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Make Way For Ducklings

A concerned citizen called Fire Alarm

on May 8th, reporting that several ducklings had fallen into a sewer drain at the intersection of Derry and Leslie Streets. Dispatcher Boucher toned Engine 2 with a crew of Captain Morin and Firefighter Sulin and Firefighter Greg Ventura Pet Paramedic and Rescue 1 with a crew of Firefighters Morin and Haggerty to the scene at 15:22. On arrival several neighborhood

residents were huddled around a drain in the street. Crews opened the drain and found twelve ducklings swimming in the water. An air monitor was used to check the drain for hazardous gases and once found clear Firefighter Greg Ventura Pet Paramedic was lowered by rope eight feet into the drain to remove the trapped ducks. As the crews worked the nervous mother duck continued to fly over head. Eleven of the ducks were removed and placed into a box a resident had provided the

firefighters. With crews and bystanders crowding busy Derry Street passing vehicles slowed to a crawl to see what was happening backing up long lines of traffic. A police unit was requested to the scene to handle the traffic flow. One duckling managed to swim into a

pipe to the other side of Derry Street to evade capture. Several drain covers were removed and monitored for the bird. Several sightings sent firefighters back and forth to several drains but each time the duckling would disappear into a nearby pipe. Crews opened a nearby hydrant to wash the the bird from the pipe where Firefighter Greg Ventura Pet Paramedic was waiting to make the capture. Once all the ducks were safe they

were released in the backyard of a nearby home where their mother joined them. The many citizens watching the rescue clapped and thanked crews for their work.

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Firefighter Greg Ventura

Pet Paramedic makes a rescue


Top photo: Captain Morin and Firefighter Greg Ventura Pet Paramedic check the manhole for hazardous gasses before attempting a rescue. Middle photo: One of the rescued ducklings. Bottom photo: Firefighter Greg Ventura Pet Paramedic places two

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