 years of service recognition in the September edition!

strategies for creating safe, supportive, quality workplaces


Cypress Health Employee Staffing Strategies

The Ministry of Health, with its provincial budget, has set new targets for all regional health authorities to reduce costs for overtime, sick time, and workers compensation. The Cypress Health Region had its annual provincial funding reduced to reflect percentage reductions in these three areas. These Ministry directives will require the region to rise to the sense of urgency and manage this challenge.

In response to these new targets, the Cypress Health Region has developed the Cypress Health Employee Staffing Strategies, also known as CHESS. CHESS is a new and energetic approach to support the region’s commitment to enhance workplace excellence by identifying opportunities, challenges, and solutions to achieve these targeted reductions.

The Cypress Health Region will create strategies to transform its financial and staffing resources back into care by having the right people providing the right service at the right time.

Just some of the many strategies being deployed to achieve and exceed the Ministry directed targets include:

• Attendance Management Policies – These policies aim to reduce sick time while supporting managers to deal with culpable (blameworthy) and non-culpable (innocent) absenteeism.

• Limiting the Hiring of Retirees – This policy will restrict the re-hiring of retired employees unless deemed necessary by the health region. By limiting the rehiring of retirees, the region will expand its succession planning by filling positions with youth seeking to enter the health care industry.

• Employee Wellness – The region will promote employee attendance while creating an environment that is conductive to employee wellness, along with providing opportunities to recognize the value and importance of healthy lifestyle choices.

• Staff Schedules – Implement strategies to identify overtime drivers and take appropriate action to reduce overtime. A complete list of strategies that are a part of CHESS is available online by visiting

The Cypress Health Region is committed to reaching the Ministry of Health’s targets for the 2010/11 fiscal year and have utilized the necessary resources to achieve this goal.


Cypress Targets (2010/11)

Percentage reduction of Region overtime (hours per FTE): Percentage reduction of Region sick time (hours per FTE):

6 the Source

8% 3%

Percentage reduction of workers’ compensation (claims and days) 10%

June 2010

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