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Photo left: A white powder covers the 7- Eleven Gas Pumps and vehicles after the Fire Suppression tripped. Photo below: Firefighters Weeks, Conlon and Lappin look over the scene.

Photo’s by Dan Skafas

Gas Station Dry Chemical Suppression System Trips

Dispatcher Robertson received a box alarm on May 2nd, at

12:18 for the 7-Eleven Store located at 230 Central Street. Toned to the scene were Engine 2 with a crew of Captain Tice, Firefighters Cormier and Brideau, Ladder 2 with a crew of Firefighters Mamone and Lappin and Engine 4 with a crew of Lieutenant Chaput and Firefighters Conlon and Weeks. While companies were en-route Fire Alarm advised that

numerous calls were being received reporting smoke billowing from the gas pump area. On arrival the area was covered by a white cloud with the ground covered in a white powder. Crews also found numerous people and vehicles covered in the substance. Upon investigating it was found that the Dry Chemical

Suppression System above the gasoline pumps had discharged covering the area with powder. Several people had inhaled the chemical suffering minor breathing issues and were checked by on scene crews. Several vehicles covered by the powder remained on the

scene until a cleanup company could come in and clean the Dry Chemical from the interior and exterior of the cars.

Crews cleared the scene at 12:50 with the cleanup company

arriving late in the afternoon to clean up the mess. Again on May 24th for the second time during month the Fire

Suppression System at the 7-Eleven Store and Gas Station at 230 Central Street tripped. Dispatcher Glenn received the box for the store at 14:45. Toned to the scene were Engine 2 with a crew of Captain Morin and Firefighters Berube and Skafas, Engine 4 with a crew of Lieutenant Dube and Firefighters Bavaro and Sullivan and Ladder 2 with a crew of Firefighter Weaver. Engine’s 2 and 4 were training at the new Bensons Park when

the call came in and as soon as they turned onto Kimball Hill Road they could see a large white cloud coming from the area. A police officer in the area at the time reported the extinguishing system had activated. On arrival crews found several cars, the gas pump area and the store building covered in a white powder. Upon entering the store crews found it also full of the powder.

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