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Sampling & Inspection

screwed manually into the bulk material and only opened after the required sampling depth has been reached. Extension rods are available for depths down to 3m.

Post-harvest grain

Draft survey, achieved by measuring the change of level of a vessel in the water before and after unloading, provides only an approximate indication of bulk cargo tonnage

clude use of electrical equip- ment. Another innovation from

Bürkle has been the devel- opment of a non-spill sam- pler emptying device. A stainless steel stand with at- tached funnels allows clean and simple emptying of samplers into separate con- tainers, without risk of spill- age or inadvertent mixing of separate increments. This company has also

recently introduced the SiloDrill which has been specially developed for ex- tracting samples from road powder tankers. If bulk ma- terials are transported over long distances (in either road tankers or rail tankcars) there is a tendency for par- ticle separation to occur. If a sample is only taken

from the surface it may not be representative and the SiloDrill is capable of pen- etrating to deeper layers. The unit, which is fabricated from 316 stainless steel, is

The CS range of Samplex bulk samplers from UK- based TekPro allow multi- ple, frequent, consistent and accurate samples to be taken from bulk materials carried in trucks, trailers or railcars. Available in a choice of au- tomatic or manually control- led versions, they have proved especially popular for grain sampling, eliminat- ing traditional health and safety risks associated with manual sampling processes. They are designed to pro- vide truly representative samples, even exceeding the requirements of the ISO 13690 Standard. Recent blue-chip grain industry cus- tomers include Cargill, Nanta, Rank Hovis and Frontier. TekPro says that the UK

has recently seen a rise in the number of grain storage facilities and this, combined with the current upsurge in construction of large bio fuel plants, has resulted in increased sales of Samplex systems. The company has also en-

countered recent success in Australia and New Zealand, with its Australasian dis- tributor supplying several machines to major local grain companies. Within the past 15 years

this East Anglian manufac- turer has grown into a truly global company with dis- tributors in 35 countries, re- cently gaining a presence in Russia and Ukraine with the appointment of two new dis- tributors in these countries. It has also enlisted a new

Kersting InlineTasty sampler mounted on a pneumatic conveying pipeline, shown in the engaged position

German distributor. Addi- tional worldwide distribu- tors are currently being sought.

Cement sampling

Sentry Equipment Corp of Oconomowoc, WI, reports that several large global ce- ment producers are currently using its ISOLOK auto- mated sampling systems on their air-slide or airbox load- ers to take composite sam- ples of final product during the loadout process. In one example an

ISOLOK automated point sampler is being used on an air-slide during the loading of barges. This point sam- pler was selected because of its compact design and sim- plicity. It provides a safe, auto-

mated alternative to a person taking a sample from the barge itself or from the walkway positioned over a truck or train loadout area. The Sentry Model RX

ISOLOK sampler from Sentry Equipment mounted on a loadout air-slide

Sampler is also widely used for air-slide applications. It is capable of extracting a

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representative sample from the centre of the product flow, using a special adapter

which allows it to penetrate through the air-slide’s fabric membrane.


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