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Group 3 Responds To Dynamite Call

Dispatcher Robertson received a call

from the police on May 11th, reporting that a person cleaning out a barn on Lawrence Road may have found some dynamite. Toned to the 60 Lawrence Road scene at 17:53 were Engine 2 with a crew of Captain Hansen and Firefighters Mamone and Lappin and Ambulance 2 with a crew of Firefighters Cormier and Brideau. On arrival Engine 2 confirmed they

had a few sticks of highly volatile dynamite and they were in the process of evacuating several nearby homes on

Lawrence Road and Hudson Hill Drive. The person that had found the dynamite had moved the sticks in a box to a open area of land. Companies completed the evacuations and stage in a safe area away from the scene. Deputy Carter and Safety Officer

Grebinar responded to the scene and a command post was setup with the police. A call was placed to the Nashua Police Bomb Squad to respond to the scene to assist personal working the scene. Lawrence and Bockes Roads were closed to traffic and the area was secured until the arrival of the bomb squad.

The bomb squads robot was sent in to

determine how much dynamite was in the box. A stick and a half was found and was determined to be crystalized. The robot was then used to isolate the dynamite and move it to a driveway. It was determined the best action to dispose of the dynamite was to burn it instead of trying to move it. At 20:30 command requested Forestry

2 with a crew of Firefighter Morin to the scene to assist companies. The dynamite was set on fire and burned without incident. The call was placed under control at 21:19 and all units cleared the scene at 21:49.

Mutual Aid Assists At One Acre Brush Fire

A one acre brush fire on May 16th, at the end of Lockwood

Drive required three mutual companies to the scene. Earlier in the day the State Forest Fire Service classified the day as Class 4 high fire danger. Federal Hill Fire Tower called in a report of heavy smoke in the area of Highland Street and Lockwood Drive. Fire Alarm also received numerous calls reporting the brush fire in the area of Bonnie Lane. Dispatcher Robertson toned Engine 2 with a crew of Captain Morin and Firefighter Crane and Forestry 2 with a crew of Firefighters Provencal and Morin to the area at 15:37. As crews arrived in

the area of Highland Street and Bonnie Lane heavy smoke was blowing across Highland Street. Crews staged on Bonnie Lane until the location of the fire was determined. After a eight minute search a one acre in size brush fire was found burning at the end of Lockwood Drive. With limited crews still responding to the scene command requested an additional forestry to the scene at 15:48. Toned to the scene was Forestry 3 with a crew of Firefighter Winsor along with Car 1 with Chief Murray and Car 3 with Deputy Buxton. Engine 2 was assigned to a hydrant at the intersection of Barbara Lane and Joel Path to fill the tankers working at the fire.

Hudson Heat May 2010

Firefighter Maier was working the fire when crews arrived and assisted Forestry 2 stretch a line to the south side of the fire. Deputy Buxton assumed command on arrival with Captain Morin assigned operations. With the winds spreading the flames and a limited water supply a Litchfield forestry was called to the scene. Forestry 3 stretched

Firefighter Maier battles flames during a brush fire at the end of Lockwood Drive

on May 16th. Photo by Al Boucher

an additional line to the north side of the fire. As the flames continuing to burn command requested Tanker 1 to the scene for water. No Hudson manpower was available and at 16:03 a Litchfield Tanker and Nashua engine and forestry were called to the scene. On arrival the Litchfield forestry supplied a third attack line and supplied water to Forestry 2. Litchfield Tanker 3 set up a water supply for all the companies battling the blaze. Crews had the fire

contained at 16:22 with

extensive overhaul needed. The Nashua crews were assigned to cut down a tree that had fire burning inside the trunk. Fire Prevention Officer Dube was called to the scene to investigate for a cause. Crews worked for another hour overhauling the fire area and

the call was placed under control at 16:32. All companies retuned to service at 17:28. During the fire several other calls were handled by crews limiting the response to the brush fire.

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